Create an API that allows Google engineers to connect USB devices and the web directly


Riley Grant and Ken Rocott, who are engineers at Google,World Wide Web Consortium's Incubator Community Group(W3C WICG) "API that can directly access the USB device connected to the PC from the web"WebUSB API"We submitted an informal draft of" The WebUSB API is an API for providing a method for securely connecting a USB device and the Web, and there is a great merit for manufacturers who develop devices.


WebUSB API could help streamline USB device setup

The WebUSB API covers not only USB flash drives, but also keyboard and mouse, 3D printers, IoT products and all devices connected to the PC via USB, and it is possible to safely connect the USB device to the web without a dedicated platform is. According to the draft submitted, manufacturers of devices can build cross-platform JavaScript SDK into devices with WebUSB API. The browser will not have to wait for the new USB device to get as popular as it needs a special API, and it will benefit the web as well as the manufacturer.

ByJuan Pablo Olmo

According to Neowin, an IT news site, using the WebUSB API will automatically install necessary drivers and software from the Internet when using a USB device, so it will be a matter of searching the product page of the device, It will be beneficial to users as there is no need to obtain software.

In addition, the WebUSB API employs a protection system like Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS), which restricts requests for web pages to retrieve data from other domains. Simply put, web pages can not access data stored on PC or USB device via USB device. For this reason, the WebUSB API can connect the web and USB devices in a secure way.

It is also true that there are voices pointing out that things can not be used when offline and the possibility that problems will occur when product pages downloading drivers and software are changed, but the WebUSB API is still in the stage of draft submission , Expectation for future development will take.

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