7 inch screen & new type of waterproof specification "Kindle Oasis" Haste comparison review & actually sunk into the water

Amazon e-book reader "Kindle" series will be the ninth generation, "Kindle Oasis"New model appeared on October 31, 2017. It became the first waterproof model of the Kindle series, and its size and capacity changed significantly. I tried to verify how much new Kindle Oasis evolved, compared with the old model.

Amazon | Kindle Oasis - e-book reader

New model Kindle Oasis arrived at the editorial department on the day of release. The capacity is 8 GB, which is double the old model.

Product features are described on the back in 8 languages. Japanese is written in the lower right.

When pulling out the inner box from the outer box, Amazon's Smile Logo prints.

When you peel off the perfusion tight seal ......

The body appears.

The contents are instructions in the guide diagram of the button, microUSB cable and main body.

The weight is 192 g, which is very light, and you can hold it with one hand

The following image compared with iPhone 7 with height 138.3 mm and width 67.1 mm.

Kindle Oasis on the left is the old model, and Kindle Oasis on the right is the new model. Obviously it is one size larger than the previous model, and the charging port on the back is also gone.

Thickness is not changed from 3.4 mm - 8.3 mm, but the new model is slightly rounded design. Also, unlike the old model, the thick part is not inclined. Also, the port of Micro - USB has been changed to come down when you hold the right in the new model, whereas the port of the Micro - USB was down when left holding in the old model.

As you can see from the following movie, the response to the page turning button is obviously speeding up with the new model. Also, in the old model, the reaction of panel touch was not good, but in the new model obviously the accuracy of panel touch improves.

"Kindle Oasis" I compared the reaction speed of the old model and the new model to the page depression button. - YouTube

The new model comes with automatic brightness adjustment function. The brightness of the screen was 21 when the room was on electricity ... ...

When you turn off the lights in the room, the screen brightness automatically fell to 9.

And in the old model it was a 6 - inch screen, in the new model it became a 7 - inch screen. Due to the increase in display size, when the font size is made the same, the amount of sentences displayed around one page has increased. The backlight LED is increased from 10 to 12. However, comparing with maximizing the brightness, the new model is slightly softer in color than the old model and does not feel so dazzling.

The setting item "Accessibility" not added to the old model on the left is added to the new model on the right.

For example, you can select black / white inversion on / off, and can switch according to your preference.

However, it was slightly incongruous when turning black and white with comics indeed.

In addition, VoiceView which is an auxiliary function for the visually impaired is supported only in English version.

If you switch the language of the terminal to English for testing, it says that searching Bluetooth audio equipment is in progress.It was whispered from Kindle Oasis that Bluetooth connection function was installed in the pastAlthough it is only in English version, it is finally possible to connect to Bluetooth audio equipment with a new model.

When you actually connect to the Bluetooth earphone, the guide sound flows, and check connection safely.

Also, since the series items that have been continuously published for many volumes have been automatically organized into folders, it is a pleasant evolution that it became easier to grasp the contents than before. However, precision is still low, some of them are leaking out of folders or some folders are not gathered at all, so be careful.

And the point to pay attention to in this new model is waterproof function, again "IPX 8 standardIt is said that it is "compliant." The IPX 8 level waterproof performance is the standard of "even if placed in water continuously", so I tried to bring a new Kindle Oasis to the bath to see if it really worked underwater. However, since the operating temperature of the new model Kindle Oasis is from 0 degrees to 35 degrees, it is a water bath test instead of hot water.

See the following movie as to how it actually sunk. When put in water, the touch panel malfunctioned and it stopped responding. But pressing the page turn button reacts properly. While I was pushing the button I felt worried that water would come in and be useless, but no problem at all.

I tried sinking a new type "Kindle Oasis" equipped with waterproof function in the bath - YouTube

However, as far as the operating temperature indicated in the help guide or the text of the instruction "I was not designed for use underwater", as long as it is not used for a long time in the bath, It is better to think that it can be used mindly. If you submerge, of course you must first take water from the Micro - USB port and then dry it thoroughly, so be careful.

◆ Additional notes
Although it was not prepared at the time of article creation, we targeted not only natural trouble but also water wetness on November 7, 2017 which was one week after the releaseAccident guarantee plan for the new Kindle OasisBegan to guide. If you have already obtained the main body, you can apply for 4780 yen including tax for 1 year, 5980 yen for tax for 2 years, 7980 yen for tax for 3 years, even if the accident guarantee plan alone can be applied from the following link.

Amazon.co.jp: Accident guarantee plan for Kindle Oasis (New model) (1 year · with guarantee of falling · water wet etc): Kindle store

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