Garpan · West living here with "Mito Holy Hook supporter" and "Panzer for" "Ani × Saka!" Fiveth report

By saying "I started school life with tanks", it was completed by mixing the two which seemed to have no commonalities "youth school garden thing" and "tank"Tsutomu MizushimaThe director's first complete original work is "Girls und Panzer(Garpan) "is. Such Garpan, how J2 affiliated football club "Mito Holy Hook"We have signed a sponsorship agreement, Mito Holy Hook's uniform has printed the mark of the" Anju Team "appearing in the works.

Garpan and Mito Holy Hook that are connected by such a marvelous edge are trying to organize collaboration events and sell collaborative goods by organizing Gattsuri tag on the day of the game, so that the game of soccer will be excited in September 2015 It was held on the 27th (Sunday)Ani × Saka! It is!It's fifth race.

【9/27 (Sunday) J2 34th FC Gifu Battle】 Home Game Event Information «Mito Holy Hook Official Site

【9/27 (Sunday) J2 34th FC Gifu Battle】 "Soccer" × "Animation" × "Region Promotion" "Ani × Saka !!" Additional Information «Mito Holy Hook Official Site

The state of the stadium
On the day of the match, buses to Kedesdoki Stadium Mito which is home stadium of Mito Holy Hook will be increased. Buses to the stadium are available from Mito station and Akatsuka station, and arrive from Mito station in just 25 minutes.

There was a crowd in the front of the stadium, so when you approach it ......

Real thing "No. IV tank D type (H type specification)" and huge Ani × Saka! It is! A collaboration illustration was exhibited.

Anchovy of Anzio High School besides the No. IV tank D type takes command of the bean tank L 3.

Looking from another angle like this, there is only a real thing, overwhelming force.

Type IV tank type D

On the car body there is a mark of the team and the school sign of Oarai girls' school where the protagonists of Garpan go.

Next to that, I found Masui Okai Market and FC Gifu's merchandising.

"I want to get married ~There was also Becky who echoed the painful cry during the stadium. I'm sorry for distracting you all the way from Gifu.

In the vicinity of the entrance of the stadium there are guide boards that you can see where there is something like this ......

Outside of the stadium there is a board to see what kind of entertainment is taking place.

The entrance gate of the stadium is near the same day ticket office.

The fee for the ticket on the day is like this.

So, this time I tried purchasing the main central seat.

The main gate is smaller than other stadiums like this. Go through the main gate at once ... ...

Go up the stairs and go to the audience seat.

The passage in the stadium is like this.

I found a merchandise even when I entered the stadium.

The 2015 version of the replica uniform is on display.

As I enter the stadium, there is an E entrance in front of my eyes so if you go through this ... ...

Arrived at the main central seat zone.

Kaidesdeni Stadium Main stand which grows greatly to the left and right of Mito.

Since the main stand has a roof, it will also shut out strong sunlight and rain.

Lawn seats behind the goal

There is also a huge electronic bulletin board behind the goal.

The back stand side has no roof, but the core supporter was gathered here.

In the center of the back stand is the character of "MITO".

In addition, although the main center seat and the main side seat are on the same main stand, they can not pass through like this.

There was a lot of supporters who wore uniforms with uniform marks of the team on the stand like this.

◆ "Girls & Panzer" Before the Game Appearance Cast Greeting
At around 15 o'clock, two people, Mr. Fuchigami, a voice actor who plays the hero's West living in Garpan, and Masami Ozaki who plays Isuzu Hua belonging to the same team as Miho in the same work, appeared in the stadium.

It was a long time since Kaedenki Stadium Mito stood lightly to the supporters of the stadium.

After that, the performance of the Oarai high school marching band part BLUE-HAWKS started with the shout of Mr. Fuchigami's "Panzer Four".

Two people who bow carefully to the Oarai high school marching band section. Of course, I am wearing a uniform with a team's mark.

◆ First half start
After the performance by the Marching Band Department, greetings by Mr. Takao Ishii who is deputy town mayor of Oarai-machi, etc. were held, and the game of J2 34th Mito Holy Hook vs. FC Gifu began after 16 o'clock.

