3D printer maker · MakerBot gives up its own manufacturing and decides outsourcing

MakerBot, a pioneer presence as a manufacturer of 3D printers that can be used by consumers, agreed to manufacture all 3D printers in cooperation with Jabil (Jayville), a manufacturing contractor of electronic equipment I made it clear.

MakerBot Partners with Jabil to Increase Production Flexibility

MakerBot will no longer make its own own 3D printers | The Verge

MakerBot is a 3D printer sold at a price that can be handled even by ordinary peopleMakerBot ReplicatorAlthough it is known for such as series, it is a form abandoned manufacturing at home.

In July 2015 MakerBot has opened a new facility of 170,000 square feet (about 15,800 square meters) in Brooklyn's industrial estate, but since the contractor Jayville owns production facilities abroad, The manufacturing department is decided to be closed. It has been revealed that it abandoned 90,000 square feet (about 8360 square meters) of the site of the industrial estate, and although the number is unknown, staff reduction is supposed to be done. The head office functions, design department, engineering department, distribution department, repair department remain in Brooklyn.

The ceremony at the opening of the new factory was like this.

MakerBot Opens a New, Bigger Brooklyn Factory

Although I feel that the 3D printer market seems to be exciting, MakerBot is struggling hard in that, and in 2015 we have also reduced personnel twice. In the future from now on, as further startups appear, inexpensive 3D printers will be issued, so MakerBot has decided to make this line flexible in order to meet the demand of consumers from now on ,apparently.

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