I tried using "Nest Protect" which senses a fire and teaches fire origin and situations in cooperation with smartphones and tablets

If there are multiple fire alarms installed in the house, even if the alarm goes off, you may not know where the fire originates, but in addition to notifying the fire base with the alarm sounds, the alarm sounds "smoke "" The level of carbon monoxide is rising, "and smart fire alarms that sent notifications to smartphones and tablets to allow fire to be detected even from remote places were"Nest Protect"is. It looks pretty smart and does not spoil the appearance of the room, so I installed it in the room and tried what kind of feeling the alarm sounded.

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The package of Nest Protect looks something like this.

Nest Protect has a battery-powered type and a type that moves with a power supply, but this time I bought a battery type.

A simple item description is written on the back of the package.


In the box there were four backplates and screws, Nest Protect main body, two instructions.

The first manual describes what the color of the light indicates.

And the other manual was written about the installation method and details on how to use.

So I will actually use Nest Protect. First, remove the battery tab from the main unit.

Then the center glowed blue. Nest Protect has a round button that can manually delete an alarm at the center, and when the alarm sounds, the mechanism around that the button turns into a color matching the situation. The mesh-like front is a speaker.

Activate by pressing the middle button once, start pressing the test sound twice without placing anything, the test sound starts.

How does Nest Protect sound in emergency? The state of the test to make sure that you can check it from the following movie. There are two kinds of alarms when it detects smoke and when it detects carbon monoxide.

"Nest Protect" alarm test - YouTube

To use Nest Protect in cooperation with the application, first install the application on the smartphone. The applicationApp StoreWhenGoogle PlayYou can install from. This time I used the iPhone.

When launching the installed application, the following screen will appear, so tap "Sign up".

After entering the e-mail address to be registered, password and confirmation password, tap "Sign up".

Tap "I agree".

A mail was sent to the registered e-mail address.

As the following e-mail will arrive, click the URL in the text.

Enter the e-mail address and password that you registered earlier and click "SIGN IN".

Registration is complete with this.

When you check the screen of the application, the following message was displayed. You can use it even if the push notification is not sent, but tap "OK" when you want me to inform the fire information message from time to time.

This is the home screen. Since I use Nest Protect on the right this time, tap the icon on the right.

Since Nest Protect uses the home Wi-Fi network, people who use passwords should prepare a password. Tap "Continue".

First enter the entry key written on the back of Nest Protect itself. This processing is also possible by reading the QR code.

After entering the entry key, tap "Done".

Explanation of pulling out the battery tab and activating the main unit appears, but tap "Continue" because it has already been completed.

Next, select "Wi-Fi" from "Settings" of iPhone and select the network which is "NEST-XXXX".

When you return to the screen of the application, the connection succeeded and it changed to the screen as below.

Furthermore, we select home Wi - Fi network necessary for Nest Protect to connect to the Internet.

Enter the password and tap "Done".

The Internet connection is complete with this.

Although it is possible to install multiple Nest Protects for each location, when managing with NEC Protect, you can make it distinguishable by assigning the name of the place installed in each Nest Protect.

There is also a setting "In the darkness, the light will light up when passing under the Nest Protect". Turn on and tap "Continue".

This completes all the settings. Tap "Done".

The state of installed Nest Protect can be checked on the screen of the application as follows. Nest Protect senses heat, smoke and carbon monoxide, but green circles are displayed when the room is kept safe.

From the menu button, you can select "emergency contact", "how to use" "setting" button. The contact point in case of emergency is a function to make it possible to contact local police and fire department with one button, but we have not yet responded to Japan.

From the setting, "Nest Wave" which turns off the alarm by waving a hand, "Pathlight" which lights when light passes under the body in the dark, "Nightly Promise" which is the night mode, not a warning level but smoke You can set the on / off of "Heads-Up" when the alarm sounds when it senses.

After setting is completed, next install Nest Protect. When installing on the ceiling, it must be installed at least 30 cm away from the wall.

Attach back plate with attached screw and screwdriver ......

Align the protruding part of the back plate and the hole of the main body with the cap.

When twisting the angle a little, it was easy work of installation complete.

It looks like this is installed in the room.

So, sucking cigarettes under Nest Protect activates a Heads-Up alarm saying "It is not an emergency, but it tells me when smoke is sensed or the oxygen level is rising and it is rising" I tried.

I turned off the "Nest Protect" Heads-Up alarm by hand - YouTube

If the sound only sounds, I can not check where smoke is getting up, but in the case of Nest Protect, it tells me that the lady's voice "smoke is rising in the living room", so it can be confirmed that the fire source is on is.

When the air in the room becomes clean, the announcement flows and the light flashes green.

"Nest Protect" - YouTube to announce you when the air in the room gets cleaner

When the alarm sounded, a notification was sent to the application as well. After checking the message, you can see that the Heads-Up alarm sounded at 20:36, it was immediately canceled and the air in the room became clean.

This function of "waving hands and turning off alarms" is called "Nest Wave", but "Nest Wave" can be used only for Heads-Up alarm. Warning alarms when a serious fire sign is sensed can not be erased with Nest Wave. Warning You can check how the alarm sounds from the following movie.

"Nest Protect" sounds a warning alarm - YouTube

When the warning alarm sounds, the ring of the application that was green turns red. Since the message has arrived, tap the menu.

The message list at the time of receiving the first notification is like this. Since the smoke in the room has not disappeared yet, a notification is coming with a red icon to inform you of the emergency situation. The situation is not an increase in the level of carbon monoxide but "sensing smoke."

If you receive notifications several times, the message list will look something like this. Any warning alarm changes to a green round icon when the air in the room gets cleaner.

The Heads-Up alarm was canceled instantly and the air in the room was also clean, but in the case of a warning alarm it took nine minutes for the air in the room to be clean.

Then, when you turn off the light of the room, it automatically switches to the mode called "Nightly Promise" and when you pass under the Nest Protect at night, you can see how the white lights are lit from the following.

"Nightly Promise" and "Pathlight" where the light turns on at night under the "Nest Protect" - YouTube

In addition, there is a function that the self monitoring notification is sent every 30 minutes for power supply type Nest Protect and every day for battery type.

Incidentally,The developer of "Nest Protect" acquired by Google at 330 billion yenIt has been released, and March 13 released API. Since you can now create applications and net services that operate Nest Protect from the outside, applications that use Nest Protect will be released in the future.

Nest Developer Program Sign-Up | Nest API | Nest

Although the price on the official website is 109 pounds (about 18,000 yen) and the Amazon price is 22,980 yen, at the moment purchase at the official site can only be done from the country mainly in Europe, impossible from Japan It has become.

Nest Protect | Nest Store

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