A new function "Samon" that allows remote parking of Tesla "Model S" with smartphone has appeared, and I have seen how it actually moves

On 18 May 2016, Tesla Motors will sell EV (Electric Vehicle) "Model SNew function that can automatically park by using smartphone "SummonWe released in Japan. This time it was that a demonstration and demonstration of the new function will be carried out in Tokyo, so we decided to go to see what kind of movement it is supposed to move.

Model S | Tesla Motors Japan

In the venue, a model S that was redesigned to a design with a minor change appeared. The black panel on the front part is smaller than the front design, and it makes us feeling fearlessly.

Depending on the photograph, the voice saying "I knew it was good" was a newly designed facade that was rising from inside and outside, but it is an honest impression that I did not feel any discomfort when I saw the real thing. At the same time, hands are included in the side and rear designs, as well as headlights have been changed to LED type.

So, actually using the smartphone application using the remote parking function "Summon" from the following movies. You can see how smartphones are used like a remote control and you are going to put in a garage of the model S and take out a garage. Although the handle was manipulated and the orientation was corrected, the model S computer automatically judged and steered this also.

The model S actually moves in Tesla's remote parking function "Summon" - YouTube

On the day the recital was held, I arrived at the presentation venue in some places in Tokyo. It was as if the day was as sunny as it seemed to be reminiscent of the American West Coast, the birthplace of Tesla.

At the entrance, a plate to notify the event. This time it is also an opportunity to show off the new model S with a minor change in design at the same time as the announcement of the new function "Summon".

The venue looks like it has been to an overseas party venue. Welcome drink is prepared beyond the table where model S's miniature is placed ......

A recital was held at a venue like a studio.

Mr. Nicola Viregée, President of Tesla Motors Japan, explained the explanation. First of all, Tesla's car, including Model S, is explained, after which a description and demonstration of the new function "Summon" will be carried out.

The model S, which was announced in 2009, began delivery in the United States in June 2012, began deliveries in Japan from September 2014. In 2015 we received the Japan Car of the Year Innovation Division Award, in January 2016 we updated the vehicle software and finally the automatic driving function was installed, a minor change of design was done in May 2016, "Samon" is Japan But history so far to start distribution.

"Model X" following Model S will be delivered in the US in September 2015. After that, it was announced in Geneva, Beijing, and it seems that official announcement will be held in 2016 even in Japan which is the right steering environment.

And to accelerate the spread of EV"Model 3" targeted at popularization zones of general consumersIt was announced on April 1, 2016, and delivery is expected to start in the second half of 2017 as well.

Tesla also developed an in-vehicle air purification system using "HEPA filter". In this way, we made an unlikely dangerous environment "contamination level 1000 μg / m 3" in the space covered with huge bubbles and tested it ... ...

It is said that the verification result that the concentration of PM 2.5 in the car sharply declined and it settled to a safe level in just 2 minutes.

And today's perfect explanation of the remote parking function "Summon". This function named "English" "summon" meaning "calling" is a function that can literally "recall" the model S by using the application of the smartphone. In the United States, it was released in January 2016, and it is said that in Japan the approval of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transportation has gone down on April 15th the same year.

The "Summon" screen (two on the right) has been added to the smartphone application, so that the car moves slowly back and forth only while pressing the button. Although the presentation screen is in English, the actual application is Japanese-ready.

This is the actual operation screen. When you push the blue button written "forward" and "reverse", the model S starts to move like a radio control. You can only move forward and backward, you can not move the steering wheel left and right.

Pochi the screen button.

Then Model S literally "backed up" began backing.

Looking at the driver 's seat, the unmanned state where no one is on board.

Obstacle information and speed detected by front, rear, left and right sensors are displayed on the meter section. The gigantic display of the center console shows the backward appearance captured by the rear camera.

By using the center display, it is possible to set the clearance (distance from the wall etc) at the time of parking, the sensitivity and so on.

When parking with Summon, first stop the model S within 12 meters from where you want to stop model S, and go out of the car with the shift entering "P". Then start up the application and perform "forward" or "reverse" operation on the "Summon" screen, then the vehicle stops at the place where you can arbitrarily do what you want. In addition, the condition is that "Being supplemented with GPS" and "Being within the area of ​​the mobile phone network (3G communication network)" as the condition, and it is difficult to operate in some environments such as the underground of the building There seems to be a case. Also, the distance that you can move at once is limited to "within 12 meters".

Regarding the future of this "Summon" function, President Villegue was talking about how to use "call up home's car from the office and pick me up". Although it is still in the stage where it takes a lot of time before such usage becomes possible, what seems to be the "future technology" seems to be approaching realization one step at a time.

Summon function is installed as standard on model S to be sold in the future, and also that existing model S owner will be able to use the function by updating main body software. It is like a smartphone application that adds the function of a car also feels advanced.

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