I went to "PlayStation LIVE Circuit 2015" to enjoy the virtual space with the VR headset "PlayStation VR" which has a tremendous possibility

Sony Computer Entertainment was held from 17th to 20th September 2015Tokyo Game Show 2015", In addition to the trial exhibition of the latest title of PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita, a VR headset that can play games in virtual space"PlayStation VR"Experience exhibition was held. Events that you can experience the latest titles exhibited at the Tokyo Game Show and PlayStation VR at a later datePlayStation LIVE Circuit 2015Since it is being held in Osaka on 27th September, I have played PlayStation VR that I can actually feel unknown gaming experiences on my skin.

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I came to the Dojima River forum where PlayStation LIVE Circuit 2015 is held.

I came just 11 o'clock at the event start time, but a long line has already been made at the entrance.

The rows extended to the outside. The number of visitors at 11 o'clock was about 1000, and there were also people lined up from 5 o'clock in the morning.

Entry qualifications for events can be up to two people with a Sony Entertainment Network account (SEN account) and their companions. In addition, those who join PlayStation Plus can enter ahead of time from 10:30.

People who visited can purchase original stickers, original mineral water, catalog for free, and those who join PS Plus can get special bags.

There are also many people at reception.

Since re-entry needs to be rearranged again in the row, attention is needed when going out of the hall.

The trial of the VR headset "PlayStation VR" which is the most remarkable event at the event is a lottery. When drawing a red ticket, PlayStation VR can play the title of your choice, blue is losing, green is waiting for cancellation.

A lot of people also visited PlayStation VR drawing to try unknown experiences.

Although it is a big space event venue, it is packed with many visitors.

You can also try the latest work of PlayStation 4, which is a trial section of the large DLC "Bloodborne: The Old Hunters".

A trial section of "GRAVITY DAZE" scheduled to be released on 10th December 2015 in PlayStation 4.

Many people were lined up in the trial of "Dragon Quest Builders Aleghard" to be released on January 28, 2016 from Square Enix.

At the venue, we are carrying out stage events as well as excursions, just real-time demonstrations of 'Uncharted Pirate King and Last Hidden Treasure' and extracurricular lessons of 'Dragon Quest Builders', which are only seen in PlayStation LIVE Circuit 2015.

What is being played with a dedicated pad with an arcade stick ......


Besides this, "DARK SOULS III" or ...

You can try various latest PS4 titles such as "Call of Duty Black Ops III" playing in a space partitioned by a curtain.

This is a special booth of "Minecraft: PlayStation Vita Edition".

The trial section of PlayStation Vita which can play "Mobile Suit Gundam EXTREME VS - FORCE" and "Hatsune Miku - Project DIVA - X" is also full of thanks.

Among the many exhibitions, the most popular is "VR headset" PlayStation VR ".

The playstation of PlayStation VR is performed one by one in a room partitioned with black curtains.

About the mounting method and the test run, the staff will explain carefully so there is no worry about anything.

The figure playing in a pitch-dark space seems to be the future world coming in the movies.

That's why the PlayStation VR trial started. First of all, I will play "KITCHEN" of the horror game.

This is the PlayStation VR worn on the head.

The light that shines blue shows plenty of future feeling.

Since the headset is not a heavyweight weight it is not tough to wear on your head. It is a convenient point that you can adjust the tightness by adjusting yourself after wearing it on your head.

KITCHEN of the game for the VR that I experienced can not show the video because it is under development, but it was a horror game of the gangcha that comes out like monsters like zombies. When you get attacked by zombies, your body will fall, and when you suddenly appear right behind yourself you will experience a feeling of immersion that you scream unexpectedly. I heard that the breath sounded when the zombies came in front of me and the sounds of zombies moving around me were really getting the illusion that the zombies were nearby and when I took the headset after the trial and finished it was pretty sweaty It was.

Next time I went to the test was titled "The PlayRoom VR".

The PlayRoom VR is a game that allows players equipped with PlayStation VR and up to four players with controllers to play simultaneously. On the two displays, the left is the viewpoint of the person wearing the PlayStation VR, the right is the screen of the person who has the controller.

There are several contents of The PlayRoom VR, but playing game "MONSTER ESCAPE" which is divided into a monster attacking the town and a robot escaping among them.

360 degrees Even if I look at everywhere, since the image is reflected, it looks backwards ......

Looking upwards ......

Even when looking downwards, the world of games is spreading in front of you. This feeling is hard to convey, but it seems to be literally in a different space in the virtual space.

MONSTER ESCAPE operates robots that players with controllers escape from monsters attacking the streets with PlayStation VR installed. The two displays show the viewpoint of the person who wears the VR headset on the left and the viewpoint of the person who plays with the controller on the right side.

Actually you can see how you are playing "MONSTER ESCAPE" on PlayStation VR from the following movie.

VR headset "PlayStation VR" playing "The PlayRoom VR" game "MONSTER ESCAPE" - YouTube

When the game starts, players who wear PlayStation VR will chase the escaping robots while breaking the surrounding buildings by head pushing. The player who is operating with the controller also is quite powerful for the monster to chase from behind, it is a throbbing thing to run away.

The robots hidden behind the big fence when reaching back to the back. Looking at the left side of the fence and exploring the robot. The screen on the right shows the monsters looking into from the fence, and the game is progressing while displaying the screen of another view on the two displays is a feeling that has never existed.

Even if you are looking through the fence, since the latch does not open, pull the head behind ... ...

Drop ahead and destroy a big fence.

From here, the turn of the robot with the controller. The player wearing the PlayStation VR will shake the block which the robot throws while swinging the neck to the left and right.

You can check the state of the monstrous battle of the robot from the following movie.

VR headset "PlayStation VR" 's "MONSTER ESCAPE" in a fierce battle - YouTube

When MONSTER ESCAPE is over, next time I play "CAT'N MOUSE" of the VR version Daruma fell. CAT'N MOUSE is a game in which a player wearing PlayStation VR becomes a cat and confrontes with a mouse operated by a player with a controller. The cat and the mouse are separated by a curtain and the player who operates the cat is said to move the head at the timing and open the curtain and catch it when the mouse is moving to eat cheese. Watching videos rather than words makes it easier to see what content the game is, so you can check people you care about from the following movies.

Playing "CAT'N MOUSE" on "VR headset" PlayStation VR "- YouTube

In addition to KITCHEN and The PlayRoom VR, at the test booth of PlayStation VR, there are "summer lessons" where you can spend a special time with a beautiful woman ... ...

It was supposed to be able to sail such as "SEGA feat. HATSUNE MIKU Project: VR Tech DEMO", "Shin Sangoku Musou 7 VR DEMO", "Cyber ​​Tangan Rompa VR Class Trials" that you can sing with Hatsune Miku and dance .

Also, since the PlayStation VR is displayed in the event venue, even those who are out of the test can take pictures or take a closer look.

The latest game of PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita, and PlayStation LIVE Circuit 2015 that can experience PlayStation VR, are also available in Sapporo on October 4, 2015 in addition to OsakaSapporo Factory HallOn October 24th, Fukuoka's "Scala EspacioIt is scheduled to be held at. Since games that can be played vary depending on the venue,Official siteIt seems to be good to go after checking in. Since the event may have a lot of crowding as with the Osaka venue, it is better for people planning to go to the venue early so that they can arrive early. However, since the trial of PlayStation VR was a lottery at the Osaka venue, it does not mean that you can definitely try out even if you arrive early. However, it is unknown at the time of the article writing whether the trial of PlayStation VR will be a lottery at other venues.

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