A grandfather who made toys, boiled eggs, tea and coffee at one switch and finished cleanup, fully automated "morning rice machine"

Automatic morning rice machine that appears like a clay cartoon "Wallace and Gromit" that makes toast · boiled egg · tea · coffee automatically and carries newspaperSunday Morning Breakfast Machine"My grandfather with pilot's experience owns his own work.

Barking mad mechanic made Wallace and Gromit style breakfast machine - YouTube

Former pilot Peter Brown says that she made her own Sunday Morning Breakfast Machine. It was said that he made this machine in collaboration with a friend to make people smile, and it took a total of 1000 hours for working time for 3 months.

At the bottom right of the machine there are buttons for making boiled eggs, toast, tea, coffee, and buttons for carrying newspapers, and the mechanism is that the machine moves fully automatically just by pressing the buttons. When you press a button to make boiled egg ... ...

The beaker that boils the egg in the center of the machine glitter a lot.

When I pressed the button carrying the newspaper, the newspaper set in the cylinder was brought to the top of the desk.

At the upper right of the machine is a pressure gauge. Mr. Brown handmade the parts of Sunday Morning Breakfast Machine one by one and made it confirmed that they moved correctly and then joined together.

On the left side of the machine there is a machine for making coffee and tea.

When making tea, pour hot water into cup ... ....

I put a tea bag.

Move the tea bag up and down to make tea.

When completed, the arm turns and carries black tea in front of the desk.

When the beaker boils, the egg put on the cup descends to the beaker and can be boiled for 4 minutes and 30 seconds.

Next to boiled eggs, I bake the surface of bread and bake.

The net moves wiggly and puts grill on the surface of the bread.

The toast is completed.

When the egg boils up, it is carried to the table while being placed on the cup.

Set it on a boiled egg stand, it is completion of breakfast.

Just push the button to clean up.

When the dishes were carried, they were brought to the trash can.

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