Site summary 2016 version piggybacking on April Fool's Day



When each serious site is on April 1st, the material that has been prepared with all its might explodes, and the line between what is true, what is false, and where is the material is ambiguous. Every day, it's familiar, Japanese April Fool 's Day! This year has also started!

◆ GIGAZINE official account notified every time an April Fool's article is updated
That's why the GIGAZINE editorial department is taking advantage of April Fool's Day and updating each site that is preparing various things from 0:00 to 24:00 on April 1st, literally 24 hours a day, sticking to the net and updating in real time, in this article I will continue to summarize. Articles are added to the end of the article, and the length becomes incredible over time. If you say 'I can't update the page one by one and keep track of whether there are any additions!' , I will post update notifications to GIGAZINE's Twitter official account , Facebook official account, and Google+ official account at any time, so follow me. It is convenient to keep it.

◆ How to get the story of April Fool's Day
In addition, when you discover 'I'm doing April Fool's Day here too!' On a site not published in the article, or when I recommend myself saying 'I'm also doing April Fool 's Day material!' It's OK if you submit it from the form. In that case, even if I went to see the site, I could not judge 'Which is the story of April Fool's Day ...?' It seems that there is, but I do not know the state of the original site, so I do not know at all what changed and how ... I was in trouble ... 'There are a lot of cases every year that I can not make an article or it is delayed, so when I make a comment 'This is the point to see! ' ' This is different from before, it's April Fool's Day! ' Explanation, explanation, points to see, points to hold down on the page If you write it together with the URL and address, it will be easier for the GIGAZINE editorial staff and readers to understand, so we apologize for the inconvenience, but thank you for your cooperation!

◆ That's why the summary list from here
How many sites can be posted by 24:00 on April 1st, when April Fool's Day ends, and is it physically possible for readers to access and see all the sites? Please see below for a summary list of the battles that will be held to the limit as to whether it is possible to comprehensively summarize the April Fool's site! There are various contents, from official collaborations to informal ones by individuals, and the truth is announced mixed with lies.

◆ Make the 21st century smile! Lawson's 'Karaage-kun Dream Mix Flavor' and 'Dream Self-Dream Hat'

In the 21st century of turmoil, what we lack now is 'dreams' and 'smiles', so Lawson focused on the food 'karaage' that 98% of Japanese people support, and three types of karaage-kun are united. Developed 'Karaage-kun Dream Mix Flavor'.

However, fried chicken is not enough! So ...

In order to spread the smile when eating karaage-kun through SNS, we will also release the smile-only selfie machine 'Dream Selfie Hat' at the same time.

If you look at the following movie, you can see what the contents of 'Karaage-kun dream mixed taste' and 'dream self-driving hat' are.

[April Fool's Day] Make the 21st century smile! Lawson's 'Karaage-kun Dream Mix Flavor' and 'Dream Self-Dream Hat' --YouTube

◆ DeNA Travel
The online comprehensive travel service 'DeNA Travel' will be reborn as 'DeNA Trouble' to provide more thrilling and exciting tours.

DeNA Travel's character '

De-na-san ' is transformed into a tour, 'Country rankings that you don't want to go to again' are delivered daily by e-mail newsletter, and kindergarten children handle telephone reservations. It is a travel service.

◆ False slot
The creators of 'Copy Slot ' and ' Chocolate Haiku Slot ', which anyone can make a catch phrase in 3 seconds, have released 'Usotsui Slot', which completes a lie in 4.1 seconds, as the final version of the slot content trilogy. I will.

On the lie slot page, the three types of text, 'when', 'where', and 'what did you do', rotate around like a slot machine, so click on the text to stop the slot.

Then, 'on April 1st (Tuesday) last year', 'with a follower who graduated from Shonan University at the top', 'I got a job offer from QP Corporation', 'during a diet', 'follower running 100m in 8.6 seconds' 'I ate Donbei for 10 years', 'When I was nominated for the first place at the draft meeting', 'With a follower who flies a drone to Saturn', 'I became the governor of Kanagawa prefecture', etc. You can instantly make a lie and tweet.

◆ Transcend
Transcend, a Taiwanese PC memory and peripheral device maker, has released a new product 'Trandoseru' that uses all the technologies cultivated as a memory maker. Includes a high-definition camera lens capable of recording full HD movies, a USB3.1 Type-A / Type-C connector, a Lightning terminal, a large capacity 512GB SSD and 8TB HDD, and a 32GB microSD card. It is a high-performance school bag that also has a GPS-Wifi function. In addition, the company name will be changed to 'Trandoseru Japan Co., Ltd.' with the launch of new products.

◆ GMO Toku Toku BB The birth of a SIM that can be pasted.
GMO finally released BB 'Pasteable SIM'.

How long it can be pasted has been demonstrated in the following movie.

SIM PV that can be pasted [GMO Tokutoku BB] * Earphone recommended --YouTube

◆ Station battle game 'Stationmaster's Ambition-April Fool's Day-'
Ekispert for web has released the stationmaster battle game 'Stationmaster's Ambition-April Fool's Day-', which is a homage to a certain Nobunaga's ambition. The content is that the national route map is regarded as a 'power map', a station battle is held, and the army to which it belongs (own army) aims to win.

◆ Mister Donut develops the world's first 'talking donut'
As a result of researching that donuts may become conversation partners and communication tools in order to solve the problem of decrease in communication volume due to the increase in single-person households and the spread of digital tools such as smartphones, it is said that 'talking donuts' have been completed. .. There are three types, old fashion type, French cruller type, and Pont de Ring type, and the price is 10.72 million yen including tax.

It seems that many years of research have paid off, such as donut selection with an emphasis on visual elements, on-the-job training to talk with researchers, and linguistic memory utilizing the mechanism of bone conduction, and 'talking donuts' have been born.

◆ The robot 'Paper-kun' made by Kodansha is working diagonally upwards www │ Kodansha summary breaking news
Kodansha announces 'Paper,' a humanoid multi-legged robot capable of 'automatic reading of books' and 'communication such as conversation.' The Paper says, 'Call out to be a passerby and forcibly attract customers in the middle.' 'For customers with two people, provide knowledge of wine ordered by women while they are in the bathroom to improve dating efficiency. It also has functions such as 'support' and 'radio calisthenics instructor'.

◆ Cat Paradise ☆ | NEKO WORKs
The ADV game 'Nekopara ' currently being distributed on Steam is now available as a VR-compatible idol game.

A trial version of 360-degree video that you can actually enjoy in VR is released on YouTube.

[360 degree video] [4K] Cat Paradise ☆ | Pounding ☆ Heart ☆ Flavor --YouTube

◆ [Scoop] Selling online advertising company Sexy! ?? Photobook released! | Selling online advertising company

It looks like this is a sexy and extremely unnatural photo book.

◆ We have begun research on meridian secret holes. Online shop ★ Soken
After analyzing consumer behavior at the online shop, the online shop Soken concludes that it is necessary to understand the human body structure and key points, and has begun research on the 'Keikan Hidden Hole' that appears in Fist of the North Star.

◆ Light speed LTE latest model Imoto and WiFi | For overseas WiFi rental [Imoto's WiFi]
GLOBAL DATA announces the world's first new router equipped with a roasted sweet potato function.

'Q: What changes when it comes to potatoes?' 'A: Very warm!'

◆ Oyster shell love debuts as a singer! ?? | Couples
'Kakigara Ren' is making her debut as a singer in commemoration of the 15th anniversary of the couples site, which provides date and hotel information for couples. In addition, it seems that they will really carry out a gift plan for the oyster shell love character clear file.

The PV of the 1st single 'Let's go at the Couples Hotel!' Can be seen from the following.

Let's go at the Couples Hotel! Oyster Shell Love by Couples-YouTube

◆ Circuit breaker! ?? Electric shock announcement from QUICK!
An item that puts into practical use the 'circuit breaker system ' that forcibly stops trading when the market price heats abnormally in the stock market and the price fluctuates above a certain level in a short period of time has appeared.

It is said that it is a dream-like device that calms the excited feelings in an instant. You can carry it on your back, so you can take it to the office. According to the person who actually used it, the weight does not seem to bother me so much, and it seems that she can make the relationship in the office peaceful and she can do it.

◆ NYAZAP Private gym completely neglected
Eliminate the worries of cats trying to diet, such as 'I can't chase the mouse as I want', 'I don't have the ideal cat food', 'I have a whimsical personality, I'm worried if I can continue ...' It is a beautiful cat training that you can get.

You can see what happens when a cat actually experiences NYAZAP, which is 'cat to the result', from the following video.

NYAZAP Private gym completely neglected --YouTube

◆ Volvo 13 EPISODE 1 Sleep in my chest
'Volvo Car Japan has asked Duke Togo (commonly known as Golgo 13) to become Volvo's' Chief Safety Officer 'in order to provide Volvo's further safety.' Is published on YouTube.

You can watch the movie from the following.

[Volvo asks Golgo 13 for a special mission] --YouTube

◆ First issue of 'PC Janai Watch'
Impress launched 'PC Janai Watch', a new medium with an ambiguous stance of 'PC-like but PC Janai, but a little PC' in preparation for the 100 million total PC era. You can read articles such as 'Wireless LAN Mixed Line Busters' that dramatically improves wireless LAN radio waves all over Japan and 'NAS-0831', a highly reliable business NAS for house cultivation.

◆ april2016 | Rascal the Raccoon Official Website
As 'Rascal the Raccoon' will celebrate its 40th anniversary in 2017, a raccoon resident fully automatic washing machine will be released as a commemoration. Rascal will carefully wash your hands with old-fashioned soap and washboard.

After drying the clothes, Rascal will be in the rest mode, so let's take it in by yourself.

