A new model of Amazon 'Kindle Paperwhite' with improved pixel readability at pixel density 300 ppi will be released

Amazon on June 18, 2015, e-book reader "Kindle PaperwhiteWe announced a new model of. In this model, the display size of 6 inches remains as it is, the higher model "Kindle VoyageEquivalent to300 ppi high definition displayWill be installed and will be released on Tuesday, June 30. The price is announced from 14,280 yen.

Kindle Paperwhite - the best reading experience, the e-book reader for that

There is no difference in appearance between the newly revised Kindle Paperwhite and the conventional model, and the body size remains the same height 169 mm × width 117 mm × thickness 9.1 mm as the previous model. Furthermore, the weight is also exactly the same as 205 grams, and the change point from the conventional model seems to be only the point that the display pixel density was improved to 300 ppi. 300 ppi means that 300 dots are contained in 1 inch (about 2.54 cm)326 ppi of Retina display mounted on iPhone 5s / 6It has a resolution comparable to.

Also, in the United States of AmericaAmazon.comIn the new model, it is announced that the introduction of the new font "Bookerly" and improvement of the character layout are added according to the installation of the high definition display.

Here is a table comparing the models of Kindle sold at the time of article creation. Kindle Paperwhite is a model that is located between the lower model "Kindle" and the upper model "Kindle Voyage", the difference from the upper model is only the compactness and lightness of the main body, and content that makes you feel a great deal of impression It seems likely.

In the following article, we compare the lower model "Kindle" with the former Kindle Paperwhite, and the display of Kindle Voyage equipped with the same 300 ppi display as the new Kindle Paperwhite, so it may be a reference for actual readability.

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The main specifications of the new Kindle Paperwhite are as follows.

display:Carta electronic paper technology adopted 6 inch Paperwhite display, resolution 300 ppi, built-in light, font optimization technology, 16 tone gray scale
size:169 mm × 117 mm × 9.1 mm
weight:Wi-Fi: 205 g / Wi-Fi + free 3 G: 217 g
System requirements:Wireless connection compatible, PC unnecessary when downloading contents
capacity:4 GB (available area approx. 3.1 GB) / Thousands of volumes can be saved in the terminal itself (for general books)
Cloud:All Amazon content can be stored in the cloud for free
battery:When you use brightness setting 10, wireless connection off for 30 minutes a day, you can use it for the longest number of weeks with one charge. The time available depends on the use of wireless connection and light
charging time:About 4 hours by charging from PC via USB

The price of the new model Kindle Paperwhite 2015 model whose screen has become high-definition, the advertisement etc. is displayed at the time of reading, the Wi-Fi model of "with campaign information" is 12,280 yen, if it is Wi-Fi + free 3G model 1 It is 94,000 yen, but if you are a member of Amazon PrimeCampaign that can be purchased for 4000 yen offIs being carried out.

Kindle Paperwhite - the best reading experience, the e-book reader for that

The conventional Kindle Paperwhite also continues to be sold with "campaign information attached" Wi-Fi + free 3G model at 3,000 yen discount of 12,480 yen.

Kindle Paperwhite - the best reading experience, the e-book reader for that

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