MIT develops the technology "Chronos" that specifies the exact position by Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi, password-free Wi-Fi, indoor GPS, automatic follow-up drones are born

Although beacons and the like are utilized to realize indoor mapping, there is a limit to the pace of popularization because a corresponding chip is necessary. However, the technology that MIT can develop accurately measure the distance and position between terminals using the general Wi-Fi radio being developed "ChronosSo if you can use it with any Wi-Fi terminal without special chip, it seems to be expected to popularize at once.

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The research team of Professor Dina Katavy of MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory developed a technology "Chronos" that accurately measures the distance between terminals using only Wi - Fi electric waves without using special sensors. You can tell what kind of things you can do with Chronos by watching the movie below.

Wireless Localization with "Chronos" - YouTube

Chronos is a technology that accurately measures the position of a terminal from Wi - Fi radio waves using a single access point.

When the terminal is moved away from the access point, the distance at that time was measured in the graph almost in real time.

Chronos is a conventional wireless LAN positioning (Indoor GPS) It boasts 20 times more precision than that.

Chronos specifies the exact position by triangulation from the cycle at which the radio waves of multiple Wi - Fi bands reach the terminal. It is possible to scan 35 kinds of frequencies from 2.4 GHz to 5.8 GHz all at once. General smart phones and PCs are compatible with at least two types of Wi-Fi bands, so Chronos can handle even without special chips.

Because Chronos can measure the exact location of indoor Wi - Fi terminals ... ...

For example, it is possible to identify only terminals in one room.

In other words, it is possible to allow Wi-Fi communication only to people in a room and to block communication from other places.

When using Chronos on a free Wi-Fi spot such as a cafe ......

It is possible to shut out outrunners trying to access the Wi - Fi environment through the glass.

In other words, you can only allow indoor people to communicate, so Wi-Fi password is not required.

In experiments with Chronos on the drones, we successfully followed smartphones with those who carry around them. It seems that it achieved high accuracy of only 4 cm error.

Chronos needs to scan once when measuring the distance of the terminal, and there is a problem to be solved that the distance can not be measured well when the terminal to be measured moves at that time. Professor Katavie and his team are aiming for practical use of Chronos by further increasing the speed and precision of scanning. Once Chronos's technology is established, Wi-Fi passwords are no longer required in limited areas, accurate mapping and navigation functions in the room become available, and various types of drone, such as drones that do not trip apart and follow perfectly It seems that it can be expected to apply to technology.

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