◆ Caricature student discount campaign
The adult game brand 'Giga' has started a 'Giga Student Discount Campaign' on April 1st, where you can get great benefits when you purchase a caricature product by playing with a discount plan for students of mobile carriers. You can participate in a lottery where you can get a nostalgic game by showing your student ID card at the store or by wearing old school clothes and appealing desperately even if you are not a student.

◆ We have started renting tanks on Amazon! Smile Rent-A-Car
Smile Rent-A-Car has started tank rental on Amazon. It's not Amazon, which is an internet service, but a real Amazon.

'2016 is my year! Whether you're an anaconda horse who thinks so, or a trichomonas who wants to unleash justice with daily stress, renting a tank at Amazon will make you feel infinite! Let's get back to that time! Therefore, it is recommended for the following people.

In addition, everything is at your own risk.

◆ A new function 'Tarako-kun Navigator' has been added to Nico Nico Pedia! : Nico Nico Pedia Bromaga-Bromaga
A new function 'Tarako-kun Navigator' (approved by the person) has appeared in Nico Nico Pedia.

It is a character that displays recommended articles when clicked and navigates information about the article you are viewing.

◆ Spaco Yakisoba Sauce
From the web comic 'Spaghetti Yakisoba Hen' where professional students play an active role, 'Spaghetti flavored' Spaghetti Yakisoba sauce is now available.

It has a tomato-like Neapolitan (spaghetti) flavor.

◆ Fukubis
Fukusuke , a maker of socks, socks, and stockings, and Ginbis , a candy maker, have launched a joint brand, 'Fukubis,' and collaborative products 'wearable asparagus biscuits' and 'edible biscuits socks' have been born. In addition, Fukusuke and Ginbis Twitter accounts have also been transformed into Fukubis specifications.

◆ 2016.4.1 | Yami Co., Ltd. | Recruit all applicants
Yami Co., Ltd. started 'Great service! Hiring all applicants' to commemorate the 1st anniversary of its founding.

If you join the company for the time being, you will receive a bloody original business card for SNS.

◆ [pixiv] Thank you work
Looking at the works posted on pixiv, there is a 'Thank you button' that you can hit when you say 'I can't express my feelings with just evaluations and bookmarks'. From the following page, you can see works that are gathered with a lot of gratitude, and the page is updated every hour.

◆ Audi April Fools 2016
As a new optional equipment for the new Audi A4, 'Matrix Emoticon LED Headlights' that inform the driver's condition with emoticons have appeared.

When the driver feels good, it looks like this ...

When you are not in good health, it will change to 'Dull mode'.

◆ 'Medibang', an adhesive plaster exclusively for painters, is on sale! | Medibang Paint
MediBang, which develops the illustration and manga production tool 'Medibang Paint' for Windows / Mac / iOS / Android, has developed the adhesive plaster 'Medibang' exclusively for painters.

'Cushion pads that gently wrap your hands with cuts, adhesive plasters, blister, and your heart' 'Waterproofness that assumes that you wash your hands frequently by using painting materials' 'Reduces camera shake to some extent by wrapping' It is said that it is possible to specify the color and illustration of the adhesive plaster as a feature unique to Medibang with the adhesive plaster designed with consideration.

The making image of actually making Medibang is also released, which is performing only one shaping according to the shape of each user's finger.

◆ At Vitamin started as 'At Vitawan', a web comic medium based on breasts

As of April 1, the editor-in-chief of At Vitamin was changed to Mr. Vitawan @vitaone_, and it started as a boobs-based web comic medium 'At Vitawan'.

A trial version of the eroge 'Cafe-chan and Bed-in-Time' of the first project 'Cafe-chan and Breaktime' by the editor-in-chief of Vitawan has also been released.

You can find out more about TYPE-MOON official website with manga! It is filled with characters with a touch like Fate / Grand Order.

If you look closely at the information on the page, you can see that 'Fire Garyo' Fire Garyo 20XX Volume 2 'Notice of new release date has been postponed. Apology for (guest's too long steel ground setting dripping video, etc.) '' Happy New Year 2016? Is it over a quarter of this year? '' Notice of Nasu Mushroom Daxo 3 closure 'etc. The contents have also been changed to loose specifications.

The official website of the smartphone game '

Fate / Grand Order ' is also April Fool's Day.

◆ Capcom Sound Team Sound Effect Production Scene
'The Capcom Sound Team produces various sound effects every day,' so the scene of sound effect production at Capcom's proud 'Foley Stage' is released on YouTube 360-degree video with plenty of realism.

[360 ° video] Capcom Sound Team sound effect production scenery --YouTube

◆ Yahoo! Auctions! --Japan's largest online auction site
Yahoo auction! However, in order to limit the bidding of extremely rare products, a memory weakening game that gives the right to bid is held. You can retry up to 5 times, but if you stare at the screen after flipping one card, you may get a hint.

If you succeed in your memory weakness, you can bid on rare items such as the 'Legendary Yahoo Auction Hammer'.

◆ [VR] Introduce 'Virtual Homecoming' to all employees to shorten commuting time | Infinite Loop Technology Blog Co., Ltd.
Infinite Loop announced that it will introduce 'virtual homecoming', which had been introduced on a trial basis, in earnest from April.

You can see the mechanism of virtual homecoming from the following movie.

[VR] What is a 'news word you care about' virtual return home (16/04/01) --YouTube

Mr. Sato, an employee who wears a VR headset after working hours. In the case of virtual homecoming, it is very stress-free because you do not have to actually go home and commuting time can be shortened.

Mr. Sato's room is faithfully reproduced in the terminal.

In addition, a cute girl is waiting for Mr. Sato to return in the room, and you can spend time with him after returning home.

At night, I went to bed with my virtual futon. It is an excellent system that you can go to work just by removing the VR headset in case of an emergency at work.

◆ Google Japanese Input Physical Flick Version-Google
Google Japanese Input announces 'Google Japanese Input Physical Flick Version' that combines the good points of smartphone flick input and PC keyboard. It is said that stable character input can be realized by physically touching the keys on a terminal that can be connected to a smartphone or PC using Bluetooth.

There is also an emoji version of the keyboard.

In addition, a 'flick sensor' that can transform anything arranged in a grid into a physical flick keyboard has also appeared. Calculators, chess boards, melon bread, Japanese-style shoji screens, road tiles in the city, and even the town of Kyoto, where buildings are lined up in a grid pattern, can also be used as physical flick keyboards.

◆ [mixi] Good! Is good! became
The specifications of the 'I like!' Button on the home page have been changed to the 'I like!' Button.

You can enjoy the cry of 'Iinya!' As many times as you press the button.

◆ Your pet is excited! 'Pet Bull' is now available!
Red Bull releases 'Pet Bull', which can help pets around you. Includes vitamin Bu11, wild boar, prote dog, L-arginine, bullfighting essence, etc., and the lineup includes Pet Bull Energy for dogs, Pet Bull Sugar free for dogs ...

Pet Bull Energy for goldfish, Pet Bull Sugarfree for goldfish, and Pet Bull for reptiles are also available.

◆ Summons Board to advance to home use !! | Summons Board
'Battle is not the only Summons. The' supreme 'strategic RPG that relives the character's life is the ultimate here.' I am.

◆ The live-action movie of the smartphone game 'Trickster-I want to be a summoner-'

The movie trailer can be viewed below.

Trickster ~ I want to be a destined person ~ Trailer --YouTube

◆ Notice of change of person in charge of Nijiyome-Nijiyome
Provides a PC · smartphones adult online game Nijiyome is, a portrait person in charge of the image character 'Nijiyome-chan' from Kiyose red-eye's Okawa Bukubu change in's.

◆ Shonen Jump +
Yu-Gi-Oh! Kaiba Corporation has made Shueisha a consolidated subsidiary, and Seto Kaiba has changed the serialized manga to Yu-Gi-Oh! Card specifications by taking Shonen Jump + as a hand piece.

The smartphone app is also filled with Yu-Gi-Oh!

In addition, Kaiba Corporation plans to conduct a recruitment test to recruit general executive candidates involved in the development, sales, sales, and planning of next-generation duel discs.

Seto Kaiba is rampaging on the official Twitter account of Shonen Jump +.

◆ Love Live! School Idol Festival

The shanshan sound that sounds when playing live changes to the alpaca sound. You can check how it sounds with an indescribable cry for each judgment such as PERFECT, GOOD, BAD from the following movie.

April Fool's Day 'Love Live! School Idol Festival' --YouTube

◆ Will it be broadcast on THK and others in April 2199? TV anime 'Kyokyo Gurashi!' Official website
Nitroplus's adult adventure game ' Tokyo Necro ' has appeared as a TV anime 'School-Live! ' Like 'School-Live!' And is scheduled to be broadcast in April 2199.

◆ DOS / V Paradise | Dospara Official Mail Order Site
Dospara official mail order site has been renewed to a retro design.

In addition, a full-scale RPG 'Shanghai Quest' that invites you to an interesting and convenient treasure is also open to the public.

In addition, when I checked the source, the letters 'Happy April Fool's Day' were written in ASCII art.

◆ TV anime 'SHOW BY ROCK !!'
The movie version of the TV anime 'SHOW BY ROCK !!' 'Magical Girl Plasmagica' will be a national road show on June 69, 2016.

You can get 'Cyan's Ribbon' as a pre-sale privilege.

◆ ASUS ZenU.FO? (USO401AF)

ASUS has released the flying object 'ASUS Zen U.FO' that floats overhead, saying 'From wearing to the era of wearing'.

