The newly released VR headset "Oculus Rift" breaks apart with haste

HTC ViveYaPlayStation VRIt is said that 2016 VR headset and many others appear first years of VR. One of the new VR headset products "Oculus Rift"Shipment begins as soon as possiblePlay reviews from all over the world have been delivered, but iFixit of disassembly group decomposes the delivered Oculus VR immediately and examines the level of repair difficulty.

Oculus Rift CV 1 Teardown - iFixit

Oculus Rift adopts head tracking technology. It is a purple shining LED light that is used to track head movements.

Ten LED lights are also mounted in the rear band part.

Disintegration of Oculus Rift started.

First of all, remove the frame attached so that the body fits perfectly with the face. Since the frame is fixed with fasteners rather than screws, it is easy to remove.

When you remove the frame, remove the cable connected to the display.

Next, remove the headset speaker with a flathead screwdriver.

Disconnected speaker

I remove the protector attached to protect the internal device, but I can not find any screws. I surveyed around the protector and found a hidden fastener.

Once you remove the fasteners, you can easily remove the protector. I do not use screws as much as possible, it is said to have a role in weight saving.

I removed the protector and the inside of Oculus Rift appeared. It is the lens that is visible in the foreground, but you can see that the display is mounted on the bottom of each lens. According to iFixit, the prototype had a structure that covers the left and right lenses with one large display, but the product version has one small display attached per lens. It seems that it is possible to adjust the lens position by making two displays.

Attached to the top of the lens is a sensor to detect whether the user is wearing Oculus Rift.

Next, remove the outermost case.

Three cables extend from the case and are connected to the LED control board on the main body side, so if you unplug this ... ...

It became only the contents of Oculus Rift.

There are a lot of like circular labels on the inside of the case, with the LED inside.

On the top of the lens is the motherboard.

The red frame is an interface bridge made by Toshiba "TC 358870 XBG"Orange frame is a hub controller" CYUSB 3304 "made by Cypress, yellow frame is ARM Cortex-M 0 32-bit microcontroller" ST Microelectronics "STM32F072VB", The green frame is a serial flash memory" Winbond "W25Q64FV"Blue is CMedia's USB audio controller"CM 119 BN"Light blue is Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) SOC manufactured by Nordic Semiconductor"NRF 51822"is.

The back of the motherboard looks something like this.

Next will peel off the lens for each display that is the foundation.

The pixel density of the display is 456 ppi, and it is denser than the 401 ppi iPhone 6s Plus.

On the left is the Oculus Rift prototype lens and the right is the Oculus Rift product version lens. In the prototype, circular replaceable lenses were used, but the product version lenses are irregular types and replaceable lenses are used.

The lens is thinFresnel lens, And iFixit predicts that a hybrid Fresnel lens that combines Fresnel lenses may be used.

Body with lens and display removed.

LED driver board was mounted on the side of the main body.

Texas Instruments LED Driver "TLC 59401Three are attached.

A capacitor is mounted on the back. It is thought that the capacitor is installed to suppress the load from a strong signal such as infrared LED.

After disassembling the main body, the next is a headband. Put the opener in the gap of the band like the image ......

I will peel off and burst. The black cable visible inside the band is for supplying power to the LEDs built into the band part.

This completes the decomposition of Oculus Rift. Repair difficulty by iFix is ​​7 out of 10 points. The repair difficulty is lower as it is closer to 10 points, so Oculus Rift seems to be in a category that can easily be repaired. The reasons for the fact that the wiring of the cable was organized and easy to remove, that the removal of the headphone unit was extremely easy, the two types of frames fastened by fasteners were easy to remove, etc., became seven points. However, it is said that the ribbon cable connecting the lens display motherboard inside Oculus Rift was very difficult to remove.

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