'X-MEN: Dark Phoenix' Jean's dark side makes a big runaway new trailer public, Japan's release date also determined

A new trailer " X-MEN: Dark Phoenix ", the biggest threat version, has been banned, which is an image of the popular "X-MEN" original comic "Dark Phoenix Saga". It is the content which shows the overwhelming power of Dark Phoenix, the strongest and the worst dark hero of Marvel history.

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Jean Gray (acting: Sophie Turner) showing intense regret while being beaten by the rain.

Mystique (Jennifer · Lawrence) who walks to Gene "listen to the story"

However, Jean rejected Mystique with "Do not get close"

Furthermore, "Stop it!", I used the force without being able to suppress it ... ...

I blew away.

A mysterious woman who whispers "We are special" to a weak jean (act: Jessica · Chastain)

"if it's you"

"You can rule the world"

Gene's dark side "Dark Phoenix" is also uncontrollable to Gene himself. Charles Exevia (Professor X / acting: James McAvoy) telling that "I'm going to kill everyone."

Jean who makes power runaway

It seems that even magnanas (act: Michael Fasbender) also have power to surpass

What you tell "It's your fault Charles" is Hank · McCoy (Beast / acting: Nicholas Holt)

Magnito tells "Give up", pointing to Jean, who turned into Dark Phoenix.

"It can still be helped," Scott Summers (Cyclops / act: Thailand Sheridan)

"I have to stop" and thunder is generating storm (act: Alexandra Ship)

Does Cyclops' cry reach Jean?

"X-MEN: Dark Phoenix" is open to the public on Friday, June 21, 2019.

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