◆ sprite Next work ・ Four Rhythm Beyond the Cat -UMYAI- Announcement -TV Animation Decided!
Sprite, which produces the contents of 'Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm', has announced a new game 'Cat Beyond Forism -UMYAI-'. The mascot's evil spirit is the main character.

ASUS announced that it is now possible to charge electric vehicles using ZenFone Max, which can also be used as a mobile battery.

It looks like this when actually charging.

It seems to be charged by connecting with ZenFone Max as follows.

◆ TV anime 'WORKING !!!' official website
The official website of the TV anime 'WORKING !!!' randomly displays new animations featuring characters from the original author, Karino Takatsu. 'Wakunan Ria-The End of Eternity-' and ...

'WORKING of the DEAD' where zombies appear

Various parody works such as the sex appeal fantasy 'Blade ★ Wakingu' have been decided to be animated.

In addition, Karino Takatsu's official website 'Urona Page' has been transformed into

a lamb support site 'Mutton Page'.

◆ Bridal planning site delivered by Arc System Works Axie for weddings!
The website of Arc System Works, which develops games, has been transformed into 'Axie', which offers bridal plans.

◆ Godzilla vs. Evangelion special site
The official website of the movie 'Shin Godzilla' has become a special website for 'Godzilla vs. Evangelion', and a bright red illustration of Godzilla fighting with the first Eva machine has appeared.

◆ Notice regarding executive personnel | TAKARATOMY

TAKARATOMY resolved to rejuvenate all officers in order to develop products that better reflect the feelings of children. The organizational chart changes as follows.

◆ Window company (Yashiro)
As a result of the scale reduction of the window company, the letters are also smaller.

Also, as news dated April 1,a project for global standardization of 'Apology Stone' has been announced.

◆ \ In front of the summit! / [Celebration] 4/1 Hanamaru Udon Giant spiny lobster store opened !!
In front of the Ise-Shima Summit , Hanamaru Udon opened a new store 'Giant Ise-Eight Store' in Ise-Shima, the venue for the summit. It is a store where a huge spiny lobster 'hospitates' the leaders of each country.

You can see a high-tension movie that introduces the Hanamaru Udon giant spiny lobster store from the following.

Hanamaru Udon April Fool's Day 2016 --YouTube

◆ 7 billion people are waiting for his return. Odyssey (unofficial) produces a parody poster for 'Odyssey'. Sean K Odyssey says, '7 billion people are waiting for Horacchi's return.'

Trump Odyssey is a catch phrase, '7 billion people are hoping for his defeat.'

Funassyi Odyssey said, '7 billion people are waiting for his pear juice.'

'7 billion people are waiting for her curse,' says Sadako Odyssey. If you scroll the page further, you will find a lot of content unique to April Fool's Day.

◆ The King of Fighters
Kyo Kusanagi and Iori Yagami of the game 'The King of Fighters' get married.

An unofficial story that the following images are also posted.

◆ Detective Conan Official App-Free manga, frame stamps, etc.
The 'Detective Conan Official App' for iOS and Android is filled with black people.

Black people also appear on individual pages such as news and movie information.

◆ [MIKU EXPO] 'MIKU EXPO 2039 Galaxy Tour' will be held! Tour the 7 planets of the solar system ☆ --Hatsune Miku Official Blog
Hatsune Miku official blog announces the first space live tour 'MIKU EXPO 2039 Galaxy Tour'. From 2039, it will tour seven planets in the solar system (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune).

Some official goods such as Galaxy suits have already been announced.

◆ [1 day only] Notice of addition of Touden Jongshi | Kindai Mahjong All Stars Touden Official Website
'Bonobono' and 'Uncle Shimacha' are participating in the iOS / Android game app 'Kindai Mahjong All Stars' on April 1st only.

Akagi and Bonobono decide to play mahjong, betting on the position of Takeshobo's signboard work.

You can fight Mahjong with Bonobono, Chipmunk, and Raccoon.

◆ [Breaking news] DMM introduces 'Zimbabwe dollar settlement' following Bitcoin!
In Zimbabwe, due to the stagnation of agriculture and economic sanctions, there was a shortage of foreign currency, hyperinflation occurred, and the exchange rate at one time was 1 US dollar = 3.5 Kyozimbabwe dollars. As a result, the Zimbabwe dollar was abolished from June 2015 and is now sold as a souvenir for foreign tourists, but DMM introduced Zimbabwe dollar settlement in it.

The exchange rate is 35,000,000,000,000,000 (3.5K) Zimbabwe dollars per 1000pt of DMM points (equivalent to about 1000 yen).

◆ 'KING OF PRISM by PrettyRhythm' official website
Along with the 'New Year Support! April Screening ' of the movie version 'KING OF PRISM', the Prism Star has become a 'KING OF PRINCESS' specification that has transformed into a princess.

◆ TV anime 'Is the Order a Rabbit ??' Official Website
The official website of 'Is the Order a Rabbit ??' is the official website of Lapin, a thief who appears at night and makes a noise in the half-timbered city.

'Sale fiercely in the daytime! Brilliant treasure at night! Don't let the target prey escape! Phantom thief Lapin, come on!'

◆ Traditional performing art 'Boizura Bugeim' Kurara Ryu Honpo Official Home Page
The official website of the BL game brand 'Nitro + Chiral' has become 'Kura-ryu Honpo Official Home Page', and it has been popular among the common people as a traditional performing art since the Nara period. We sell gems for windows and fruits, large-sized ukiyo-e brands, and postcards.

◆ Starry * KNiGHTs
The Starry ☆ Sky official website is open to the public as the official website of the story 'Starry * KNiGHTs' that saves the world.

It will be performed at the theaters affiliated with the Hoshizuki Group nationwide from April 1st.

◆ TV anime 'Osomatsu-san' official website
'Osomatsu-san', who has reached the final episode of the anime, has already returned, but he has returned to his childhood 'Osomatsu-kun'.

The illustrations and sentences of the character introduction are also 'Osomatsu-kun' specifications.

In addition, the game app for smartphones '

Osomatsu-san's Hesokuri Wars-Neat Offense and Defense-' has all the characters on the start screen as Shonosuke Hijirisawa, and the game title is 'Osomatsu-san's Hesokuri Wars-Battle of Heirlooms-'. It has changed to.

◆ Your hair loss becomes a ring. HAIR RING- | Mesocare Plus | April Fool's Day

Mesocare Plus, which handles scalp care shampoos and lotions that are good for the scalp, has started a service to create rings with hair loss.

You can check the craftsmanship that hair loss is reborn as a ring from the following movie.

HAIR RING ~ Your hair loss becomes a ring ~ [April Fools 2016] --YouTube

◆ The youngest gravure model in history !? 10-month beauty 'Super Sonico' debut decision ♪
Super Sonico became a 10-month-old toddler and decided to make her debut as the youngest gravure model in history. Wallpapers for PCs and smartphones are distributed on the official website.

◆ Special Edition: Our magazine gets 3D goggles by Nintendo! The launch title is also ... --Mori's VR part --Mori no Mori
Many companies have entered the VR market, but Window Forest has acquired the newest 3D goggle device from Nintendo.

This is the 3D goggles device 'Virtual Boy'

It is a stand-alone device with an integrated display and processor.

◆ Successful development of the world's first ghost capture device | Sony
The 'Proton Pack' that appeared in the movie 'Ghostbusters' has finally been put into practical use by Sony technology.

The back looks like this. It supports high-speed video recording at 960 frames per second and accurately records the movement of the subject. In addition, the built-in 4K ultra-short throw projector can project captured objects in real time. It is also compatible with NFC, and it is also possible to browse, transfer and share captured objects by connecting to LCD TV BRAVIA and Xperia smartphones.

The structure is as follows. The Proton Pack is said to have been developed by munitions technology expert Jillian Holtzmann and Sony engineers.

You can check the details of the product from the following movie.

Proton Pack-The World's First Ghost Capturer-YouTube

◆ Arthur appears as a new Nakayoshi character! | Onigiri
Cyberstep's MMO action RPG ' Onigiri ' has become 'Crab Zan', and 'Arthur Crab Dragon', the lord and king of Britain, a country infested with fairies, has appeared as a new character. On the introduction page, you can listen to Arthur's voice while watching Arthur move when the scissors are slimy, and you can see the introduction of the Knights of the Round Table. On the special page, the Cyberstep logo has also been transformed into 'cyberkaniep'.

◆ EyeSight ver. Business | SUBARU
Aiming for an accident-free society, 'Business Specifications' has appeared in Subaru's Safety Technology EyeSight.

Business-specific EyeSight will enable 'technology that does not collide at meetings,' 'technology that keeps up with bosses,' 'technology that does not extend beyond the career advancement course,' 'technology that does not pop out emails,' and 'technology that warns of falling asleep.' That thing.

◆ Kuroko's Basketball Anime Official Website
The official website of the anime 'Kuroko's Basketball' is based on the 'Theatrical version of chick basketball' specification, which tells the story of the generation of Kiseki returning as chicks.

◆ Eagle
By registering as a friend in the LINE official account of the smartphone game ' Brave Frontier ' and the secret society Eagle Talon and entering the keywords sent, you can get 3D images of Yoshida-kun.

◆ Stage 'Kuroko's Basketball' THE ENCOUNTER Official Site
The top page of the stage 'Kuroko's Basketball THE ENCOUNTER' official site is now 'Kuroko's Basketball' full of hosts dressed in suits.

◆ This is the future virtual SEX! 'Illusion VR'
Illusion, which develops a real-time 3D beautiful girl game, will release 'Illusion VR', which provides direct pleasure with a special suit with a built-in tactile sensor that wraps the 360-degree space and the whole body with a head-mounted display, on April 1st only. did.

