Why was the worst dark hero 'Dark Phoenix' of X-MEN history born? Will be revealed 'X-MEN: Dark Phoenix' final trailer released

The final trailer of ' X-MEN: Dark Phoenix ' has been released, which is an image of '

Dark Phoenix Saga ' of the 'X-MEN' series, which has the highest recognition among American superhero works. The other character sealed in the mutant Jean, the dark side, is released during the space mission, and it is depicted how the power over the even Magny Toe runs away.

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Members of X-MEN who went to space by NASA's rescue.

There is no particular feeling of anxiety, either ...

To be on a mission.

Among the spacecraft are the appearances of Gene Gray (play: Sophie Turner) and Scott Summers (Cycropps / play: Thai Sheridan).

Gene heading for NASA's spacecraft. Everything looked fine but ...

It turns out that the heat radiation is rising rapidly.

Even though evacuation is ordered, Jean performs a mission.

Astronauts are sent to rescue ships one after another ......

Only Jean who went for rescue runs behind.

The next moment, an explosion took place and NASA's spacecraft and Jean were exposed to mysterious rays.

Mistique involuntarily looks away (play: Jennifer Lawrence)

The place has changed and the earth.

It is Gene who thought that everyone was dead ......

I will live and return.

Gene who came back to life after nine deaths comes to be called 'Phoenix'.

However, while no one noticed, Jean's dark side was released by the space accident.

At that time, a mysterious woman (play: Jessica Chastain) approaches Gene.

In response to Gene's question 'Who are you?'

The mysterious woman hints at Jean's other personality, 'who knows your truth.'

Jean is puzzled that his other personality has been released.

'I can not control the power'

'I run away'

'But feel good'

A mysterious woman who tells Gene, 'Your power destroys everything.'

'I myself too'

X-MEN are afraid of Jean who can not stop runaway, and a woman.

'Dear too much ...'

'Destruct me'

Also against the hands of Mystique ......

I will reject it.

Charles Exevia (Professor X / Performer: James McAvoy) also recognizes Gene as dangerous.

Gene who runs away the power of the dark side without stopping.

It is a storm (play: Alexandra Ship) that generates lightning to stop Jean, but ...

It is easy to get rid of it.

'Let her beat,' said Eric Lanescher (Magny Toe / Performer: Michael Fassbender)

On the other hand, Cyclops 'is still helped'

'It's already another,' said Hank McCoy (Beast / Performed by Nicholas Holt)

For Magny Toe ...

'But I can beat me,' said Jean.

It was a desperate Magny Toe ...

I will be deceived by the power of Jean.

Will the cry of cyroptoms reach ....

In addition, X-MEN: The exhibition of Dark Phoenix in Japan is

Friday, 21st June, 2019 .

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Director: Simon Kinburg
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