Star Wars and Batman appear in PS 4 with VR support, Star Wars can get on X wing

VR mission "Star Wars Battlefront" released on November 17, 2015 "Star Wars Battlefront X-Wing VR Mission"Was officially announced and the trailer was released. In addition, Batman Arkham series' new work "Batman Arkham VR"Has also been announced.

PlayStation® - E3 2016 Press Conference | (simultaneous interpretation sound in Japanese) - YouTube

Viewpoint from X Wing's cockpit

It is powerful as if it went into the world of Star Wars.

I can enjoy enough to be able to experience the battle while flying in outer space with X wing with VR even if it is not a Star Wars fan.


Welcome to a galaxy far away.

The trailer screened at the venue can be checked from the following movie.

Star Wars Battlefront X-Wing VR Mission Trailer - YouTube

A big cheer is raised for the big title VR correspondence of Star Wars.

Then a mysterious object is projected

I wear something like a black light armor.

This mask ......

A pattern of a new work of Batman Arkham series.

New work is VR compliant.

Rocksteady who develops the Arkham series.

It is due to appear in October 2016.

The trailer of "Batman: Arkham VR" screened at the venue can be confirmed from the following movie.

Batman: Arkham VR - E3 2016 Reveal Trailer | PS VR - YouTube

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