Pizza kiln for outdoor "PizzaDome" which can charge smartphone when baking pizza with firewood

From BioLite, which sells outdoor products that can charge mobile devices outdoors, pizza kiln where pizzas will burn outdoors while charging mobile devices such as smartphones "PizzaDome"Has appeared.

BioLite PizzaDome | BioLite Official

BaseCamp PizzaDome Bundle

This is PizzaDome, a grill stove type generator capable of charging mobile devices while barbecuing with firewood "BaseCampYou can use it as an option. Ceramic stone which finishes pizza dough in crispy is used inside, thermometer is attached to the outside, so you can bake delicious pizza outdoors without failing cooking.

You can see how BaseCamp looks by reading the following article.

Grill stove type generator "BaseCamp" review that can charge smartphones while enjoying BBQ in large numbers - GIGAZINE

PizzaDome is an easy design that assembles only three parts, with lid, triangular fulcrum, ceramic stone included. By combining all of them on BaseCamp, you can charge smartphones and tablets while baking pizza.

The price of PizzaDome is 9234 yen, and the bundle set with BaseCamp has a discount price applied at the time of article creation, which is 36,868 yen.

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