About 276 years since 1772, still active and in service tavern

American Revolutionary WarIt seems that there is a bar area that is open from the front and still open now. What kind of shop is the tavern which has seen American independence?

Pictures are as follows.Louisiana State"Jean Lafittes Blacksmith Shop" in New Orleans. We have been operating for about 236 years since 1772. There is a bar in front of American independence only this shop. At night, the candle illuminates the lights, you can taste the American atmosphere of the time. There are pianos in the shop that have been around for over 100 years, and sometimes they are played.

Business landscape. I feel close to the area.

A customer is also included, and it is still active at business.

Famous sightseeing spots are also nice, but it is also good to go to places that feel such a history.

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