Where is "the oldest pub in the world"?

It is said that there are more than 50,000 drinking bar "pubs" people gather for in search of alcohol in the UK alone, and it is popular as "place of people interchange" that is not just a bar area. Many of the pubs are bringing out the atmosphere with old buildings and furniture etc, but it is being investigated on the YouTube channel "Great Big Story" that "Where is the oldest pub in the world at all"?

Searching for the World's Oldest Pub - YouTube

Four pubs in England and Ireland are picked up this time. First of all, there is a pub in Nottingham, England.

Carl Gibson, owner, who stands on a small bar counter. Welcome to "Welcome to the oldest pub in England" confidently.

The owner of the pub "Ye Olde Trip To Yerusalem" can be traced back to 1760 in the record on the wall.

The inside of the pub is like a cave

The origin of the pub itself dates back to 1070 when the first castle was built in this town.

The castle stands on a rocky mount just behind the pub.

The shop's pride is a model of this sailboat.

It is a sailing ship wrapped in dust and now contained in a clear case. Have you ever tried to clean the sailboat dust and make it beautiful, there is a legend that you have reached the end of a mystery ... ....

"I do not know if it is the oldest pub in the world, but it is no doubt that the best beer in the world is issued," Gibson said.

It seems that the sign "1189 years" is written on the signboard.

Next, "Welcome to the oldest pub in England" Ferry Boat ", probably the oldest in the world," says Samantha Adams' pub.

It is a shop located in Cambridgeshire, England.

It is said that this pub is open from 1050 AD.

However, it is said that it is said that there is existence from the 560 years old about 500 years further in the legend.

"There is no old sail boat model in my house, Adams who says it is not gentle" instead, "Okeke" comes out. "

That should be that, this pub is built on the grave of a young woman named "Juliet".

"The only thing I can say is that Ichi is giving out the best beer," Adams said. The owner of the pub seems to be about to say the same thing.

Next is a pub called "Ye Olde Man & Scythe" in Bolton, England.

"Welcome to the world's oldest pub, I do not know when it's too old and since when," but said owner Richard Greenwood.

"It's supposed to be done in 1251 from the record, but the design of the shop was made around the year 1000."

"There is one more OBAKE? There are more of us."

"It is said that 53 people are going to stay in our place"

The representative is said to be the seventh Derby Count who was executed in 1651,James StanleyOkake of.

Stanley fought with the Congress in the Puritan Revolution (Civil War in England) and fought against the Congress, but lost and spent the last few hours of his life in front of this pub.

He seems to have reached the end after being hit by a head in front of this store.

"I think that it is the oldest pub, one thing to say is to provide the best beer," said Greenwood, who again says the same thing.

The last thing to come out is Timmy O'Donavan of a pub "Seans Bar" in Ireland. "Oops, it's there, there are many oldest pubs in the world, but as a result of the investigation I know that Ichi is the oldest," confident.

Odnaban's shop is located in the city of Athlone in Ireland.

Actually, it seems that we have been operating as a pub since this age older than we can do.

The history dates back to the year 900 AD. It is said that all the names of the successive owners remain in the record and that the original owner "Ru" started this shop.

"Ruu took people and came to a place in shallow water of this river"

"Here it is" is the shore of the Shannon river that flows through Athlone city area. This place where the shallow was once spreading is also a key point of transportation, howIt was used since the Bronze AgeHe also knows that he knows. People gathered gradually and there seems to be a history that this town started, and it seems that Ru of the original owner was a pioneer who could also say that.

And above all, this pub is certified as "the oldest pub in Ireland" of Guinness World Records. Guinness's certificate is listed in the store. It seems that the fact that old records were left was the key to recognition.

In-store appearance that makes history feel.

"Pub says" the best beer anywhere ", but" I'm giving out "the best whiskey", "Odonavan going on one of the other pubs.

Finally "the oldest pub in the world" with a sense of arrival. Laddering a historic pub may also be one of the pleasures of drinking walking

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