As the game begins, the stand gradually gets more enthusiastic and the support of supporters starts.

There are also supporters who have Garpun's Gefura inside.

Away 's FC Gifu supporter also loses cheers.

Found in the FC Gifu supporter I found a man holding the Rupor's Geffra.

As a matter of course when introducing sponsors "Girls & Panzer" names appeared. It is natural that it comes out as a sponsor, but when I read the animation's work name as a sponsor, I felt a very strange feeling.

In the pitch side advertisement, the announcement of "Girls & Panzer movie version" released on November 21.

Up of players started ... ...

The starting eleven will be announced.

After the introduction of FC Gifu's introduction, before the introduction of Mito Holy Hook's players suddenly the letter "Ani × Saka !!" appears on the electric bulletin board.

And Mr. Fuchigami 's voice of West living resonates in the stadium.

Supporters of Mito Holy Hook and "West Panorama of Garpan" are "Panzer for!" - YouTube

And then Mito Hollyhook 's players' introduction started. Before Yuuto Suzuki 's players' number 7 number is read out, Isuzu Hanaka played by Ozaki acts a little bit of the original dialogue and boosts the venue.

I actually understand what it says Isuzu Hana is what you said by watching the following movie.

Gorpan's Isuzu Hara gets on the players introduction of Mito Holy Hook - YouTube

Next, Mr. Takao Ishii who is deputy mayor of Oarai-machi appeared. The medusa-like loose character who came with me is a loose character "Aliceppe" in Oarai-machi, it seems that it is not a snake but a shirasu stretching a little. Ishii deputy town mayor calls Girls & Panzer firmly as "Garpan" at the time of greeting and appeals to the stadium that it is a fairly high level deputy town mayor.

Then the players entrance ... ...

It is a kick-off.

Immediately after the start of the match Mito Holy Hook will make opportunities in FC Gifu, but then push the opponent unilaterally afterwards. Mito will make a number of opportunities, 18 minutes in the first half, 25 minutes in the first half, 30 minutes in the first half, but it can not be decided but just changed 0 to 0 in the first half. After the first half of 14 minutes there was a foul of the player of Mito Holy Hook, there was a moment when Ramos of FC Gifu jumped out to touch line.

While watching the cheering curtain installed beside the pitch during the game, I found some interesting things. "Super-class battleship Musashi" is the ceremonial act of Musashi Suzuki who is currently renting from Albirex Niigata.

There are many others who do not know who is pointed at all at first look such as "Gori God" "Roveikaru grand scale" "Bearish is the biggest enemy" "Mito stealth bomber".

Since Ketsudenki Stadium Mito has a capacity of about 12,000 people, the main stand side looked almost like a full seat.

It is a stadium with a track track, but unexpectedly the distance between the pitch and the audience seats is close, and you can see a bench with ahead of the players, director, and coach team in front of you.

◆ Half Time's "Girls & Panzer" Starring Cast Talk Show
A talk show was held by half casting "Girls & Panzer" at half time.

Mr. Fuchigami and Ozaki who appear again on the pitch. This time it will appear with Alice Rappe. But Alaippe never talked about something or did not take action, just stood there.

Hirooka san of Bandai Visual, who is progressing the moderator of the talk show, asked Mr. Fuchigami and Mr. Ozaki about the first half of the comment. Mr. Fuchigami was surprised by game development with a sense of speed more than I imagined, and he seemed to be thrilled to bump into the body severely unexpectedly. In addition, as a player who was interested in game development, he cited Ishikawa Daitaku of jersey number 33, and in the latter half he was sending an ale whenever he wanted to score.

On the other hand, Mr. Ozaki revealed that he is paying attention to Yuuto Suzuki of the number 7 who played gruff when introducing the players, and looking back at the shooting scene of Suzuki who was once in the first half, regrettably I will.

