Is the identity of "Wow! Signal" suspected as a mysterious signal from extraterrestrial life finally found out at last?


In 1977, the first episode of the movie Star Wars series "Episode 4 / New Hope" was a memorable year for SF fans, but it is suspected that it was transmitted by extraterrestrial life form Mysterious signal "Wow! signalIt was also the year that was discovered. I do not yet know the identity Wow! About the signal, a theory that "is coming from a comet" is newly issued, and a verification experiment is planned in 2017 and 2018.

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In 1977Exploring extraterrestrial intelligent life forms (SETI)Dr. Jerry Eman of Ohio State University who participated in the project was able to receive strong radio waves for about 72 seconds with Big Year radio telescope.

Dr. Ehrman who detected the signal surrounded the mysterious signal displayed in the figure showing the signal intensity printed out with a red circle and also wrote the surprise called "Wow!". Therefore, this mysterious signal is to be called "Wow! Signal".

Wow! The noise that captured the signal is recorded in the following movie.

The Alien Wow Signal, 72 sec, at 1420.4556 MHz, New View! Aug 1977, UFO Sighting News. - YouTube

Wow! As a result of analyzing the signal, it is released when the hydrogen atoms transition at a frequency of 1420.356 MHz or 1420.456 MHz21 cm line(Hydrogen line: frequency 1420 MHz). Hydrogen rays were electromagnetic waves expected to be used for interstellar communication, so Wow! The signal excited not only SETI project participants but also scientists and SF fans all over the world whether the intelligent living body emitted from outer space and supporting the existence of extraterrestrial life form .

However, after that, we could not observe similar signals, Wow! As the signal discoverer Dr. Ehman himself changed to the position that it is not "a signal by extraterrestrial life forms", the truth has still been investigated in the 21st century and the identity was still enveloped in mystery.

Meanwhile, Professor Antonio Paris of St. Petersburg University, Wow! As a result of comparing the situation of signal detection with the database of astronomy,266 P / ChristensenWhen355 P / 2008 Y 2 (Gibbs)Two suspicious comets say Wow! We have launched the theory that it is related to signals.

According to Professor Paris, these two comets are surrounded by clouds of hydrogen with a size of hundreds of kilometers in diameter, and it is a mysterious signal Wow that such a comet came across when crossing the Big Year radio telescope. It means that it is a signal. In addition, 266 P / Christensen was in 2006, 355 P / 2008 Y 2 (Gibbs) was a comet just discovered in 2008, Wow! At the time the signal was detected there was no known existence.

To prove the correctness of the doctrine, Professor Paris, Wow! We are seeking purchase funds for radio telescope to detect signals with cloudfunding project. When we set the target amount to 20,000 dollars (about 2.2 million yen), we succeeded in collecting more than 18,000 dollars (about 1.9 million yen) at the time of article creation.

You can join Crowd Funding from the following web page.

The Wow! Signal Theory Experiment by Antonio Paris - GoFundMe

266 P / Christensen comes back on January 25, 2017, 355 P / 2008 Y 2 (Gibbs) comes back on January 7, 2018. Professor Paris is a radio telescope Wow! I am planning to challenge the detection of signals. For the theory of Professor Paris, there is also a skeptical view that "If a comet is a cause of hydrogen rays, I can not explain why no signal similar to the signal can be detected after the Wow! Signal". Wow! The conclusion comes out within 2 years as to whether the signal is from comet.

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