With this kind of feeling, the main body 'VRPC', 'Hall', 'Dedicated HMD', 'Pseudo boobs', 'Whole body tactile judgment device', etc. are all-in-one set sales.

◆ Manga One
In the comic app 'Manga One', Hiroyoshi Noro, who has a slightly thicker body and appears in the manga 'Whistle!', Will be serializing a new sequel to the sequel 'Smostle' aiming to become a sumo wrestler.

◆ My daughter who doesn't sprout (official site) | Dear fans [April Fool's Day]
The production committee still apologized for the uproar on suspicion of reselling Moe, which should have been abandoned five years ago.

Resale of expired Moe? The 5th Anniversary of a Girl Who Doesn't Moe

The apology is as follows.

◆ Animation 'Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuku'
The final episode of the anime 'Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinchu', which will be broadcast from 26:27 on April 1, is collaborating with the anime 'Is Sakamoto?', Which will start broadcasting in April. Showa Genroku Rakugo When you open the site in your heart, a cool-rest high school student, Kikubiko, sits upright on the table wearing a school uniform and black eyeglasses, and uses a ruler as a fan to tell a story. Is it old? 'Is an illustration. 'Is it Kikubiko?' Depicts the delicate love pattern of Kikubiko, a high school student who spends his days in rakugo at a rakugo study group, and his delicate love with Madonna Miyokichi, who is the best in the school. It's a work.

◆ DCP-J0401-USO | Inkjet printers / multifunction devices | Brother
Brother announced the 48-color printer 'DCP-J0401-USO'.

Like this, various cartridges such as 'Joban color', 'Celadon color', and 'Red birch color' are used.

The main body is a compact design with a height of 17.2 cm, a width of 100.0 cm, and a depth of 34.1 cm.

◆ Is it Sakamoto? Official Homepage | TBS TV
On the official website of the TV anime 'Is Sakamoto?', An illustration of 'Showa Genroku Sakamoto Shinju' is released, in which Sakamoto transforms into a stylish storyteller, sits on a cushion in a kimono and begins rakugo.

◆ [0% OFF with 4/10% special coupon] Pink bear meat momo meat [Free shipping on Hikyaku flights] [Outlet in translation]
On the PostPet website, a 'pink bear meat' sales site that is scary of the word 'in translation outlet' has appeared.

It is a 100% natural meat produced by nature that does not use additives or coloring agents, and it seems to be characterized by its elasticity that seems to burst.

The recipe was also published on the website.

◆ [Entered in storage! ?? 】 Takenoko no Sato / The forbidden games of a pig and a raccoon dog --YouTube
The continuation of the TV CM of 'Takenoko no Sato' that was broadcast by Meiji in 1985 is released.

[Entered in storage! ?? 】 Takenoko no Sato / The forbidden games of a pig and a raccoon dog --YouTube

A raccoon dog digging bamboo shoots with bamboo shoots.

When the oversized bamboo shoots dug by the raccoon dog are being pulled together ...

The contents of the bamboo shoots have completely come off. The forbidden play of lids and raccoon dogs that will be developed after this is unavoidable.

I want you to commercialize 'this village with only chocolate' and 'this village with only cookies' ...

◆ \ Coca-Cola Carbonated Battery New Release! / Power generation with bursting carbonic acid! ... --Coca-Cola | Facebook
Coca-Cola seems to release a new energy 'carbonic acid battery' that can generate electricity with carbonic acid.

◆ Uta no Prince-sama ♪ Theatrical company Shining replay! | Uta no Prince-sama ♪
All of 'Masquerade Mirage,' 'Unbeatable Shinobi,' and 'JOKER TRAP,' which were performed by 'Theatrical Company Shining, ' which mainly consists of 11 idols from the Shining office, from December 2013 to February 2014. 3 works will be re-performed. It is said that young actors will take over the role as the second generation, and it will be a stage that has been powered up beyond the dimension.

◆ \ I LOHAS Wasabi is now available! /
It is said that domestic wasabi that has been carefully grated is added to the carefully selected natural water of Japan.

◆ Future mail
PC Phase, which provides the video mail service 'Vmail', has developed 'Future Mail', a service that allows people to interact with people in 5, 10, and 100 years beyond time and space.

If you select the number of years you care about and press 'Send Future Mail', the mailer will start up, so if you send it as it is, a message will be returned from future residents. In addition, future mail is displayed normally on iPhone standard mailer, Gmail app, Yahoo! Only mail app, WEB mailer, Thunderbird, and Mac standard mailer are available.

◆ Nendoron
To commemorate the 10th anniversary of Nendoroids, Good Smile Company has released 'Nendoroid', a Jambo-sized Hatsune Miku that takes off into the sky.

Tanaka-kun runs around on the Gangan ONLINE page, and all the characters other than Tanaka-kun are in a sloppy pose with one hand on their cheeks and elbows on the desk. ..

◆ Don't compromise on AI! ?? AI crush with her | FAworks
FAworks, a project information site for free engineers, has developed to provide excitement to those who want to be comforted, 'human girls are scared', and 'want to rehearse conversations with girls before the joint party'. AI girlfriend '

There are various types of girls on the website, and when you press the 'Talk to this girl' button, a message box will appear, where you can talk to AI.

◆ April 1st A completely new amusement facility opens in Teganuma, Chiba ?! Darius Aqua Amusement Kashiwa
In 2016, the 30th anniversary of the shooting game 'Darius', the game center 'Darius Aquamusement Kashiwa' will open where you can meet the giant battleships that appear in the game. 'Belser dining room' that offers various dishes using fresh fish and shellfish that appear in the Darius series, underwater live performance by the sound team 'ZUNTATA' , 'Kashiwa Fishland' where you can fish huge battleships, etc. are prepared.

The movie below shows how the giant Darius battleships swim around the facility.

[4/1] Darius Aqua Amusement Kashiwa / Panorama Video --YouTube

◆ Theatrical version 'Magic Third Jakusei Creamy ☆ Karin' | Key Official Home Page
From the TV anime 'Rewrite', 'Magic Third Jakusei Creamy ☆ Karin' will be released in theaters in the summer of 2016.

◆ TV anime 'Noragami ARAGOTO' official website
The top page of the official website of the TV anime 'Noragami ARAGOTO' changes to the illustration and title of '○○ Gami' every time it is reloaded. 'Yatogami', 'Megami', 'Hanikami' and ...

'Ganmi,' 'Kamigami,' 'Nozo Kimi,' and 'Maekagami,' which are cut out from the anime scene.

Furthermore, items that have nothing to do with Noragami, such as 'Origami,' 'Uragami,' 'Amagami,' 'Sagami,' 'Nigami,' and 'Matagami,' have appeared.

◆ Array Starlight Stage
'A Certain Magical Index' has appeared as a rhythm game, and if you share it on Twitter, you can get the limited idol 'Mikoto'. On the site, Yuriko Suzushina murmured with a dark face, 'Idols can't stop.'

Digimon Adventure tri.
'Skamon ... Etemon ... The biggest battle in history is about to begin !!!', so the new chapter visual of Skamon Adventure tri. Has been released.

◆ TV anime 'GATE Self-Defense Forces in his land, thus fighting' official website
In commemoration of the 1st place in the character popularity vote, a spin-off project 'Mahou Shoujo Ai / Warrior Rory-Summoning a Different World-' has started.

You can watch the movie from the following.

The spin-out project to commemorate the 1st place in the character popularity vote has started! ?? 'Mahou Shoujo Ai Warrior Rory-Summoning a Different World-' --YouTube

◆ 'Sousei-san, come on!' TV program start decision! Nico Nico Live Broadcasting! ??
The variety show 'Twin Star Exorcists!' Has started by Natsuki Hanae, who plays the main character of the TV anime 'Twin Star Exorcists', and Megumi Han, who plays the role of Benio Kano. Those who appeared We are looking for a duo (Mr. Sosei) who will appear in the program, such as partners, family, friends, etc. If you appear, you can get a trip around Botamochi & an introductory curse set & one year's worth of Ohagi. The first broadcast is scheduled to be broadcast live on Nico Nico on May 6th.

◆ Venus Eleven Bibiddo!
Bishoujo Soccer Training Game Venus Eleven Bibiddo! When I installed and started the app, an image like 'Go! Pure Bibid!' Was displayed on the left side of the screen. Click ...

The announcement page of the movie 'Go! Pure Bibid! ~ Suspicious laughter and mysterious Tsukkomi Phantom ~' was displayed by saying 'Contract with me and become a legendary warrior Pure Bibid!'.

◆ 1 file 50G! Free large-capacity file transfer GigaFile flight
The large-capacity file transfer service 'Giga File Service' has been renamed to 'Giga File Service (Ben)' and started a flight transfer service in place of file transfer. By flushing the stool on the cloud without passing sewage, the toilet is always kept shiny, and it is possible to upload DAIBEN with a large capacity storage with peace of mind.

The uploaded flights are automatically saved as a 'fucking album' on the cloud, and you can download the raw flights by decompressing and expanding from the dedicated page. In addition, it is said that the flights one week after uploading will be donated to the NGO 'World Express Organization'.

◆ Sokoban Ambition All / Country / Edition
The latest work of the puzzle game 'Sokoban ', which has been under development since 1982, 'Sokoban's Ambition All, Country, Edition' is now available.

As a sample, the puzzle of 'Owari / Mikawa' side is released.

◆ Watanuki High Spec Movie Version
The website of 'Wagamama High Spec ', the movie version of Wagamama High Spec, has been released. Pure love that transcends time and space is unfolded.

In addition, the special benefit for visitors is 'April 1st, a lovely Dakimakura cover that is strictly protected by the mysterious light of love.'

◆ TV animation 'SERVAMP' July 2016 TV animation start
The official website of the anime 'SERVAMP' is now 'Servamp Gakuen'.

