Former Google's secret research institute `` X '' develops `` Tidal '' which automatically tracks and records the behavior of thousands of fish


X ', a brother company of Google and known as a secret research institute, has developed technology ' Tidal ' that can automatically track and record the individual behavior of thousands of fish. This technology is expected to help understand what is happening below sea level, which has been difficult for people to grasp.

Introducing Tidal-X, the moonshot factory

Alphabet's X launches Tidal to automatically track and log fish behavior | VentureBeat

The problem is that plastic that has not been recycled becomes microparticles of fine particles less than 5 mm, contaminating fish and hindering growth. It has also been pointed out that coral reef bleaching has reached an 'irreversible' level. These ocean problems have led to human food and economics, but the problem is that people don't know much about what is happening below sea level. So, X has developed a technology called Tidal that can automatically track and record the behavior of fish.

During the past three years, Tidal's development team has been interacting with fish farmers around the world and has learned that the distinction between `` healthy fish '' is made visually after landing and that sorting is done by hand. That. Because such tasks are time-consuming, labor-intensive, and difficult to scale, X has developed a “machine perception” tool that detects and interprets the behavior of fish in water that is invisible to humans.

Tidal tracks and monitors thousands of fish in the water individually and records their behavior, such as eating. At the same time, because the team collects environmental information such as water temperature and oxygen level, it is easy to understand the point of `` how much food to feed '', and the development team said that it would be useful for managing the farm from the viewpoint of cost. States.

The state of fish tracking is as follows. Click the image to see the GIF animation.

It should be noted that technology development with a fish farm as described above is only one of the fields that X is trying to support. The development team says they plan to validate Tidal's technology and learn more from the oceans, then work with ocean protection experts and organizations to apply the lessons learned to other disciplines and issues. You.

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