Google's smart watch OS first large update "Android Wear 2.0" new function Summary

"Android Wear 2.0" became the first big update since it was released on March 18, 2014, including support for standalone applications that can operate on a standalone basis alone, installation of a new keyboard that makes input easier, etc. What is full of new features is Google's event for Google developers held on 18th May 2016 local time "Google I / O 2016It was clarified with.

Android Wear 2.0 Developer Preview | Android Developers Blog

Some of the new features of Android Wear 2.0 are summarized in the following movies.

Android Wear 2.0: Developer preview tour - YouTube

New elements added in Android Wear 2.0 are roughly divided into "Standalone application" "New UI" "Material Design for Wearables" "Complexion API"New keyboard"Notice of new message style", "Google Fit platform", "Support of Android N" 8.

· Part 1: Standalone application
In Android Wear 2.0, applications can directly access the Internet using Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, mobile communication functions and so on independently without relying on data layer API etc. In other words, in Android Wear 2.0, even if you do not have a smartphone paired with smartwatch, you will be able to use the full feature of the app.

By eliminating the request of the data layer API, it is possible to make the application standalone, but this makes the application offer the same function whether it pairs with the smart watch whether it is an Android terminal or iPhone It will be possible. In addition, you can also receive push notifications directly from Google Cloud Messaging and AccountManager.

Actually watching streaming music from Spotify on a standalone smart watch can be seen from 1 / 57s of the following movie.

Here's how Google will tempt smartwatch fans with Android Wear 2.0 - YouTube

· Part 2: New UI
In order to allow users to use Android Wear more interactively, the UI design has been revised in version 2.0. In addition to adding new notifications, application launcher changes, adding new watch faces, adding dark color palettes and expanding support for circular watch faces, improvements made to the Android Wear 2.0 UI are diverse.

Although there is also a simple watch face as usual ... ...

The following watch face of black keynote also appeared.

A lot of other watch faces have been added.

Also, swipe the screen from the top downward with the watch face ......

The setting screen will be displayed.

It is also possible to change the brightness of the screen from here.

When you press the crown button of smart watch, the application launcher is activated.

The new application launcher is designed to be suitable for the circular watch face as follows.

· Part 3: Material Design for Wearables
Material Design for WearablesGoogle has released a guide on material design for wearable devices called so. In addition, the guide also includes guidance on adopting the dark color palette.

You can see how the Google material design using animation reads by reading the following article

What is Google's new UX design "Material Design" using animation? - GIGAZINE

· Part 4: Complication API
Complication is a piece of very small information displayed on the dial. In Android Wear 2.0, this framework of the whole system is compatible with this complication and you can use the API to display information of every application on the dial.

Complication exists in the red frame part. It is a function that can display information of applications that can be used on Android Wear on the dial.

To change the displayed compliance, swipe the dial left and right to switch to the watch face setting screen ......

Tap the gear icon under the watch face.

Tap Complication.

Then choose which position to change the complication.

Afterwards if you choose the complication you want to add ......

Complications displayed on the dial can be changed as follows.

· Part 5: Add new keyboard
In the conventional Android Wear, when using the message application, a style to transmit fixed form sentences was taken. However, since Android Wear 2.0 added a new swipe keyboard and handwriting input, you can send your own sentences from smartwatch.

You can see how the new keyboard looks by looking at the following movie.

How Android Wear 2.0 messages work - YouTube

One of the new keyboard swipe keyboard is the following.

Put your finger on the keyboard and move it to slide ... ...

I could enter "work like this" and letters as a slurra. A CNET writer actually using Android Wear 2.0 says "It's very easy to use," he says impression of the swipe keyboard.

Then challenge handwriting input.

When you trace with your finger on the dial of Smart Watch ......

Recognize handwritten characters "this is pretty cool".

Tap the check icon at the bottom of the screen to finish sending the message.

· Part 6: New message style notification
Android Wear 2.0 employs a new notification style to respond quickly to messages. This notification method is expected to be adopted even for the new Android N which is under development.

It actually looks like this when a notification comes. Notice appears at the bottom of the dial as shown below ......

It disappears after a while.

Swipe upward from the bottom of the dial when you want to check the contents of notification.

Then it switches to the screen like the following ...

By tapping the screen you can reply to the message.

· Part 7: Google Fit platform
The improvement of Google Fit has a big influence on the use amount measurement and the use aspect of fitness data.

The following movie uses the new Google Fit on Android Wear 2.0 device.

Google Fit's automatic activity tracking is getting smarter on Android Wear - YouTube

So I used Google Fit immediately.

As before, you can measure momentum such as walking, running, cycling.

This time have a dumbbell ... ...

I will do a few dumbbell curls.

When I look at the smart watch after the exercise, it seems that I firmly recognize exercise.

The number of times you did a dumbbell curl is "20 times", and it is displayed firmly on the screen.

Since I do not know the weight of the dumbbell used, it seems that it is necessary for the user to input such information by oneself.

Registration is complete with this.

· Part 8: Android N support
In Android Wear 2.0, the application will support data saver and Java 8 Lambda, which is characteristic of Android N. Furthermore, it is said that pictograms will become usable as well.

At the venue of Google I / O 2016, there seems to be a touch & try corner of Android Wear 2.0-equipped terminal. You can watch the Android Wear 2.0-equipped terminal touching each other in the following movies.

First look at Android Wear 2.0 - YouTube

Although Android Wear has passed the second anniversary since its appearance, the developer preview version 2.0 is available from May 18 and will be officially released this autumn for general users.

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