What should I do when I feel chronic fatigue

Although it is "fatigue" which can not be avoided inevitably in daily life, it seems that various problems will arise physically and mentally if you leave chronic fatigue that can not get tired easily.

So what if you feel chronic fatigue, what can you do?

Details are as follows.
Can you suffer from chronic tiredness? | Medical Hand

According to this article, chronic fatigue slows down the body reaction, requires more effort than usual to move the body, and it is said to be drowsy. And it causes insensitivity, nervousness and shortness, it also affects physical disorders of influenza, cold, endocrine system and mental disorders such as depression.

Incidentally, as a characteristic of chronic fatigue, fatigue continues even after going through a long vacation, can not get tired even asleep, there are no particular reasons for good or disappointing, symptoms such as continued hypotension It is cited.

And effective measures to remove chronic fatigue are as follows.

· Preparing life rhythm
Make life rhythm such as bedtime, lifestyle, lifestyle, work, time spent with the beloved person, so that you can relax your body

· Avoid irritants
Avoid alcohol, coffee, chocolate and other irritants

· Have the family help you
Understanding and supporting families is very important for practicing the above measures

It seems that only the basic things are cited, but practicing that basic thing seems to be the best way to remove fatigue. People suffering from chronic fatigue may wish to review their own life style once more.

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