What is a habit that can effectively recover from the adverse effects of long hours work?


There may be many people who work hard on their goal of long-term vacation a year or two a year, but you can not recover from the stress of work sufficiently simply by taking a holiday, so take a good rest in your everyday life "Recovery habitsIt is important to know that it is summarized by the academic / research news site Conversation.

Overworked? Good habits, not holidays, are the answer

Long-term work is known to improve the risk of heart disease. The best countermeasure of long hours work is to have a holiday, but according to a study, the advantages of a holiday last only 2 weeks to 4 weeks, after that it will return to the same state as before the holiday And that. Therefore, it was not enough to summarize a limited vacation and it was found that you can recover effectively by taking holidays and rest frequently.

It is said that this effect is psychological, specifically, by feeling "away from work", it can recover from the stress of daily work. When you are at home it is important to change habits of switching from work to off time or to avoid work e-mails while off, by changing from work clothes to room dresses. The time of off seems to be able to refresh consciously away from "time of work" by spending time in sports, exercising, volunteering and hobby creative activities.

Also, you can have a habit of relieving stress during work days, such as "Reduce guts in unfinished work", "Complete work plan with firmness" etc. are effective. It is effective to prevent unnecessary new tasks that will not end unexpectedly before entering a holiday. It is also important to take a break well, and do not do anything while taking a break, and if you rest in the nature environment such as a nap or a park, you can recover effectively.


It is important for companies to make air to encourage employees to "balance work and life". Providing a place where you can take a break can also be a measure to reduce employee stress. In Japan, there is a problem of poor work environment such as deaths due to excessive long hours work, and the work environment should be improved as a premise, but if the weekly working hours are 48 If you are in a workplace that does not become less than the hour, you can reduce the stress of work by executing the above custom.

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