Director Oliver Stone's latest movie "SNOWDEN" trailer depicting the fact of uncovering the secret of the state is released

Confidential communication monitoring program "PRISMNSA (US National Security Agency) Revealed that they had collectively collected the public's private information secretly, and in February 2015Documentary work won an Academy AwardA movie titled Mr. Edward Snowden, former NSA official who had been doing "SNOWDEN(Snowden) 's trailer has been released. To take over the work of this work is known by painting corruption and deception of the governmentOliver StoneHe is a director.

SNOWDEN - Official Trailer - YouTube


It was reflected in Hong Kong alleys


Image from the reconnaissance plane


Mr. Snowden who goes through the eyes of surveillance and moves to action

Rubik's cube is held in its hand, but this is it ...?

Film "SNOWDEN" official trailer

Training in a tough army

But the next scene is Mr. Snowden lying in the bed. "When can I come back?"

"Next time the bones will be shattered next time"

"You better do yourself to the country in some other way"

Something special examination is being done.

"Do you want to enter a special mission unit?" "Yes, that's right."

"Why are you going to enter the CIA?"

"I would like to be a force to make our country a unique country in the world"

The state of recruitment examination is displayed.

The examiner tells us, "The average time taken for the exam is 5 hours," the examiner said, but Mr. Snowden finished the assignment ... ...


"It's only 40 minutes ago"

Other candidates who listen to the phrase "It is 38 minutes" and see Mr. Snowden in surprise.

Apparently Mr. Snowden who ended the exam at astonishing speed. The examiner responded to Mr. Snowden's question, "... what should I do?" The moment the examiner replied that "I like you" and Mr. Snowden has decided to enter the organization.

"It seems to be a professional assistant of the NSA,"

"I got a new job position."

Mr. Snowden who answers to a woman "Do not tell me anything about the job?" With a bitter smile, "Do you know you can not do?"

That work was to monitor the Internet.

Boss who plays Nicolas Cage tells us "Find a terrorist from the internet forest"

"Fact-based story"

Mr. Snowden who replies "Thank you" is told that "You are making people happy".

But the actual situation was different from the imagination. A sight that a man looks like a coworker.

Obviously a voyeur filming of a woman who knows nothing about changing clothes in the room

"What on earth ... how?"

My colleague said, "It's like searching on Google, looking for personal information ... ...."

"E-mail and ... before you notice it ..."

"I see something like SNS"

A colleague answering "Anyone can see it"

Mr. Snowden with a bold face on the reality of the public surveillance.

The stage is to the building of the NSA.

A sight like a dark server room. "NSA is tracking all mobile phones"

"Many Americans are seeking" not freedom "," safe "" The boss that monitors correctly

The behavior of those who are having private time like this ...

That is why the NSA had a bottleneck by the monitoring program he had charged.

With a stiff expression, "Do not talk any more", Mr. Snowden said.

"In the government, something wrong is being advanced"

"I can not bear it"

Insert MicroSD card in PC ... ...

Copy a large amount of data.

However, even if you try to bring it out to the outside as it is found it will be found and will be punished.

Rubik cube that appeared at the beginning appeared there. Retain your mcroSD card in one of the cubes ... ...

Mr. Snoden who approaches the security check gate pretending to be playing in the Rubik's cube.

Familiar security guard

Throw "Rubik" and Rubik cube and hand it to the guard.

And Mr. Snowden went into checking machine.

At that time, Rubik's cube is in the hands of the guard.

Mr. Snowden who asks whether she is ballet or not.

Mr. Snowden who passed the gate again received the Rubik's Cube and succeeded in bringing out the data with a casual face.

"He believed the motherland enough."

Mr. Snowden hands the data.

"Everything is contained in this." The men who passed the data are awesome.

"You accessed an unauthorized program"

"To bear all the risks to save it"

"The government is aware that we are holding data!"

Mr. Snowden first chose Hong Kong as the fleeing destination.

Changing appearance, days that can escape escape

It is also possible to receive top secret coverage of the media. "Do you also understand that there is a possibility of becoming the capital punishment?"

A picture of a camera reflecting one landscape in the Middle East. Next moment ......

Suddenly a big explosion. It is a moment when a missile launched by the US military attacks the target.




"To tell the truth"

Appealing hands

"I do not have much time anymore."

"The guys are coming to me"

"And you guys as well"

The movie "SNOWDEN (Snowden)" will be released on September 16, 2016. Actually, although it was a work that was postponed twice over so far, it is a place to wonder if it will be honest for the third time. Incidentally,Publishing in Japan is undecided.

Along with the release of this trailer, Mr. Snowden has tweeted on her Twitter that "All NSA officials have ceased their work for 2 minutes and 39 seconds." By the way, in the explanation of Mr. Snowden's account is written a passage "I was working for the government, working for people now.

This work was directed by Oliver Stone in 2014 with the acquisition of movie production rights. Although it seems that it was already reachable to the public already, there is a circumstance that publication has been postponed a plurality of times as mentioned above.

Oliver Stone Options Novel by Edward Snowden's Russian Lawyer - Hollywood Reporter

Coach Stone said, "There is no movie studio that agrees with the Snowden movie," sometimes talking about tough circumstances.

Director Oliver Stone "There is no single studio to support Snowden's filming in the US"

In Japan it is fewer to be reported and it is a case of accusation by Mr. Snowden, which is becoming a thing of the past, but it seems that it continues to be a big problem in the United States. Mr. James Clapper of the American intelligence commissioner of the United States makes a claim that it can be taken as a complaint that "the spread of cryptographic technology is 7 years earlier due to Mr. Snowden."

Spy Chief Complains That Edward Snowden Sped Up Spread of Encryption by 7 Years

Also, the number of people investigating terrorist acts on the net also increased. It is reported that Wikipedia has increased traffic to the page concerning terrorism.

Traffic to Wikipedia terrorism entries plunged after Snowden revelations, study finds | Reuters

In addition, Mr. Snowden himself responded to the interview in April 2016 and said, "Everything is now being monitored so journalists must act as if they are spies," he said, "The Internet is broken" It is.

Edward Snowden: The Internet Is Broken | Popular Science

Mr. SnowdenNobel Peace Prize candidateIt is recommended to. However, we are showing a move to seek guarantees from the Norwegian government so that it will not be handed over to the US side when visiting Norway where the award ceremony is held. Perhaps it is the inside out that the pursuit from the US government is approaching.

Snowden Seeks Assurance From Norway It Will not Extradite Him - WSJ

Although not well known in Japan, there was a mail service "Lavabit" which was proud of high security in the United States. However, this service has been closed shortly after Mr. Snowden's charges of accusation. The reason was that it was a mystery, but from the information the government misunderstood, it turned out that FBI was requesting Mr. Snowden's information from Lavabit. Lavabit seems to be the truth of things saying that we stopped the service just as "to close down as much as information disclosure".

A Government Error Just Revealed Snowden Was the Target in the Lavabit Case | WIRED

Furthermore, it turned out that the United States secretly flew the plane over Scotland to capture Mr. Snowden ......

Secret US flight flew over Scottish airspace to capture Snowden | News | The National

It is also known that the CIA had plans to "kidnap" Snowden.

CIA planned rendition operation to kidnap Edward Snowden - World Socialist Web Site

In this way, I am wondering if Mr. Snowden's new movie, which is still "a person in a whirlwind" is released without fail.

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