I participated in the invitation flight of Skymark's special design machine "Tigers Jet"

From April 27, 2016, Skymark is a special design machine that designed the professional baseball team "Hanshin Tigers" logo and the like on the airframe "Tigers jet"We operate. On May 20th, an invitation flight that the Hanshin Tigers' OB players flew together was carried out, so we have participated including what ceremonies have been and what kind of flight it is.

Operation of special design machine "Tigers Jet"

"Tigers Jet" is a model of a collaboration team that is unusual in Japan, where the Hanshin Tigers logo etc was designed for the aircraft. In Skymark, two Boeing 737-800 aircraft are operated by changing to Tigers Design, and they are operated on all routes operated by the company.

Tigers logos etc. are drawn here and there and the aircraft has become a passenger aircraft that can fly with the Tigers wearing themselves.

On that day, we started flight to Kobe Airport by departing Haneda Airport at 12:45. Arrived at port 38 of Haneda airport as a boarding gate.

The flight's flight name on this day is surely a pin for an enthusiastic Hanshin Tigers fan "SKY1985Flight ". In 1985 (1985) when the Hanshin Tigers won the league for the first time in 21 years and 1985 when the Japanese series was restrained under the momentum by 1985,TrafficIt has become an irresistible flight number.

Everyone of the Grand Staff who guides at the boarding gate wears the uniform of the Hanshin Tigers designed for Skymark specifications.

"737" of the jersey number, of course, was attached from "Boeing 737" which Skymark operates.

The departure time approaches, boarding starts. Besides the mass communication on the day, the invited passengers also participated in the flight.

A design where the atmosphere of the Tigers drifts inside the cabin. The headrest of the seat is unified with cover of yellow and black like Tigers.

It was a leather headrest with a good touch.

In the front seat, the mascot character of the Hanshin Tigers "Truckee"Greeted me. Also, during boarding and getting off,Rokko grated pastaThe name of the Hanshin Tigers team known as the name "Song of the Hanshin Tigers"Flows.

As explained in the explanation of in-flight safety, a flight attendant (CA) wearing a Tigers uniform went on demonstration.

When I took off and started cruising, I greeted from Mr. Sayama, the chairman of the Skymark where I was aboard. "I would like to raise the scheduled operation rate without missing safety, I would like to advance efforts that can only be done with Skymark," he said.

Also, there is also a surprise that baseball commentator Mr. Momento Emoto also boards the flight at the Hanshin Tigers OB. Emoto known by the nickname of "Emo Yan" said, "I did not think there would be to be a Tigers airplane, I would like you to skip an airplane dedicated to the team like the major league in the US so if you are a baseball commentator I can ride with him ", he was boiling the cabin.

SKY 1985 flight is a special flight in various aspects. The flight altitude is about 16,000 feet (about 4,900 meters) and it is about half of usual, and Mt. Fuji is also powerful in this power. In addition, the route has been set so that Mt. Fuji can be seen well, or the situation is exactly reached, such as leaning on the aircraft or seeing Mt. Fuji in the nearness that is impossible usually.

Souvenirs of special flight were handed out to passengers. Together with the tea, Hanshin Tigers and sky mark collaborative towels are dealt ... ...

In addition, a signature fan and a boarding certificate of the invitation flight were handed over.

In the certificate on which the boarding date, flight number, equipment name etc. are written, explanation of "special route" of this day is written ......

This flight is like going out of Haneda, going through Kobe once, turning back over Yamaguchi and returning. The reason for this is that the "BERTH"KAKEF"OKADAThis course is for passing through three waypoints, of course, this name is the legendary charm attracted by Bath, Keng and Okada in 19853 back screensHanshin fans are ranked unnoticable even if their nosebleeds come out. This route is "HANSHIN WEST ARRIVALIt is said to have been named and actually used as a landing path to Kobe Airport.

Sports towel, lucky fighter, boarding certificate etc. I got a lucky person who could ride this flight. In addition, fan fan can be put in the seat pocket inside the Tigers Jet, so that anyone who actually boarded can get it. In addition, the sports towel which Tigers and Skymark collaborated are items sold on board in 1,500 yen, and some of the sales are supposed to be donated as a donation for the Kumamoto earthquake in Heisei 28.

There are two kinds of fanwork designs. Whether you can get it depends on the luck of that day.

Tigers' logo was also designed for the left and right engine covers. Passengers around the seat number 13 were supposed to be a privilege of "Can fly with the Tigers".

After 1 hour 20 minutes flight, SKY 1985 flight arrived at Kobe airport.

A Tigers jet announcement announcement commemorative ceremony was held in the hangar after arrival. Even the 737-800 aircraft of a small aircraft is tremendous force when viewed closely.

Looking around in the front ......

The logo of the Tigers and the logo of the 10th anniversary of the opening of the Kobe airport were also designed next to the boarding gate on the left side of the aircraft. In the Tigers jet, seven tigers are arranged per aircraft.

In the ceremony, Yoshida Yoshio who led the Tigers to Japan's best in 1985 by former Hanshin director, as well as guests such as mayor Kobe Mayor, Keiichiro Shito president, Hanshin Tigers team president, Koji Kitahito and Hanshin Electric Railway Co., Synchronized with "Sadness of the Third" knownHidefumi MiyakeMr., served as a team executiveJiro UedaMr. Emoto, and Mr. Emoto's Hanshin OB to enter the force.

Mr. Yoshida said, "I've been playing baseball for 40 years with a line of Hanshin, but there is a feeling of awesome awaiting that a jet aircraft with a Tigers portrayed will fly, I'd like to ask both Hanshin Tigers and Skymark to cheer" I got a comment.

In addition, in this place, Sakayama Chairperson calls Mr. Masuda, captain of Sky Mark. Because Mr. Masuda was the idea that this Tigers Jet realized. When Mr. Masuda, who was present with the chairman, conveyed a proposal to collaborate with Tigers to make Kobe excitement, he said that he quickly realized that he would "do it". From this point on, we will feel the momentum of Skymark which civil rehabilitation process was concluded in 2016.

The Sky Mark's Tigers Jet will be operated from April 27, 2016 to the end of October of the same year, during which two 737 aircraft are likely to be tigers design. According to Sayama, "When you get on the sky mark 10 times, you can go around once," said Sakayama, who said that two of the 25 aircraft owned by Skymark. Since it is said that various measures will be promoted in the future, it seems that I can not take my eyes off the Skymark-like approach that is an airline company closely tied to the area.

President Sayama said "Please join the giant fans as wellAlso. Even on the sky the fans will be able to fight the Hanshin Giants ... ... it will be a serious thing, but it seems to be said that it is said that it is worth taking a ride once a racing team motive flight.

In addition, on the next day after this event was held on Saturday, May 21, 2016, an event will be held to open the Tigers Jet to the public. The venue is a skymark hangar at Kobe Airport and will be held 4 times in the morning and afternoon. On the day, numbered tickets are dealt,From 9:30 am All 4 tickets · 200 tickets for each first-come, first served ticket will be distributedIt is supposed to be better to go a little early if you want to participate.

(PDF)Public release of special design machine "Tigers Jet" May 21, 2016 (Sat) Kobe Airport Hangar

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