Successful generation of "dressed qubit" in which the quantum information in the quantum bit lasts 10 times longer

Since the quantum bits (qubit) used in the quantum computer can exist in two states of "0" and "1" at the same time, as compared with the conventional computer in which the value of whether 1 bit is "0" or "1" You can do much faster calculation. According to the paper published in Nature Nanotechnology, it seems that Australian researchers have created a new "quantum bit" that enables more stable quantum computers to be created.

A dressed spin qubit in silicon: Nature Nanotechnology: Nature Research

The "Dressed Qubit" - breakthrough in quantum state stability | UNSW Newsroom

This is the result of the research team of the University of New South Wales Australia. On YouTube, commentary movies by members of the team are released.

The "Dressed Qubit" - breakthrough in quantum state stability - YouTube

Dr. Arne Laucht et al.'s team generated a new quantum bit called "dressed qubit".

Dressed qubit was named "dressed" because it is made by combining a strong oscillating electromagnetic field and a single atom's spin in silicon and it is a quantum bit like electromagnetic clothing. Dressed qubit is able to have much longer quantum information than conventional standard spin qubits and it is considered to be a great advantage in making reliable quantum computers from now on.

Professor Andrea Morello and Dr. Laucht

Quantum bit "superposition" state which has both "0" and "1" at the same time enables quantum information processing. However, "superimposition" means that the two states are "indistinguishable", but since "measurement without observation" of interaction with the environment establishes the state, gradually "two The state can not be distinguished "but will be mixed. This process of gradually losing quantum is called decoherence.

The point where it is possible to keep this decoherence and keep the superposition state of quantum bits for a long time, has strong processing information. To that end, professors and others advanced their research.

"Spin of single atoms in silicon" generated by professors has a long time to hold quantum information in the world's top level, and in "dressed qubit", to lengthen the lifetime of quantum information by ten times as compared with the past Succeeded.

Professors can control the dressed qubit by adjusting the frequency of the microwave electromagnetic field so that the voice can be transmitted through FM radio.

On the other hand, quantum bits that are not "dressed" require intermittent amplitude of the control field, which is similar to AM radio which is vulnerable to noise and external disturbances.

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