Next, in response to the question "How did you come to the stadium last year, but how is it?", Mr. Fuchigam revealed that he was enjoying the match more than last time although he was watching football at the stadium for the first time last year, Also appeal to growing, that it feels better than last time. Ozaki also seems to have watched it since the event last year, but he was talking about the difference between last time and the previous time, knowing which player is in a good position when watching a match.

After the talk show, it is the latter half of the start, but Mr. Ishikawa of 33rd number which Mr. Fuchigami expected from the half-time talk show turned out to be a substitute player at half-time without a doubt.

◆ Late Half Start
That's why I started the second half.

Mito Hollyhook will have a chance to get a corner kick at once. When winning a corner kick, like this inspiration Mito Holy Hook with Garpan's animation.

However, as soon as the second half starts, I will score from the throw-in of FC Gifu and be awarded by the head of the Heniki who is a rescuer and I will allow the lead.

After that, I pushed FC Gifu once, but this time I was stuck behind the high DF line and I decided to shoot with the tokens from the counter to Leominiro of the jersey number 33.

I still have a chance of a free kick on Mito Hooley Hook keep on attacking without giving up. However, I could not decide this as well.

In the loss time, Mito Hollyhook 's GK makes a decisive attack before the opponent goal during a corner kick. Here FC Gifu creates a perfect scene from the counter before the goal without the goalkeeper to the opponent DF, but it has too much ball to hang the last shot to the foot of the DF. Ramos' coach of FC Gifu was furious at this play, and the rage of No. 1 game was being echoed in the stadium.

So ultimately in the end victory of FC Gifu at 0 vs. 2. The first half was completely pitched by Mito Holy Hook and it was a terrible disappointment.

In addition, I felt that there was quite a lot of people because the stadium capacity was small, but the number of visitors was 4677 people.

◆ After the game
After the match was over, a talk show was held three times beside the pitch, and another strange screening that the 11th episode of Girls & Panzer was screened at the stadium's electronic bulletin board was held.

Although I lost to FC Gifu on 0 vs. 2, supporters gathered in front of the game and were sending ale to the players after the game.

As soon as I heard that the display on the electric bulletin board "Girls & Panzer Episode 11, Screening!

And Mr. Fuchigami and Mr. Ozaki appeared aside by the pitch three times. Although it was a collaboration match, it appeared very regrettably that Mito Holy Hook was defeated.

Two men of the guest talked about the highlight of the 11 th episode of Garpan which will be screened from now on, switching the head here.

Anyway, the highlight of the 11th episode is the scene where the hero's West lives help the first grade team, the story is also the last stage so it is quite impressed and ur attuned, Mr. Tomohiro Tomohi. Ozaki is a nice time to see the growth of everyone at Oarai girls' school, but if you can have a sense of hopelessness by the appearance of "that tank", if you can enjoy the feeling of pounding around us.

Although the 11th episode will be broadcast at the stadium, the 12th episode will be broadcasted on TV Tokyo from 25:35 on the same day so we will review the 11th story at the stadium and watch the rest on TV It was also possible. Also, Ani × Saka! It is! It was quietly revealed that the 12 th episode will be screened on the bulletin board in the 6th round which will be the final game of.

On Sunday, November 15, 2015, "Oarai Ansho Festival" which is the fourth year involving as Garpan was held and on Saturday, November 21, Saturday, "Girls & Panzer Theatrical Version Will be screened. Regarding this theater version, Mr. Fuchigami uses illustrations that are key visual and Western living alone, but that is very serious with a feeling of serious feeling. Speaking of Garpan, images such as "refreshing" or "cute" were strong, but as I looked at the key visuals, I thought to themselves before dubbing that they would expect a different fight than before I talked about features of the movie version.

Even people who have never seen animation can enjoy it so if you can see it once, please comment and ...

I tightened a talk show again with "Panzer for!"

And the screening of episode 11 started as it is hasty.

It is perfectly a stadium, but it was a mysterious moment that Garpun was flowing on a gigantic bulletin board.

The supporters who are enjoying the screening of 11 episodes remaining in the stadium after the game.

It is also a thriller on the back stand.

Braves who carry shoes on their backs.

There were plenty of events and there were plenty of fun, so the next time I won the victory ....

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