There are also charts to help you get along with the students at the school.

◆ Mammoth Burger | Mos Burger Official Website
'Mammoth Burger' using 100% mammoth meat is now available from Mos Burger. It is said that it is the 'oldest and latest burger' that smoked mammoth meat with bones with high-grade cherry chips made from 300-year-old cherry trees by capturing mammoths that were accidentally discovered during soil survey, and the price is 1129. Circle. On the official website, you can see the story behind the birth of Mammoth Burger.

◆ Anime 'Bungo Stray Dogs' Official Website
Bungo Stray Dogs is also a refreshing school story specification.

'A vulnerable heart and heart. An irreplaceable daily life where delicate thoughts are mixed. One page of youth of boys with the name of a literary master opens the door now.' I am.

◆ The Legend of Heroes: The Trail of the Sky the 3rd Evolution
The site of the PS Vita game software 'Sora no Kiseki the 3rd Evolution' scheduled to be released in July 2016 has been reopened and has a nostalgic site design. If you step on the number and declare it to your Twitter account with a screenshot, you can really get a poster not for sale.

◆ TV anime 'Space Patrol Luluco' & 'Kiznaiver'
Space Patrol Luluco's design is not the usual one, but changed to the design of the TV anime 'Kiznaiver'.

On the other hand, the characters of Kiznaiver were designed by Space Patrol Luluco.

◆ ConoHa-The most female-friendly rental server (VPS)
Mikumo, the cheerleader of the VPS service 'ConoHa', has been replaced by a member of 'Hakuoki' as a new cheerleader. While opening the ConoHa control panel, you can enjoy the spouting of high-concentration carbonated mist that is good for your skin and the handsome voice of the Hakuoki character, and the site sells inauguration commemorative goods for a limited time.

◆ Wake Up, Girls! General official website | WUG! Portal
'It wasn't as rich in features as it is now, but I still have a lot of memories.' So, the story 'Wake Up, Girls!', In which seven girls aim to become idols in Sendai, is '16 years old' on the official website. Announced that 'Garakei' will be released.

The color variations are as follows.

◆ Doki! Soten's handsome ☆ Paradise! FINAL FANTASY XIV: Official Blog
The official blog revealed that there was a plan in the past to 'introduce a liking system' that allows you to get along with your favorite characters in FINAL FANTASY XIV.

If you raise the liking of a specific character, a special quest related to the organization to which that character belongs will occur and you will develop into love .... The proposal is many times up to ver3.0. It seems that the review was done.

The play screen sample of 'Soten Knights Quest' is as follows. It seems that there will be events such as practicing ball dance with Sir Adelfell and Sharibel helping out in a pinch.

◆ JR bundle Japan station name change
Due to changes in food conditions due to the recent increase in the number of passengers, JR East's Omori Station has become 'Tokumori Station' ...

Aomori station will be renamed to 'Namimori station'.

It seems that the name will be changed to 'Ki Station' due to the fact that there is too little forest around the station name .... JR East unofficial story.

◆ 4/1 limited release !! Naisho ❤ anime special feature | d Anime store
The d anime store will release 'a crazy anime that opens the forbidden door' on April 1st only.

For example, if you click on the theme of 'Sexy Dynamite Niku, Gi, Zu, Ke Exploding Selfish Body' ...

Many animations with selfish bodies are lined up on the screen.

If you click on the theme 'Cute girl ... I don't wear it !!!' ...

I certainly didn't wear it.

◆ Anigema --Smartphone Appli Game
'Anigema', a comprehensive market for Android such as adult games, apps, and books, has released today an app market 'Kusogema' that has only kusoge. To see Damn Gema, open the URL of Anigema and click 'I'm over 18'.

Click the banner 'Damn Gema' at the top of the page.

At Damgema, 'Apri-chan shipping factory' that earns money and spins gachas ...

Kusoge, which has a title as long as a light novel, is on sale, saying, 'A very healthy game to get rid of bad Apuri-chan who insists that good Appuri-chan who works hard is not naughty.' What's more, it's a mess of today's limited 100% off sale.

◆ TV anime 'NEW GAME!' Official site
The official page of the TV anime 'NEW GAME!', Which started broadcasting in July 2016, has been transformed into 'Do your best !?' in the game.

The synopsis is as follows. The original title of the work is 'NEW GAME!', So it doesn't seem like you might think 'Is this an anime originally named?'

Even the character introduction is perfectly prepared.

The original site design looks like this.

◆ .earth Island Project | INTER LINK
'.Moe' and ' .osaka promotion Co., Ltd. Interlink, which operates the' is, side-by-side 36 artificial island in the North Pacific Ocean create a '.earth', is in the earth to appeal to the universe that there is a 'planet domain' It was started. It is said that the production cost of 36 artificial islands of 59K, 4000 trillion yen was procured by crowdfunding.

The FAQ has questions from aliens. A 16-year-old female Martian applied for '.mars' as the URL of Mars.

◆ TV anime 'Re: Life in a Different World from Zero' Official Site
The official page of the TV anime 'Re: Life in a Different World from Zero', which started broadcasting in April 2016, has been transformed into 'Re: Life in a Cat Cafe Starting from Zero'. The catch phrase is 'The helpless boy got a cat cafe that heals cats.'

The synopsis is as follows. While playing with cats at a cat cafe, you are sent to another world, and you are struggling to open a cat cafe to protect the cats in another world. It is just a cat cafe maniac animation.

The character introduction is also covered with cats.

In addition, the official page of the original 'Re: Life in a Different World from Zero' looks like this, with less cat elements.

◆ Pant Sbra VR
May-Be Soft has released 'PantSbra VR', a product that will revolutionize the VR industry, which is now a hot topic. With PantSbra VR, you can experience a frosty gaze from all directions in 360 degrees and real play as if you were touching your underwear just by wearing pants and a bra.

PantSbra VR, which includes a panbra headset, charging cable, game software, instruction manual, and audio earphones, is scheduled to be released in October 2016, and the price is 19,980 yen.

◆ Fusion of 3D printer with new tradition presented by Kabuku! Released 'Maker Go' | Kabuku Co., Ltd.
Kabuku Co., Ltd. announced the next-generation 3D printer 'Maker Go' with embedded Go AI.

According to the product page , MakerGo is a 3D printer that can judge the situation by itself, think of appropriate means, output go stones and play a game. You can check how MakerGo plays Go from the following movie.

world's first! Go AI-equipped 3D printer 'Maker Go' --YouTube

AI is far more intelligent than humans, but it loses when it runs out of material.

◆ Bleed Kaga items from 'Future GPX Cyber Formula' are coming out one after another! | ACOS Online Shop
At the ACOS online shop of cosplay costume mail order, the bleed Kaga related goods that appear in the anime ' Future GPX Cyber Formula' are still on sale.

Bleed Kaga's long-awaited set of 5 premium tickets for the Japanese Grand Prix is 500,000 yen excluding tax, but it is already sold out.

Bleed Kaga's exclusive wig, tax not included 410,000 yen

Bleed Kaga's favorite car, Aoi Stealth Jaguar Z7, is now available in real size. The price is 41 trillion yen excluding tax.

A hoodie inspired by the amazing Asurada to which Hayato Kazami belongs. It seems that you can really buy this

, you can pre-order from here , and the price is 11,000 yen excluding tax.

A hoodie with the image of the Aoi ZIP formula to which Bleed Kaga belongs is also

accepting reservations .

In addition, earrings worn by Bleed Kaga are also on

sale . This is a reprint of what was released in 1992.

◆ Witch home delivery started | INTERIOREZ of Scandinavian miscellaneous goods and imported miscellaneous goods
At the online shop 'Intelliores ', which handles Scandinavian miscellaneous goods and imported miscellaneous goods, a witch delivery service has started.

It seems that witches who look like you have seen in a Ghibli movie somewhere like this will deliver the product in the Scandinavian style, and on the official page, 'Witch home delivery is to the customer's hand. This is a new service provided by the witch. Sometimes from the window, sometimes from the garden. We deliver important products in the wind. '

◆ [Breaking News] Introducing Hacka Doll License System [Aiming Gold] | Hackadoll Official Management Blog
According to Hirose Hirose, a beautiful girl specialist and engineer at DeNA, 'Hackador not only analyzes the taste of the person and delivers the news that he wants, but also identifies the taste that the person is not aware of. It is a dangerous technology. This technology exposes the 'latent nerd attribute' that the user himself is not aware of. In other words, there is a possibility that those who should have spent their lives secretly as 'loose nerds' or 'hidden nerds' will be forced into a 'irreparable state'. 'Warning about the dangers of the Hacka Doll.

Therefore, it seems that Hacka Doll has decided to introduce a 'license system' so that it can be used with correct knowledge. Taking the Hacka Doll license exam is very easy and you can take it from 'Okka Talk' at the Hacka Game Center.

In addition, there are 3 questions in total for the license test, and it is said that the practical test is also included, so it seems good for Hacka Doll fans to challenge.

◆ TV Anime The Asterisk War
The second season of the TV anime 'The Asterisk War' was supposed to start broadcasting in April 2016, but when I accessed the official website, zombies attacked me ...

A zombie extermination game called ' ASTERISK OF THE DEAD' has started.

◆ Ultimate Indian Curry Shuzan Yoga Curry | Feng Shui / Natural Stone Accessory Magic Wands
'Magic Wands ', a store specializing in Fengshui and natural stone accessors, is trying to make the ultimate Indian curry for some reason. We are fully showing off the yoga power gained from the yoga class that we attended to make curry.

The ultimate Indian curry 'Shuzan Yoga Curry' is sold at a reasonable price of 888 yen, but be aware that clicking 'Add to Basket' will make you feel frustrated.

