360 degree movie shot with "360 Camera Dolly" robot capable of shooting in all directions while operating by remote operation

A robot capable of shooting the surrounding scenery while attaching a stick with a camera attached to a camera capable of shooting around 360 degrees around a robot that can freely move around with two wheels is "360 Camera Dolly"is. You can remotely control a robot with a smartphone, and movies shooting several locations while actually running only with a robot are released. If you are a browser you can change the viewpoint with the mouse, and if you move the terminal on a smartphone or tablet, the direction you are watching will move in conjunction.

360 Camera Dolly with Universal 360 Camera Mount by Double Robotics - YouTube

A pattern that is going on a sidewalk in somewhere

I turned to the right side and saw the people walking and the private houses.

As you turn to the back, you can see the way you have been moving forward.

There is a big building next to the left, you can taste the realistic feeling as if you were there.

The sun is shining when you look straight up.

When looking directly down, I saw 360 Camera Dolly shooting these scenes. There are many movies to shoot the 360-degree screen and shoot the surrounding scenery, but in order to shoot a 360-degree movie while moving, it is necessary to carry a 360-degree camera and the human beings are reflected by all means. With 360 Camera Dolly you can shoot a robot alone, so you can say that you can take a more immersive image.

Taking a picture of the time when the sun got dark and the sun is like this.

Is it on the premises of a residential area or a university?

People who are exercising on the running machine were also batched.

The last place is a square with fountains.

Green was spreading on one side as far as I could see.

In addition, 360 Camera Dolly who shot this movie is kore. The robot part is an upgraded version of Double Robotics also reviewed by GIGAZINEDouble 2It is used.

Looking at the way that Double Robotics is running from the following article, you should be able to grasp the feeling of operating 360 Camera Dolly.

"Double Robotics" review that allows you to talk while watching the scene from the remote site - GIGAZINE

The 360 ​​degree camera is designed to be attached to the dedicated "Universal 360 degree camera mount", and you can install your favorite 360 ​​degree camera.

The full set of 360 Camera Dolly is Double 2+ Universal 360 degree Camera Mount + Travel Case, and the price is 3000 dollars (about 320,000 yen). If you have Double 2, you can use it as a 360 Camera Dolly by buying and installing a universal 360 degree camera mount at $ 249 (about 26,000 yen). Operation can be done with iOS application of iPhone 6 or later terminal.

In addition, although 360 Camera Dolly can be purchased from the following page, it seems that shipping to Japan is not done.

Double Robotics - 360 Camera Dolly

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