Performance comparison, benchmark test of "iPhone SE", compared the numbers with iPhone 6s etc.

It's been a while since 5s4 "iPhone SE sizeI feel sticky,Size comparison with successive iPhoneI tried, but after the appearance I will try to compare the contents.

IPhone SE - Apple (Japan)

I used the testI benchmarked when purchasing iPhone 6s / 6s PlusIt is "AnTuTu Benchmark". However, this version has been upgraded in the last six months, making simple comparison of scores impossible.

AnTuTu Benchmark on the App Store

The benchmark comparison partner made four models of iPhone 6/6 Plus, 6s / 6s Plus. Firstly, the score of iPhone 6 is "78767".

IPhone 6 Plus is "82895", 4000 points higher than iPhone 6.

IPhone 6s is "120879". IPhone 6 and 6s look exactly like that, but you can see that the contents are different things.

IPhone 6s Plus was "131836", which was the top among these four models.

And the score of iPhone SE is "124004". Although it is lower than 6s Plus, it is higher than 6s.

Looking at the breakdown, the 3D score is 31510.

The UX score is 41946.

The CPU score was 41887, and the RAM score was 8661.

Compared with the ranking of already registered data, the result is lower than the registered iPhone SE (132537) ... ....

I tried to see what is different. The left is the data of my iPhone SE, and the right is the iPhone SE data registered in benchmark software. I am winning in RAM and CPU ......

UX I / O performance seemed to resound greatly in 3D difference.

However, it seems likely that iPhone SE will generally perform at the same performance as 6s. "I want to make the iPhone new, but I like the design before 5s, so if you can not replace after 6" people are surely an item to buy.

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