"FreeNX" which can be remote controlled faster than VNC

Originally commercial software "NoMachine NX" The remote control function by the terminal server by open source was GPL license "FreeNX". Because the thing of the commercial level is in the base, it seems quite fast and the setup etc is easy and comparable.

Server side is Linux, client side is Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, Solaris original commercial software version is distributed freely so use it.

Details are as follows.
FreeNX - the free NX

The client side can be obtained from the following page.

NoMachine NX - Download the NX Terminal Server and Remote Access Software

This usage is detailed about how to use in Japanese environment.

FreeNX - PukiWiki

NoMachine NX Client and thin client system using FreeNX? Ubuntu Japanese Team

To operate Linux remotely with FreeNX - @ IT

Although it becomes a commercial version server, you can also test how much usability it is by actually remotely connecting from the client at hand via the Internet.

NoMachine NX - Products: NX TestDrive

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