The oldest and largest independent library in the world "The London Library"

In St. James' Square, which is close to the center of England · London "The London Library(London Library) "is the world's largest independent library with an older history than the British Library. It is said that London libraries born by donations from citizens of the United Kingdom and the royal family also became models of libraries to be provided as public services, still loved by many British knowledgeable people, managed by membership system It is being done.

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In 1840, there were no public libraries in the UK, books were usually purchased by themselves, or books in the reading room of the British Museum were generally read. Because it was economically impossible to purchase all books I want to read, historiansThomas CarlyleAlthough he seems to have been in the library at the British Museum's book reading room, people who want to read books are overflowing and cramped, and often they could not read books satisfactorily with full occupation, and they were dissatisfied. Furthermore, Carlyle, who was also dissatisfied with the collection of books that he / she wanted to read few, decided to open a private library if that would be the case.

In 1840 Carlyle was a Masonic turban (now ·Masonic Hall) To the audience to make a speech appealing the necessity of 'a library that can be used by the people', and began seeking donations for book purchasing expenses. Carlyle's appeal succeeded in gathering the support of many people, financing sufficient funds by May 1841, the "London Library", a member-based private library, opened.

The 593 th character of the member list is the character of Charles Darwin of the theory of evolution. Darwin and other novelistsCharles Dickens, Harriet Martineau, a philosopherJohn Stuart MillAnd others were members since the company's founding, even after thatWinston ChurchillYaArthur Conan DoyleMany celebrities such as the name are on the member list.

The London Library, which can read books slowly, succeeded in gathering the readers in the UK, but it provided a quiet space to read calmly, as well as a good collection system . Between 1893 and 1940, the book management system invented by Charles Haggberg Wright who served as the library director of the London Library thoroughly placed books in alphabetical order of the title. As a result, "insanity (madness)" was arranged next to "inn" and "football (soccer)" was arranged next to "fools", but thanks to this, Looking around hanging around, it seems there was pleasure to encounter an unexpected "hit".

The London library boasts a history of 175 years, but its history does not make the building feel "history".

The big cause is that the building was damaged greatly in 1944 under the bombing of the German army. The bomb destroyed the fifth floor part of the London library at that time and lost 16,000 books such as religion and biographies.

Book burned by bombing. Ironically, it seems that a large amount of books on the history of the German church were contained in the lost books.

This is the state of the floor that did not suffer the bombing. Although books fell from the shelf, the tragedy of the disappearance could be avoided. By the way, there is a joint in the neck part of the Carlyle statue that is still in the London library. This is said that Carlisle's neck was blown away by this bombing, discovered several days later by American soldiers who cleared up the debris, and remembered remnants.

This is the situation inside the library of the current London Library. It is now possible to browse books by membership system. Incidentally, in the year 1850 after the London library was founded in the United Kingdom, the library law to operate the library with public expense has been enacted, and London libraries are the roots of a general public library.

A large number of collections are ordered.

Some valuable books such as the copy of the King James Bible published in 1611 are also available.

The inside of the hall was renovated and the toilet was awarded the Turner PrizeMartin CreedIt is said that it is designed by.

Famous for being a tourist destination in the UKBritish LibraryHistory of the London Library is maintained as a citizen of knowledge that has been maintained by the upper class of the UK and is still supported by support from many civilians and companies.

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