"Force is with you" The game "Star Wars Battlefront" that fights at the edge of the galaxy by becoming a Jedi or Sith, Japan's first playable

On November 19, earlier than the "Star Wars / Force's Awakening" which was announced on December 18, 2015, the PS4 / Xbox One / PC game "Star Wars battle front"Will be released. Japan's largest game festival "Tokyo Game Show 2015", The Star Wars battle front was actually exhibited in Japan for the first time, so I actually saw it.

"Star Wars Battlefront" - Star Wars - EA Official Website

When I come to the booth of the Electronic Arts exhibiting the Star Wars battlefront, dozens of people are playing games with enormously loud sounds.

Star Wars Battlefront has faithfully reproduced the model and set that appeared in the movie, and anyone can watch the battle that can be unfolded on the big screen by any fan. Especially game sound is the actual movie itself.

The stage of Playable is the snow planet 's hospital.

The state of the electronic art booth can be confirmed from the following.

The appearance of "Star Wars Battlefront" domestic first playable exhibition - YouTube

The figure that dozens of people are playing on a display that is lined up is a masterpiece.

It is PlayStation 4 that you play Star Wars battlefront.

The operation method is like this.

The viewpoint can be freely switched between 1st person and 3rd person, and the character can be selected from enemy characters such as Darth Vader and Boba Fett.

'Star Wars Battlefront' Domestic First Playable Exhibition - YouTube

You can also deploy aerial combat with space wars and fighter aircraft that appeared in Star Wars such as X Wing, TIE Fighter, Millennium Falcon and others. It might be a Han solo.

Also, apart from the play on the big screen, there is a playable of the "survival mission" of two people cooperation, the waiting time is about 20 minutes.

The survival mission is that you can simultaneously play on the screen split horizontally.

Even in the space on the other side where Playable of "Survival Mission" is done, many people are enjoying cooperative play while looking at the super huge Darth Vader.

After playing 'Star Wars Battlefront', going to see 'Star Wars / Force's Awakening' seems to be more exciting.

When I thought that a tremendously loud sound was heard from the stage of the big screen, big applause occurred just when the large number of play was finished. People who played are very pleasing to look down on high touch with neighbor and staff.

If you are concerned about the Star Wars battle front, you can check the trailer from the following.

Star Wars Battlefront: official announcement trailer - YouTube

The Star Wars battle front will be released on November 19, 2015.

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