◆ Theatrhythm Granblue Fantasy
The mobile game 'Granblue Fantasy', known for its commercial catchphrase 'Granblue Fantasy?', Has been reborn as the sound game 'Granblue Fantasy'. Open the URL of Theatreism Granblue Fantasy and the Granblue Fantasy animation will begin.

When you watch the animation to the end, 'Theatrism Granblue Fantasy' will start, so click 'PLAY'.

By chance, Jita, Lilua, Marie, and Vila will make their idol debut, and they will fight against monsters by making full use of the musical wave 'Rizpo'.

At first, click 'Bee-kun drawing song' in the tutorial to play.

Then the sound game starts. All you have to do is click on the screen when the trigger that flows from the screen falls. In addition, it works on Chrome or Safari on a PC, and it is possible to play Theatreism Granblue Fantasy from the application itself.

◆ Seriously! Renaissance
A new magic art for April 1st only in the adventure game 'Maji Kyun! Renaissance' where the main character spends a thrilling day with six boys at a school where the eggs of a magic artist (Artista) gather. The house decides to participate.

It was Shogo Kariyazaki (CV: Shogo Kariyazaki), 'a flower arrangement artist who has a hand to bring out beauty.' You can also listen to the voice sample properly. Seriously!

◆ Potato Chips Consomme W (Warros) Punch New Release www | Calbee Co., Ltd.
Calbee Co., Ltd. has released a new product 'Consomme W (Warros) Punch'.

'Consomme W (Warros) Punch' uses W-shaped potatoes originally developed by the company.

In addition, it is said that it contains 'Waraigatomarango', the ingredient of the world's most laughing Panaeolus papilata, which the developer himself went to a dangerous area and collected.

It was manufactured by 863 workers with a big laugh for 10 days.

When a person who couldn't talk at the drinking party ate 'Consomme W (Warros) Punch', it became bright enough to shout a gag at the drinking party.

◆ Nippon Nozomi Taro | Kansai Telecasting Corporation Kansai Telecasting Corporation
On Kansai Telecasting Corporation, it has been decided that the Japanese folktale feature-length anime 'Nippon Nozomi Taro' will be broadcast during the golden time.

You can see what kind of animation 'Nozomi Taro' will be in one shot by watching the following movie.

[Peeping Taro] A new anime hero just for peeping! Visit the Golden Time! ?? --YouTube

◆ Official website of the movie 'Wolf Girl and Black Prince'
The official website of the movie 'Wolf Girl and the Black Prince' released on Saturday, May 28, 2016 has been changed to the exact opposite title of 'Wolf Boy and the Black Princess'.

◆ GOLONDIA official website
The official website of the air hockey ball-style action game 'Gorondia' that flicks the characters and hits them against the enemy has been transformed into a maiden game site.

This is GOLONDIA before it was made into a maiden game. Where are the cute animals?

In addition,

GOLONDIA's official Twitter account is introducing the game content of GOLONDIA by comparing it to the crushing love story of the otome game. Still images by designers will also be released on Twitter accounts.

◆ Contribute to the elucidation of the mystery of the universe! Experimental analysis system that supports GOIKA research by 'Super Ikawokande'
SNS '@ami'z ' where Aomori lovers gather announced an experimental analysis system that supports GOIKA research by 'Super Ikawokande'.

◆ Hiraki Katatsushin-Hirakata City's chat story!
The regional information site 'Hirakata Tsushin', which specializes in Hirakata City, Osaka Prefecture, has been renamed to 'Hiraki Katatsushin' due to unforeseen circumstances. In the future, we will deliver information specific to 'Hirakikata' such as 'Hirakikata of horse mackerel' information taught by a fish shop, instead of information specific to Hirakata.

◆ Lovely Idol Sakura Official Page
'Lovely Idol Sakura ' will be animated as a spin-off of the TV anime 'Sansha Sanyo', and you can listen to the main character, Sakura Usuda's 1st single 'ZOKKON ☆ Cherry Blossom' on the official website. The original spin-off 'Sansha Sanyo' will start broadcasting in April 2016.

◆ Home | Dal Riser Official Website
The local hero 'Dal Riser' in Shirakawa City, Fukushima Prefecture, announced the end of its activities because it was April Fool's Day. The characters on the page reporting the end of the activity are partially misaligned, and it is a very bad page that the appearance request on the upper right of the screen is typographically 'since the appearance', the staff is typographically 'stack', and the link is 'linta'. Transformed into.

Dal Riser is also announcing the end of activity on the official Twitter account.

◆ The logo of Kobe Anime Street is once again 'risk of misidentification'
Kobe Anime Street, which promotes the creation of a new otaku culture, announced a new logo on March 29, but the announced logo raised suspicions of Pakuri.

This is the logo mark that was announced, but from the descendant of the ancient Egyptian Pharaoh and the wealthy Arka family head Nna Koto Alka, 'Because it is very similar to the decoration of our ancestors, we misunderstand that there is a pyramid and head to Kobe. There are a lot of tourists, 'he said. Discussions were held between Kobe Anime Street and Mr. Arca, and a settlement was reached by constructing a pyramid in Kobe Anime Street and 'separating' it.

◆ GMO Gamepot Co., Ltd.
At 'GMO Gamepot', a Japanese online game operator, a banner saying 'commit as a result' is displayed ...

Click to play the following movie.

Gamepot 'Fairy of the Makai' -YouTube

◆ Smartphone 'Monitan Phone' specializing in mystery shopping will be released this summer! Advance reservation start! !!
Undercover Survey / Mystery Shopper's monitor portal site ' Fan Kuru ' has announced a smartphone 'Monitan Phone' specializing in undercover surveys.

You can check what kind of product Monitan Phone is, which is equipped with artificial intelligence and supports all kinds of services of 'Fan Kuru' from the following movie.

Monitan Phone CM 2016/04/01 --YouTube

◆ WWF Starts 'Dragon' Conservation Project | Conservation of Rare Wildlife | WWF Japan
WWF, the world's largest conservation organization for the natural environment, has started a project to protect the 'dragon', which has been considered a legendary creature.

Takashi Tsutsui, Executive Director of WWF Japan, said, 'Dragon has various animal elements. Head is camel, horn is deer, claw is hawk, palm is tiger, long neck is snake, uroko is fish. Dragon Knowing and understanding will also lead to a deeper understanding of wild creatures living in various environments. I would like many people to support our efforts. Commented. The dragon conservation project itself is an April Fool's Day story, but it seems that the dragon picture that Secretary-General Tsutsui has in his hand was drawn by the secretary-general himself.

◆ [Extra] A horde of strange chickens in Shibuya
Extras have been announced on the online MMORPG ' ArcheAge'. The extra content is that chickens have filled Shibuya ...

Suddenly a lot of chickens are pouring down from the top of the screen.

Looking at the bottom of the screen, the chickens that have fallen are like piles of piles.

After accumulating to some extent, the question 'How many eggs did you come up with?' Was asked.

◆ Win every month! Gift Campaign-Chance It
Chance It , a profitable life support site that delivers fun information such as points, sweepstakes, shopping, questionnaires, and pocket money, has been stolen from the 'gift of the month' that is given to users every month at the timing of April Fool's Day. It's closed.

It is said that you can get a special gift if you secure the criminal, but if you catch it, you will be able to apply for the real gift of this month.

◆ Kamaluk Official Website --KAMARQ
Kamaluk, who is seeking investment in the table 'SOUND TABLE ' that plays sounds on the crowdfunding site Makuake, has posted an apology for information leakage on the official website.

According to the apology, the confidential information of the latest product was leaked. Some information is available on YouTube as a movie. In addition, Ken Machino, the representative of Kamaluk, was so surprised that he fell off the chair and injured his wrist when he learned of the leak.

◆ TV anime 'Drunk Bello Bello's Ultimate Hangover' Official Website
The official website of the TV anime 'Seisen Cerberus Ryukoku no Fatalite', which will start broadcasting on TV Tokyo from April 4, 2016, has been changed to 'Drunk Bello Bello's Ultimate Hangover'. It is said that the official website will be closed for one day because Giloo, Palpa, Nambuco, and Daganzoto, the evil dragon, got drunk as a result of having a drinking party regardless of the enemy or ally.

◆ Ketchup! --Smartphone accessory shop that everyone is crazy about
At 'Ketchup!', Which deals with smartphone accessories that all girls in their teens and 20s are crazy about, all the models on the site have been transformed into men who are crowded.

Normally, a picture of a female model like this holding an accessory in her hand is used ...

During the April Fool's Day, it will be as follows.

◆ Important Notice Regarding Our '0 SIM by So-net' | So-net Mobile Service
In ' So-net ', it was announced that '0 SIM by So-net', which could be used for free up to 500MB per month, will introduce a new fully paid plan due to various circumstances. Furthermore, with the charge, the content of Tondemonai is that users will be asked to retroactively pay the communication charges for what they have used for free. Of course, this is April Fool's Day, and '0 SIM by So-net' will continue to be available for free up to less than 500MB per month, but it is something that can be chilled.

◆ BFB 2016 Soccer Training Game x Genichiro Tenryu
The soccer game app for smartphones 'BFB 2016 --Soccer Training Game (BFB)' is equipped with a new function 'Genichiro Tenryu's live commentary function', which is played by Genichiro Tenryu, who is familiar with his crouching voice.

You can check how Genichiro Tenryu is actually playing live from the following movie.

BFB 2016 x 'Genichiro Tenryu' | World's First! First installation of Mr. Pro Wrestling live in soccer game !! --YouTube

In addition, the campaign page has a button that plays Genichiro Tenryu's voice when clicked, which is also recommended.

