'Britain's oldest pub' with a history of more than 1000 years and overcoming plague and war is closed due to the influence of the new corona

Ye Olde Fighting Cocks , said to be the 'oldest pub in Britain' that has survived the plague epidemic of the Middle Ages and numerous wars, has finally closed due to the pandemic of the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19). It is reported that he was forced to do so.

After more than 1,000 years, this English pub is closing its doors | CNN Travel

Ye Olde Fighting Cocks, England's reputed oldest pub, could close due to COVID: NPR

Ye Olde Fighting Cocks, located in the town of St Albans , Hertfordshire, is said to have been founded in 793 and is one of the 'oldest pubs in Britain' that was once registered with Guinness. .. The main structure of the current building was built in the 11th century, and it was originally used as a pigeon hut, but it was relocated in 1539.


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At the time of writing the article, it is not registered in the Guinness World Records because the authenticity of the record can not be confirmed, but there is a story that Oliver Cromwell stayed overnight during the English Civil War that broke out in the 17th century, and there are many from ancient times. Has been familiar to the people of. In addition, there is a tunnel that extends from the beer storage to the nearby St. Olvans Cathedral , and it is said that priests visited it frequently.

Having survived medieval plague and many wars, Ye Olde Fighting Cocks has sought a way to survive, including delivering food to locals in the COVID-19 pandemic. However, Ye Olde Fighting Cocks owner Christo Tofari reported on Facebook on February 4, 2022 that he was forced to close due to 'continuing a very difficult business situation.' increase.

According to Mr. Tofari's statement, the business condition was not good due to low profit margins and taxes even before the pandemic, and the unprecedented situation of the pandemic was a catch-up. 'I've worked with the team to keep the pub alive, but the last two years have been unprecedented for the hospitality industry and we're working hard to keep this award-winning pub alive. All of us who have worked hard have been defeated, 'says Tofari.

'This pub is more than just a business for me, and I'm honored to have played a small role in its history,' the statement said in staff, visitors, suppliers, and stores. I thanked the musicians and the local community who performed.

Ye Olde Fighting Cocks will work with brewery Mitchell and Butler to mitigate the effects of the closure. A Mitchell and Butler spokeswoman told CNN that he was appointed as the manager of the tenant, but 'we can assure locals that this is not the end of the pub.' And comment. He is looking for a way to reopen the pub in the future and plans to reopen the pub with a new system as soon as possible.

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