Is there a possibility of mounting a Bluetooth chip hidden in "Kindle Oasis", in cooperation with Amazon's audio book "Audible"?

Amazon will become the eighth generation of the Kindle series "Kindle OasisWe will announce the release on April 27, 2016 ahead of release. Although specifications such as "page feed button" is added to the bezel on the right side, and specifications such as a dedicated battery built-in case are included, Kindle Oasis has unpublished functions such as "Bluetooth connection function" There is a possibility that some of them are loaded.

Kindle Oasis FCC Paperwork Show Bluetooth, Audio Support | The Digital Reader

OET List Exhibits Report

OET List Exhibits Report

According to a test report published by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), we know that testing of unknown devices with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth was done. Although I did a test, there is no real paper company,Model number used in Kindle OasisIt is said that it is also described in the test report. From these two test reports, it is expected that Kindle Oasis will be equipped with not only Wi-Fi function but also unpublished Bluetooth function.

Devices like tablet devices with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are used for the exams, and one of the reports also states that the Bluetooth earphone test was conducted. It is unknown whether the equipment used is Kindle Oasis, but if it is Kindle Oasis, there is a possibility to support "audio connection" which will allow you to connect to Bluetooth speakers and so on. On the other hand, there is no need to hide the release of Kindle Oasis' Bluetooth function, so a disassembly report after Kindle Oasis release is expected.

In addition, in overseas, the market of content "audio book" which recorded the recitation of book contents by professional narrator has been established, and it is not uncommon for audio books to be released simultaneously with the release of new books. Amazon has developed a service called "Audible" that provides audio books, but in recent years Kindle of the model can not use Audible. Therefore, it is not surprising that Kindle Oasis has a Bluetooth chip, and in the future Kindle is likely to correspond to audio connection.

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