Will "honey lemon Gina" renewed with honey plus "taste of earth" do? I checked it by comparing old and new drinks

Suntory added lemon Gina "honey" flavor and renewed "Honey Lemon GinaWe released it on May 24, 2016 (Tuesday). The first lemon Gina is "Taste of earthI called a topic, but I decided to see what new honey lemon Gina was finished in taste, I bought new and old lemon Gina and compared it drinking.

Honey Lemon Gina Product Information (Calorie · Raw Material) Suntory

I bought Honey Lemon Gina at a convenience store in my neighborhood. From a little green lemon-colored drink, I feel almost the same atmosphere as lemon Gina. The suggested retail price is 151 yen for each price, but at the convenience store I bought it was sold for ¥ 129, down 22 yen.

In terms of drinking comparison, I also bought Lemon Gina. Even if I put them in side by side, I can hardly feel the difference in drink color.

By being renewed to Honey Lemon Gina, package design has also become new.

All of the fonts used in the package are handwritten, and it feels charming and feels a bit tingy, giving a good atmosphere.

On the back "Honey lemon Gina is a lemonade carbonate wearing French wisdom to enjoy lemon juice with scented honey". Taste design like oil painting here too.

The energy per 100 ml is 47 kcal, which is 197.4 kcal when converted per 1 (420 ml).

As raw materials, honey is added plus lemon peel extract to lemon, grapefruit, orange as well as lemon Gina of the past. The difference between the ingredients of lemon Gina and honey lemon Gina which are shown is only the presence or absence of honey.

Pouring it into the cup, there is only micro carbonic acid and there is not much "shower" sound.

Speaking of taste, it certainly follows the taste of Lemon Gina, as it is a feeling that a unique flavor which was made as trolley with mild mellow honey is added. "The taste of the earth" that I really want to be afraid is left to be honest. However, because it is surely suppressed than the original lemon Gina, it might be a nice renewal for those who were concerned. The aftertaste was also supposed to be refreshing like lemon Gina.

Nonetheless, there are also a few people who felt authentic on that "taste of the earth", and the flavor of lemon Gina which somehow felt the personality "foreign drink" was felt good or bad was weakened a little The point may be felt a bit sorry for some people. In addition, due to this renewal, production of the original lemon Gina will be over.

To express briefly the impression of the newly-found Honey Lemon Gina, it was a personal impression that "the flavor of lemon gets to a bit full-fledged" honey lemon ". People who liked the original lemon Gina and those who did not, it seems good to check the taste change once.

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