◆ Luck & Logic
The official website of TCG 'Luck & Logic' has been hijacked by one of the characters, Olga Breakchild, and each menu on the site has also become Olga specifications.

For example, 'INTRODUCTION' is 'Welcome to my paradise'.

I want to see the product information, but 'If you want me, get the second booster pack' Believe & Betray 'on sale!'

The rule is 'If you don't understand, follow my logic!'

The movie is 'Look at my male figure!' ... but sadly, 'Your own video is not registered.'

◆ 'The Magnificent Nine!'
In addition to the performers of Sadao Abe, Eita, Satoshi Tsumabuki, Yuko Takeuchi, and Ryuhei Matsuda, the movie 'The Magnificent Nine! '. The main character, Jusaburo Kumedaya, played by Sadao Abe, ran for election and launched a new party. The appearance of throwing private property and confronting the government in order to save the poor Yoshioka inn may be the ideal leader that Japan seeks.

◆ 24:00 at Asamori's house
The official website of the latest work of the 'Rokuhara' brand 'Asamori-san's 24 o'clock' that all the heroines are assassins ... is the website of the TV anime 'Girls Beyond the Wasteland'. This game was made by the main characters who challenge to make eroge.

◆ [Breaking News] Chino City, Nagano Prefecture has been renamed to 'Hut City'! Japan's first 'city name naming rights', SuMiKa won the bid! | Sumika Magazine | SuMiKa
House-building matching service SuMiKa won the bid for the naming rights of the city of 'Chino City' and decided to change the name to 'Hut City'. To commemorate the name change of the hut city, we have started selling new specialties 'Bamboo shoot hut' and 'Mushroom hut'.

◆ Girlfriend (Onpu) official website
The April 1st limited 'Challenge from the President' has started for the sound game 'Girl Friend Beta' where the characters of the social game 'Girl Friend Beta' for smartphones sing and dance.

When you start the app, the president says, 'I'm going to watch the daily song!'

You can play a version of 'Fun Tokimeki' with the help of Akio Otsuka, who is the voice of the chairman.

Also, when the app is launched on April 1, 'SR Takegami Soshiro (CV: Akio Otsuka)' will be given as an attendance bonus ...

You can get the costume 'Chairman's Mask'.

◆ Movie 'Terra Formars'
A poster in collaboration with the movie 'Batman VS Superman Justice Birth' currently being released has been released on the official website of the movie 'Terra Formars' which will be released on April 29, 2016 (Friday).

By the way,

the poster of 'Batman vs Superman: The Birth of Justice ' looks like this.

◆ Riki Takeuchi inaugurated as director of organization Movie / channel RIKI opened | Channel NECO special site
It was announced that the CS movie channel 'Movie Channel NECO' operated by Nikkatsu Co., Ltd. will be renamed to 'Movie Channel RIKI' on April 1, 2016.

A greeting movie from Mr. Riki Takeuchi, who became the director of the organization, has been uploaded on YouTube. In addition, Riki Takeuchi, the director of the organization, started broadcasting his first title program 'Riki Takeuchi, I started' and organized '24-hour Riki Takeuchi !!' Has been decided.

Riki Takeuchi becomes the director of the organization! Open today! 'Movie / Channel RIKI' --YouTube

◆ Wizardry Online --The mystery of Takashi (who?)
The impregnable royal road RPG ' Wizardry Online-Thou shalt not forget to die- ' is now an impregnable royal road shooter.

The operation is keyboard + mouse. It's pretty difficult.

◆ Launched '3D My Face Designer' that allows you to easily perform cosmetic surgery at home
Megasoft, which sells software for PCs such as 3D home designers, interior designers, and 3D office designers, has released '3D My Face Designer'. 3D My Face Designer is a 3D printer that supports iPS cells, and you can easily generate living face parts such as nose and ears and perform cosmetic surgery at home.

No surgery is required, just attach the output 3D parts to your face. Sean Imachi, CEO who used 3D My Face Designer, is also this doya face.

◆ Anime 'Toy with stuffed animals! 』\
The decision to broadcast the spring 2206 anime 'Stuffed Toys!' Has been announced. 'Our Honmaru is always-' Plush toys '', and you can enjoy the slapstick training of 'Stuffed toys' with their souls in the Honmaru aiming for God.

Along with the announcement, the official website has also started.

◆ Kaynes Elmeroi Archbolt
' Fate / Zero ' of the characters of Keinesu-Erumeroi arch bolt sword dancing , fleet collection - ship this - - Idol Master SideM - Fate / Grand Order that you have emergency participated in was found. The following is a tweet from a user who encountered Kaynes Elmeroi Archbolt, which seems to be haunting everywhere. In the direction of not thinking about details such as 'Oh, a sword? A magic ship ...?'

◆ Burn! !! Professional baseball (commonly known as Bases Loaded)
The professional baseball game 'Bases Loaded !! Professional Baseball (commonly known as Burning Pro)' released in 1987 has been released in VR.

It is said that it will be played using a dedicated bat and VR goggles, and a play movie has been released.

Burn! !! Professional Baseball VR-YouTube

◆ The Idolmaster Cinderella Girls Starlight Stage (Deleste) | Bandai Namco Entertainment Official Website
At the 'Idolmaster Cinderella Girls Starlight Stage', a music game for smartphones, an extra community called 'A Certain Clerk's Day' has appeared on April 1st only ...

Chihiro, who should be a clerk, sings and dances.

◆ Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Engineering, Mie University | We have developed a high-performance white ink that strongly supports research promotion!
The Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Engineering, Mie University has announced the latest research promotion support white ink 'Shin Choke'.

This thin choke is a versatile choke that can be used for various purposes such as scheduling in the laboratory, coding / debugging, determining the cleaning duty of the laboratory, and scribbling for taking a break. It is a product that is packed with the research results of the Department of Information Engineering, which is equipped with an intelligent unit 'Shinchok Lambda' that combines various sensors originally developed by the Department of Information Engineering and an ultra-compact high-performance CPU.

◆ Latest device for busy moms | OM2 CHANNEL
Yumemi Co., Ltd. has released the latest diaper-type wearable device 'OM2 (diaper) channel'.

The OM2 channel is the latest device equipped with a power button projection lens, IC chip, and motion sensor. If there is an OM2 channel, it will be possible to collect information while raising children.

You can check what kind of commercialization of OM2 channel is from the following movie.


◆ ISLAND | Frontwing
The super popular work ' Berlin is a bell ' serialized on Akita Shoten's free comic site ' Champion Tap! ' Will be released on April 28 (Thursday) from the front wing that worked on 'The Fruit of Grisaia / Labyrinth / Paradise' etc. I am jacking the official website of the beautiful girl novel game ' ISLAND'.

The official website of ISLAND before being jacked looks like this. In addition, a collaboration 4-frame manga drawn by Nyaromeron, the creator of 'Berlin is a bell', is a Champion tap! It will be published in. The first part will be released on Thursday, April 7th, and the second part will be released on Thursday, April 21st.

◆ Cooking Fighter Hao | Official Website | Nippon Ichi Software
Nippon Ichi Software, which develops game software for PS4, has renewed the official website of 'Cooking Fighter Hao, the cook of flames', which is the origin of the company, for the first time in 18 years, in line with April Fool's Day on April 1. I am. Really.

A unique genre that shakes the world, 'cooking action'! !! !! !! With that said, the introductions that convey the content of the game that is too hot to pick up are written in a row.

Furthermore, in commemoration of the renewal, the 'Soul Lie Review Battle ☆ Campaign' is being held, and even if you are an unplayed cooking fighter, if you have a soul, you can get meat equivalent to 8 million hao by lottery if you tweet the lie review. I will. Anyone can easily apply because all you have to do is add the hashtag '

#Hao Lie Review' on Twitter and tweet the impressions of the cooking fighter.

◆ Ore Tower ~ Over Legend Endless Tower ~ Official Special Page --DMM Online Game
At the tower construction RPG 'Ore Tower', a campaign is underway to win a full-scale anthropomorphic figure of the large construction machine 'Bucket Wheel Excavator' with a total length of 220 m, a total height of 96 m, and a total weight of 12340 tons. It is said that one person will win the lottery, but a vast land is required to install the figure.

◆ One Million People's Nobunaga's Ambition | Notice from Management
The online game 'One Million People's Nobunaga's Ambition' reports that Oda Nobunaga became the first prime minister of the Sengoku daimyo.

A special news movie is also available.

Oda new cabinet established! 'One Million People's Nobunaga's Ambition' --YouTube

◆ Basic free online game 'RED STONE'
In the free-to-play MMORPG 'RED STONE', the participation of the new character 'Abbot' has been announced. He is a 'lonely investigator who keeps chasing his nemesis,' and fights with overwhelming destructive power and legal power to destroy evil.

◆ The latest work in the Atelier series 'Gust-chan's Atelier'
The official Twtter account of Koei Tecmo Holdings' Gust brand has tweeted a newspaper reporting the release decision of 'Gasuto-chan's Atelier', the latest work in the Atelier series.

◆ Fully automated novels !? Strie announces the development of Textroid [Fumi Shodai (Kakuyo Fumi)].
'Street ', a service that allows you to read and post new forms of reading materials that combine texts and illustrations, has announced the development of a textroid 'Fumi Shodai' that creates novels fully automatically.

'In partnership with world-famous literary awards such as the Noble Literary Award and the World Library Literary Award, we analyze the writing styles of the works of eastern and western writers and works that have been nominated so far, and create a database. With the cooperation of Mr. Kovic Ichirota, we succeeded in contacting about 1000 civilizations of extraterrestrial planets, received local masterpieces and famous works, and recorded them in the database. The text was created, and it became possible to create a truly cosmic hit work. 'To use it, just wear a headgear for reading brain waves on your head. When attached, the headgear reads the world view of the work from the user's brain waves, and then AI seems to write the work fully automatically.

