"PlayStation VR Special Experience Meeting" at Sony Store "Destroy the City Became a Monster" THE PLAYROOM VR "Play Review, purchase" Draw "

The special experiencing society of "PlayStation VR" finally released on Thursday, 13th (Thursday) will be held from Sunday, 16th (Sunday) at Ginza, Nagoya, Osaka and Fukuoka Tenjin in Sony Store, so reserve with haste Then I tried it.

Sony Store Ginza, Nagoya, Osaka, Fukuoka Tenjin PlayStation VR Special Experience & amp; Pre-order Reservation Sales | About Sony Store | Sony

Arrived at Sony store

Several experience spaces are prepared, and if you make a reservation you can play at the time as scheduled. It is about 10 minutes or so.

This is a set such as the main body of PlayStation VR

You can line up from 5 minutes before the time you booked on the official website, and display "receipt number" written on the application mail on the smartphone or show the printed one and it is completed. It will be guided in order.

In the case of Osaka, sharks attack the title that is prepared "The Deep (provisional)"

Another thing is "THE PLAYROOM VR". I was able to play this time this time.

As the turn comes and seats in the seat, it will be worn on your head, so adjust the depth while pressing the button in the lower right part of the head. Do not wear glasses, it's okay.

Of the games in "THE PLAYROOM VR", I play myself wearing "PlayStation VR" become a monster. Another person besides myself (a person inside the Sony store) operates small robots with a controller while looking at the screen, and feeling that it protects the town from the monster.

The first half breaks down the building with a head butter and in the second half another player throws supplies dropped from helicopters such as various containers, so it avoids it.

The side wearing the PlayStation VR can move the body of monsters like Nessie's neck to just above just by moving around with each other's body and you can shoot down or shoot a flying helicopter It is a mechanism. If you avoid striking a partner for a certain period of time, your opponent's scaffold will sink into the sea and you can win.

An image that leans with your body like this. The tracking ability is pretty good, so even if you move quickly fast, the monster will move with it properly, "suddenly moving to the right and moving at a tremendous speed on the left side It is also possible to feel faint like "to do". I tried winning by taking the person inside the Sony store as a boss. After the end, eyes covered with sweat. It is because it is rubberized so that light does not enter from the bottom so it is a mechanism to block it, but in the case of the previous head mount display it is already said that viewing experience will be disturbed when light from outside enters Because I know, this is a way of no avail. Just like sweating over the hand holding the controller, at the time of VR experience, the constitution that sweats on his face may be quite frustrating.

I actually filmed a movie to see what it feels like.

"PlayStation VR Special Experience Meeting" Becomes a Monster and Destroy the City "THE PLAYROOM VR" Play Review Part 1 - YouTube

"PlayStation VR Special Experience Meeting" Becomes a Monster and Destroy the City "THE PLAYROOM VR" Play Review Part 2 - YouTube

Another "The Deep (tentative)" is like the following feeling, rather than saying "game" rather than saying "attraction", it is the atmosphere which makes the surroundings fierce.

Experience "The Deep (Tentative)" attacked by sharks at "PlayStation VR Special Experience Meeting" - YouTube

The experiencing group did not fit in only the Sony store, it was done also in the outside corridor part.

I feel like I am somehow exposed to such a feeling.

Most in the corridor is "The Deep (provisional)"

So, as far as I was watching, there were only about 7 "THE PLAYROOM VR" in operation feeling that only one was running.

According to the guide form for participants who took part in the reception, the purchase is "lottery", and it is necessary to apply by Sony ID when applying for experience. The deadline is Monday, July 11th until 23:59. The winners will receive mail from the Sony store in late July.

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