Finally Kojima Production's new work "Death Stranding" is officially announced, and the leading act is Walking Dead's person

SIE's press conference held in Los Angeles "E3 2016 PlayStation Press Conference"Kojima Productions Mr. Hideo Kojima has appeared, now"Death Stranding"The latest trailer was screened at the venue, revealing that we are progressing the game development.

PlayStation® - E3 2016 Press Conference | (simultaneous interpretation sound in Japanese) - YouTube

In the introduction of Andy House ......

One male is on the stage.

It is Kojima Productions Hideo Kojima.

A big applause as soon as it is said to have waited happens.

Mr. Hideo Kojima said that he will release a bit of information on the game under development.

The movie of the game Kojima Production is developing is screened.

It was sandy beach that was projected.

It seems that someone is lying on the beach.

There is a baby by the lying man.

Men hugging babies ......


Is it dead?

It is Norman Reedus of Walking Dead who plays this man.

The hand holding the baby is black.

What on earth has happened?

A man looking at a distance.

A large amount of fish was dead around men.

The mysterious trailer is a very worrisome content.

Kojima Hideo production

Norman · Leadus starring

"Death Stranding"

Death Stranding has not been revealed at all as to the details of the contents of the game, the release date, etc. with the title under development as of article creation. Establishment of a new studio As the title of the first one, it seems to bear the expectations from gamers all over the world.

The trailer of "Death Stranding" screened can be confirmed from the following movie.

Death Stranding reveal trailer - Kojima's new game! - PlayStation E3 2106 - YouTube

To the next title announcement without a time to breathe.

The streets of New York.


The appearance of Spider-Man.

The feeling of running running through New York seems to be a bad thing.

Secure bad guys with spider thread.

Spider-man who moves brilliantly.

Flying around between the building and the building, arriving at the destination and starting a battle with the enemy.

Spider-Man's movements are tremendously agile. Camera work according to the movement amplifies the power of the image.

Spiderman's new game will be released on PlayStation 4.

Spider-Man - E3 2016 Trailer | PS4 - YouTube

According to Shawn Layden, the presentation is over.

Before the end of the recital, appreciate the demonstration play of "Days Gone".

The hero descending into the forest zone.

The carcasses of the slain people are rolling.

There seems to be something in this place.

Walking on the roof ... ...

Suddenly a man struck.

Both of them will be hit by the ground.

Raise your face, there are hordes of zombies ... ....

Battle with the zombie army corps without a time to be surprised. Can we beat a massive zombie by a single person?

The last is the end of seeing the promotion movie of the title to be released in the future.

Playing and titles that can not be exhausted will appear in PS 4 and PS VR.

In addition, the domestic release date of PlayStation VR is decided on 13th October, the selling price is 49,980 yen excluding tax, and the bundled version of PlayStation Camera is 4,999 yen excluding tax. The reservation reception start date is June 18, 2016.

Announcement concerning domestic release of PlayStation VR can be confirmed from the following movie.

"PlayStation VR" Video message for everyone in Japan - YouTube

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