The latest series "Biohazard 7" is released to the VR compatible title & the latest trailer released

The latest trailer of the latest series "Resident Evil 7 (biohazard 7)" was released at the press conference "PlayStation E3 Experience 2016" being held in Los Angeles, and it became clear that it will be released as a PS VR title It was.

PlayStation® - E3 2016 Press Conference | (simultaneous interpretation sound in Japanese) - YouTube

Demo starts

I wander around the dark side.

Atmosphere that something seems to come out anyhow

Arrive in the kitchen

Cockroaches crawl their hands.

Discover TV

Suspicious person shadow

White body bones

Someone is sitting on a wheelchair. When biohazard is played with VR, the immersive feeling seems to be bad.

"RESIDENT EVILL biohazard (Resident Evil 7)"

Appeared on January 24, 2017

Mr. Shawn Layden again

PlayStation VR is released in the United States on October 13, 2016. The price is 399 dollars (about 42,000 yen).

50 titles will appear at launch.


VR game demonstration


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