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Home work is used as an office and working on some or all of work at home is spreading, but instead of getting high degree of freedom according to lifestyle, the boundary between work and private It is becoming known also about evils peculiar to home work such as becoming obscure. A way to make home work that has merits and demerits a success is done by the web / application developerJeff GielingWe are advocating.

Tips for Staying Sane while Working from Home - phptek 2016 session | Jeff Geerling

Mr. Gilling is a person who has rearranged a part of his home and arranged the environment for working at home. Mr. Gilling's methodology is to change not only how to hold feelings but also the environment itself at home.

Mr. Gilling has summarized the methodology of home work which is effective and publishes the following presentation materials.

Mr. Gilling seems to have worked in the office until 2011, but after that it has shifted to a style centered on home work. Although it seems that it was a semi-home style during the color-coded period of orange, basically it continues working way at the remote office.

The merit of WFH (Work From Home: home work) is that "you can hold down costs," "you do not need commuting," "you can increase the flow (= concentration) situation" and "you can live a healthier life" It is said to be 4 points.

Among them, the merit of "being able to reduce costs" can be said to be the benefit of both employers and employees. When hiring a new person, for example, when hiring an excellent staff from a distant place, it may be necessary for the corporation side to bear the cost of moving and the high rent of the city, but by introducing home work, those expenses As well as reduce the cost of staff commuting. Even for employees on the employee side, there are merits such as being able to reduce the self-payment of cars used for commuting, for example, to reduce food expenses such as lunch.

Also, "flowing circumstances" is the environment necessary for programmers to devote themselves to work, for example. There are many factors that hinder concentration as it is an office where many people gather, but if you are working at home that can work individually, you will not be bothered by such noise.

◆ Successful home work "Three themes"
Even if the environment is good, not all goes well just by introducing home work. Mr. Gilling points out three themes "environment" "communication" "discipline" to make home work succeed.

The first theme is to prepare the environment for work. Because it is not so desirable to work in the living room at home, Mr. Gilling says that it is necessary to completely separate the environment of living and the environment of work.

In fact, Mr. Gilling rebuilt the cellar at his home for office use. Originally in a place like this ......

Stand up pillars, build walls and build offices.

It is difficult to create a space for work so far, even if you are at home, it is important to separate your life from work.

What you need to prepare the environment is "to completely divide the work space" "prepare a computer dedicated to work" "make lighting, air conditioning, noise no problem" "to give a break to life On the contrary, what you have to avoid is to "create an office near the leisure space", "get in the way of family members," "put TV and games," etc.

It seems to be better to avoid environments where families come and go frequently as the top of the desk gets scratched.

Mr. Gilling also mentioned the importance of communication. In this case, it is communication with work colleagues, what is necessary is "to introduce video conference to all conferences" "attend meeting to listen properly" "use video relay" "for work Chat is always online "and" Goal is to be clarified "items. Conversely, it is necessary to avoid "attending a meeting with a passive attitude", "getting in a state of not being contacted", "attending a long and unnecessary meeting".

Even in a remote environment like home, it is a place of work. Since it is not the purpose to create a free environment freely, it is important to focus on the environment in which work is established.

· "Discipline"
And it is still important that even if you are at home it is a posture that goes to work properly. What is important is "to establish a form to do routine and work", "to eat healthy", "to give a break with the outside world", should be avoided "to withdraw" "nutrition, health, hygiene Things that become indifferent to the state "and" Become a floating presence ".

Even if you are at home, work is a job, so it is important to make a proper changeover.

It is the worst situation that "I am at home today and I am working as I wake up".

Presentation that Mr. Gilling actually made based on this material can be seen in the following movie.

ProTips for Staying Sane while Working from Home - php [tek] 2016 - YouTube

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