It seems that that 'raw tea' evolved and became 'deep but refreshing', so I compared it with new and old raw tea


Raw tea shabu ' or ' raw tea The sparkling such as', but raw tea that Tera' odd had appeared in the past, returning to the basics, the giraffe 'raw tea' which was renewed tea itself review the process Appears on March 3, 2020 (Tuesday). We celebrated the 20th anniversary of its appearance, and it was said that it was reborn as a 'deep but clean' taste, so I tried drinking it immediately.

Being born and impressed. 'Kirin Namacha' | Kirin

The package of fresh green tea looks like this.

There was a sticker saying 'New!'

Namacha, which appeared in March 2000, will celebrate its 20th anniversary in 2020. The renewal was focused on bringing out the original sweetness and aroma of tea leaves.

Green tea and raw tea leaves that are raw materials are domestically produced. Shake well before drinking as the green tea component accumulates on the bottom.

Pour into the cup ...

When I drink a sip, the scent of tea leaves comes out of my nose, and the impression is that the scent is stronger for tea in plastic bottles. The mouth is clean and not very bitter, and the sweetness of the tea leaves is slightly felt. The taste was a little bitter aftertaste.

When comparing the renewed green tea (left) and the green tea before renewal (right), there is almost no difference in the color of the tea. It seems that the green before the renewal is slightly greener.

If you drink raw tea before the renewal, you can clearly see that the aroma of the raw tea after the renewal is outstanding. Before renewal, the astringency is slightly stronger. As a result of the renewal, the scent was deep and the mouthfeel was refreshing.

'Kirin Nama-cha' will be available at convenience stores and supermarkets nationwide from March 3, 2020 (Tuesday). The price varies according to the capacity. PET bottles are 140 yen excluding tax for 525 ml, 115 yen excluding tax for 300 ml, and 350 yen excluding tax for 2 L. At the time of article creation at, a set of 24 300 ml plastic bottles was available for purchase at 2493 yen including tax.

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