Star Trek latest work "Star Trek Beyond" trailer 2nd release, step on the relationship with mysterious whitewashed women

A movie depicting captain James T. Kirk of a youngster "Star Trek" The third work of the rebooted version "Star Trek BeyondThe second trailer of the trailer has been released. Unlike action trailer first trailer, serious aspects are also focused.

Star Trek Beyond Trailer # 2 (2016) - Paramount Pictures - YouTube

"My father had a belief, but I am different," said Kirk captain.

Bones advises, "Was it that he was to meet expectations?"

Captain Kirk who always chased after his father's face and was trying to be like his father.

Now, days to find out what I mean.

In the vast universe, it easily loses sight of its position.

Scotty who never connected the cord.

The enterprise took off.

Captain Kirk who keeps the enterprise issue and the crew.

Bones that talks "Do you want to return to space?"

Suddenly, myriad enemies attack it.

"What is that?"

I conflict one after another to the enterprise issue.

Emergency occurred.

Piercing through the walls, mysterious objects.

"I forgave the enemy's invasion"

There is nothing to make a shooting suddenly attacking it.

In response to an emergency, escape from the ship.

"Oh no ... ...."

The Enterprise issue was shot down.

The scene changed, somewhere stars.

A mysterious woman with facial tattoo fighting with stuff like white paint.

"I know why I am here."

Meanwhile, captured Uhura.

To the enemy who looks at Giorori, Ufura tells me "Captains will come to help."

"It's fun"

"Fear of death is not a reason," Spock told.

"I am going to live because there is fear of death," Bones.

The two were blown away by the explosion.

An enemy ship that attacks.

"I can not abandon my friends," Scotty said. Is she seeking help from a mysterious woman ... ....

"Unity is not" strength "," weakness "."

"Do not lick human beings"

Is she a friend or an enemy?

A mysterious woman trying to sit in the captain 's seat.

"Bad, that seat is ... ...."

Sit down regardless of this attitude.

Bones and Spock are also surprised.

Scotty who says, "It's the seat of the captain." Apparently Scotti seems to have invited her.

"Star Trek Beyond" will be released in the United States on July 22, 2016 and will be released in Japan in October 2016 in Japan.

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