How do I screen IMAX 70 mm film used in "Dunkirk"?

Director Christopher Nolan has great attention to how to show the image,InterstellarOkay.IMAX 70 mm filmWe did a screening at. Of course, on the latest work on September 9, 2017 (Saturday) published "DunkirkBut IMAX 70mm film screening is supposed to be performed. Unfortunately in Japan there is no movie theater that can screen movies of this IMAX 70 mm film, but IMAX digital screening will be performed, but overseas there is a response hall. You can see how the screening is done in the picture "How To Play A Giant 70 mm IMAX Film".

Before You See DUNKIRK: How To Play A Giant 70mm IMAX Film - YouTube

San Jose, California, with one of the IMAX 70 mm theaters.

It is Mr. John Raddock of IMAX projection engineer who will show us.

In the morning of the projection technician, I start with the roller polishes of the projector. On that day, the film will go through the rollers many times, so it is not dirty.

Next is lens refinement. Even if it says a lens, it is not on the screen side but on the film side.

Check it with light to see if it is dirty ... ...

I firmly polish it up.

Next is a set of films. Here we are going through removal of the film.

Since the film has 400 pounds (about 181 kg) in one roll, it carries it with a carrier.

Store the film ......

Remove the film to be shown next.

Set aim for a set.

Then fix the outer lock.

Pull out the inside frame of the film ......

I will wind up the beginning part.

Start up the projector.

The light was lit

Next, rail polish inside the projector.

Dust the dust with a blower.

This is a sound system.

The length of the sound ......

Match the length of the film.

I will return to the projector again. What is lifting ......

It is a part for winding the film, set in the center of the film set up earlier.

Then draw out the film sent out from the reel and set it in the projector.

Match this white mark with the delimiter of the frame.

This is patched.

Film passed through the projector further passes through the roller ......

Set on a take-up reel.

The screening preparation is nearly over with this.

As familiar with IMAX screening, "8" of the countdown before the start will advance.

When the start mark of the film is read, the film feed stops once.

From here the movement of the projector itself.

It is lowered during setting, and it will go up to the prescribed position when projecting.

Admission of customers started.

A signal to prepare from the projection room.

Then projection starts.

Film will be sent.

Screening ... ....

The rest of the film gradually decreases ... ...

The film after the screening will be taken up.

And when the screening is over ... ...

The customer is sent off.

The projector is also lowered to the setting position.

Then, taking off the film, next time ...... is done around seven times a day.

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