We have experienced 'SURIMACCA' which can combine blocks and make silkscreen printing of different size easy

Printing by making a hole through which ink passes and a part that does not pass,Hole printOne type of technique is "Silkscreen"is. Since hand printing is possible, it is relatively easy to arrange the necessary tools, sometimes you can print the same things as many times as you have a plate, and it is often used to make your own T - shirts and bags etc Although it is silk screen, it is not an exaggeration to say that weak point was "frame to be used at the time of printing". If you print with a small version you can use a small frame, but then it will be a case to buy a new frame when it is "want to print big things", and conversely "print with any size version If you purchase a large size frame as "to be able to do", it will be troublesome to have to use a large version even small prints.

Such silkscreen kit that overturns the common sense of silk screen that it is necessary to use frames of different size depending on the version is "SURIMACCA (Sri McCa)By joining parts and parts like a Lego block, you will be able to use several different size plates. It is the workspace which can actually print and use such SURIMACCA to provide a workspace "Retro printing JAM"Since Sureimacca's experiential society was held in the same space, I actually participated.



"Sorimacca's free rental and various workshops are held" Retro Print JAM "is located in Osaka's subway Midosuji line" Nakatsu Station "about 10 minutes on foot.

Walking around the building called "Kita Osaka Printing Center" ......

I found a leaflet saying "Retro printing JAM's shop has turned around the left corner".

As you move on that street, there is an entrance to the retro printing JAM.

Inside is like this. Originally it was operating as a retail printing JAM shop "KO - HAN", but since August 1Restart as retro printing JAMAnd that.

In some spaces inside the store, paper miscellaneous goods and the like using retro printing are on sale.

And the experience session of SURIMACCA was held in the remaining space.

Usually this space is for doing silk screenWorkspaceIt has become. In the usual workspace, there are patterns such as silk screen space including a plate making machine and special tools, squeegee and special iron, drying table, ink booth, multicolor printing stand, rental frame that can print large size . In addition, it is also possible to perform marking printing on metal using a silkscreen plate.

There is a cash register in the corner of the store. Since I visited the workshop & factory tour day, it was also a receptionist for them.

"SURIMACCA" of the silk screen kit that can be experienced in the workshop is kore.

By combining light blue, yellow and red blocks you can freely make different frames of the size that match the size of the plate.

Taking a block in your hand is like this.

Looking at the cross section of the block, it seemed like this, with deep grooves in the center.

After framing the frame, put a translucent plate on the frame as follows.

The plate is fixed in the deep groove part in the center of the block part, and pink parts are put in the four corners of the frame.

This was put together, used for printing with SURIMACCASURIMACCA Ink. It is ink used when printing on cloth with silk screen, but it can also be used for paper, it can be mixed with other color inks.

If you use SURIMACCA you can print your illustrations on paper or cloth so you can make your own T-shirt and tote bag as shown in the picture below. Although SURIMACCA ink can not be printed on water-repaired fabric, it can also be printed on polyester other than natural fibers such as cotton and hemp, and unlike ordinary silk screen inks, heat treatment with iron after printing There is also the advantage that it is unnecessary.

The silk screen experience performed at the SURIMACCA Experience Meeting is as shown in the picture below.

First of all, I draw the design and picture I want to print on paper.

Have them create a printing version based on this, and attach this version to SURIMACCA.

And if you print on paper or T - shirts you like, OK.

T-shirts for printing, tote bags and purse bags are also on sale.

If you perform multi-color printing using multiple inks, you can also print the following picture.

So, when applying for a hands-on meeting, first select the size of the plate to be used for printing.

The size of the version is four, XS (80 × 80) is 1000 yen, S (200 × 200) is 1500 yen, M (200 × 290) is 2000 yen, L (200 × 450) is 3000 yen.

When accepting, I will consider the design that I first printed with paper and pencil.

I decided to print the block pattern as below ...

Next is tracing the draft with magic. In addition, it is necessary to erase with a pencil eraser properly at the end of the draft.

I hand it over to the clerk and make it plate-making. You can also make hand-drawn illustrations and designs as a version, but if you bring digital data you can also create a version based on it. Even during the SURIMACCA experience sessionRetro printing JAM online shopYou can order with.Points for creating manuscript for prepressBecause it is gathered up, it seems that it is good if you check the person you care about.

This is a prepress ... ...

Something like translucent film that came out from inside ... ...

It is a version. When light is applied to the film, the illustration drawn on paper is made on the film earlier.

Wear an apron after plate making ......

I will assemble SURIMACCA.

First of all, combine blocks to make a frame of the size that fits the plate making size.

Place the plate on it with the frame facing backwards. The plate is the back side, the surface with rough surface is the front side.

Using exclusive rubber, we will loosen the plate to SURIMACCA.

To prevent rubber from jumping out of the groove, push it firmly with your fingers and it looks like this. The plate is not firmly tightened, but at this stage it is OK.

After fixing the whole, prepare scissors and dedicated rollers next.

I keep pushing the four sides loosely, so I will push rubber in with the roller.

By pushing in the rollers, the plate is firmly tightened.

The surplus version of the four corners should be cut with scissors.

Float at the four corners of SURIMACCA at the end to fit the parts ......

Completing it by fastening the masking tape (yellow tape) between SURIMACCA and the plate.

I will challenge printing using this.

When printing, first select the ink to use from the color sample.

In this time I will try to print hand-drawn illustrations on a pure white T-shirt.

First of all, put the base paper in the approximate position to print ... ...

Determine the printing position.

When stretching the ink, tilt the squeegee at an angle of about 45 degrees and pull it towards you with a stronger force.

That's why I challenge printing at once. First, paint the ink behind ... ...

Fix the frame and extend the ink forward with squeegee.


After extending to the front ......


I will lift it.

Then I could print as follows. Small gaps are collapsed with ink, but we were able to print at a level that knows the shape of the block firmly.

The version after printing is like this. It is also possible to print many times using the same version, or to print a different ink after washing the version once, but this time it is finished printing on one T-shirt.

SURIMACCA ink is a silk screen ink that does not require heat treatment with iron, but if you want to fix it quickly, dry it with a dryer ......

Doing with petan with a business press iron ... ...


In SURIMACCA's experiential meeting, the version size / mesh (hole size) · the ink used was limited, but if you print by using the SURIMACCA kit yourself or print it in the workspace You will be able to choose many options. In retro printing net shopMake plate sizeThere are 5 ways, and meshes can also be selected from 3 types of 70, 120, 200. In addition, what was made at the experiential meeting was 120 mesh, each meshUse applicationsAre different, and the higher the number, the finer the mesh is, the easier it is to draw a thin line.

In addition, SURIMACCA 's silkscreen kit is 7560 yen including tax for a single plate without platemaking, and fee is supplemented according to the size of the plate in case of making a plate.

SURIMACCA set - KO-HAN online shop

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