◆ Launched the world's most painful beer, 'Punishment Tea IPA'. The punishment game 'That Tea' Saves the Beer Industry's Hop Shortage !? | What's New | Original Craft Beer Shop [Sankt Gallen]
Sankt Gallen, which brews and sells local beer, sells the beer 'Punishment Tea IPA', which is probably the most bitter in the world. Unlike ordinary hops, it uses a tea called Kudingcha.

Punishment Tea IPA is a sparkling liquor with an alcohol content of 6%. In addition, Sankt Gallen really made beer like a lie on April 1st and sells it for 24 hours only, and this product is also like a lie, but it is really on sale. In addition, sales will end after April 1st or when the limited number of 3000 bottles are sold out. It is sold from 1680 yen including tax for 2 bottles.

◆ The Lord of Japan Chronicle
The social game 'Lord of Japan Chronicle' with local and beautiful illustrations has changed the service name to 'Lord of Japan Clinic' with the cooperation of Mr. Katsuya Takasu, the director of Takasu Clinic as an advisor.

Furthermore, in commemoration of the service name change, a new soldier 'Katsuya Takasu' has appeared.

◆ Official website of the movie 'Sing My Life'
The 'Otori Photo Studio' that appears in the movie is a mysterious photo studio that instantly rejuvenates when you take a commemorative photo. Along with that, a 20-year-old photo of Yoichi Nukumizu, who played the owner, has been released.

◆ Shu Nyan City
Shunan City, Yamaguchi Prefecture has changed its name to 'Shunyan City' on April 1, 2016.

Along with this, Kenichiro Kimura, the mayor of Shu Nyan, held a press conference. The fact of the mayor's shock is revealed.

Shunan City will be Shunan City. --YouTube

In addition, a promotional video of the city of Shu Nyan has been released.

Shu Nyan City PV --YouTube

◆ Urgent recruitment Unofficial newspaper club operative recruitment!
Bishoujo game brand ' Circus ' is looking for an unofficial newspaper club operative.

You can receive the command by entering the code name in the text box below.

◆ Important announcement! | Don Quixote
Discount store Don Quijote has launched a promotion for alien tourists.

According to a survey by Don Quijote, the number of visitors to Japan from space will increase significantly in the future, and alien sales are expected to reach 410 trillion yen and 410 billion yen by 2XXX.

The following space communication equipment is used for promotion to aliens.

You can check how you are using the space communication equipment from the following movie.

Don Quijote Space Communication-YouTube

In addition, we plan to open the 'Don Quijote Space Station Store' in 2XXX.

◆ Star Trek -USS Kyushu- [Star Trek series comprehensive site]
Star Trek's comprehensive fan site 'USS Kyushu' announces a special event to collect all 50 types of stamps at JA × A facilities, space museums and science museums all over Japan as a special event for the 50th anniversary of Star Trek. did.

Only No.46 is open to the public from all 50 types of stamps. The event will be held from 'April 1st' 2016 to 'April 1st' 2017. It is true that the movie 'Star Trek' will be broadcast on NHK BS Premium from 18:50 on April 2.

◆ City Information of the Dead | Let's find a future that can survive. [HOME'S]
'City information' provided by 'HOME'S ' of real estate / rental / housing information is transformed into 'City information of the dead'. We send area information to survive from zombies.

City Information of the Dead allows you to search for a city that is easy to survive, and each region's individual page contains 'ease of survival', 'expected population of zombie infections' and other information. ..

◆ The world's mystery excavation book 'Separate Volume' is launched! | Natural Tonkotsu Ramen Ichiran
The natural tonkotsu ramen specialty store 'Ichiran' has published a mystery excavation book 'Separate Volume'.

According to the separate volume, a 'taste concentration counter' was drawn on the mural painting found in the Kamadare region of Egypt. In addition, the appearance of the person in the mural holding a bowl is clearly included.

In addition, Ichiran-related mystery seems to be fully posted in the separate volume, such as the excavation of Ichiran Donburi, which is thought to be the oldest in Japan, from the bottom of the Naka River that flows through the sandbar of Fukuoka.

◆ Splatoon
Splatoon's official Twitter account has announced the release of 'Ikas Yatai,' which is a reasonably priced mobile battle booth 'Ikas' used at Splatoon Koshien. Although the Ikas stall is small, one can play Splatoon at the same time for up to four people, and if you purchase two, you can play against eight people. In addition, please wait for the follow-up report regarding the release date and price.

◆ It is operating as usual today. | Engan Bus Co., Ltd.
The 'Coastal Bus', which operates regular and long-distance buses, will hand over the 'Moekko Wrapping Bus' with Rina-chan's school swimsuit and sailor suit, so we are looking for one applicant. ..

◆ 'Bikkuriman Day' special project !! | Surprise Man Official Homepage
Lotte Co., Ltd. has decided to manufacture 'Big Reman' with a super-large size Bikkuriman seal with a side of 13.4m on April 1st, which is 'Bikkuriman Day' established in 2015.

According to the developer, when he was thinking about how to make surprised man fans all over the world happy, he said that the development started because he thought, 'Oh, I should just make it bigger.'

In addition, it seems that there will be a campaign to win 'Big Rubber Band for Big Reman' or 'Angel and Devil Big File' on a first-come, first-served basis.

MINI Japan has announced the 'THE NEW MINI CONVERTIBLE UK WEATHER Package', a car that allows you to experience the weather in various parts of the UK in real time.

Equipped with the in-vehicle weather control system 'MINI-WEATHER-CONNECTED' linked with API data of weather information, the weather in England, the birthplace of MINI, is reproduced in real time in the cabin.

The price of the 'THE NEW MINI CONVERTIBLE UK WEATHER Package' is 32 yen including tax.

◆ Puzzle! Site operated by Sudoku Nikoli []
There is a bug on '' where you ask 4 or more puzzles and sudoku questions every day and about 130 questions every month. It is said that all the puzzles published on will be eaten as it is, and the management side is asking the user for cooperation.

To cooperate with the operation and help get rid of the bugs , download and print the (PDF file)

'Paz Glasses' creation kit , and use this to defeat the bugs.

◆ TV anime 'Lost Village-Mayoiga-'
The squid girl is lost on the official page of the TV anime 'Lost Village-Mayuga-' scheduled to start broadcasting on WOWWOW Prime and others from April 1, 2016.

◆ Official website of the movie 'Psychic Doctor and Erased Memories'
The official website of the movie 'Psychic Doctor and Erased Memories' starring Adrien Brody has been transformed into an Eagle Nose sales page supervised by Psychic Doctor. The catch phrase is 'Now you too are Brody's fascinating eagle nose!'.

◆ Chain Chronicle-New World of Bonds-AR Japanese Islands
The smartphone game 'Chain Chronicle' has released 'Chain Chronicle-Kizuna no Shinkoku-AR Japanese Islands' that can be played on the real stage with AR function implemented.

It has an AR function and characters will appear in the real world.

A brewery will appear at the bar.

In addition, we would like to sell special goods such as the epoch-making contact lens 'Chain Chronicle Contact' that projects the augmented reality world into the field of view.

◆ Shin-Ra Company, extraordinary loss of 670 billion yen due to fraudulent accounting

Shin-Ra Company, which is undergoing restructuring due to improper accounting treatment, has announced that it will record an extraordinary loss of 670 billion yen as structural reform expenses. In addition, the medical business, which the company has been focusing on as a new business area, has already been decided to be sold, and Umbrella, a major pharmaceutical company, is considering acquisition.

◆ Strengthen health management to realize 'maximization of living opportunities'! Started a system to maximize opportunities for 'hair styling,' 'lung activity,' and 'cleanliness.'
ZIGEXN Co., Ltd. has established an in-house system to maximize three new health opportunities ('hairdressing opportunity', 'lung activity opportunity', and 'cleanliness opportunity') with the aim of 'maximizing living opportunities', which is our corporate philosophy. have started. As a measure to maximize 'hair styling opportunities', each employee will have a dedicated hairdresser to check the condition of their hair and provide thorough support for their ideal styling. In order to maximize 'lung activity opportunity', they will breathe into each other to cool off when it gets hot for training to increase vital capacity. He also revealed that part of the office space will be piloted into a sterile room (class 1000) to maximize cleanliness opportunities.

◆ Born from customer feedback! Mono Cleaner 2! MonotaRO Co., Ltd.
MonotaRO, an e-commerce site for businesses, has succeeded in contacting Unmo Alien and introduced the latest technology called Unmo Technology, and announced 'Monota Cleaner 2', which is an evolution of Mono Cleaner.

You can understand what kind of product Mono Cleaner 2 is by watching the following movie.

[Products handled by MonotaRO? ] Mono Cleaner 2! --YouTube

Monocleaner 2 is 14,800 yen including tax for Jungarian and 25,000 yen for Golden. In addition, users who actually used the product disagreed, saying, 'I was able to suck the grizzly bear, but I couldn't suck the bride,' 'I sucked in the rain clouds,' and 'I don't care about the function.'

◆ Born from customer feedback! Mono Cleaner 2! MonotaRO Co., Ltd.
MonotaRO, an e-commerce site for businesses, has succeeded in contacting Unmo Alien and introduced the latest technology called Unmo Technology, and announced 'Monota Cleaner 2', which is an evolution of Mono Cleaner.

You can understand what kind of product Mono Cleaner 2 is by watching the following movie.

[Products handled by MonotaRO? ] Mono Cleaner 2! --YouTube

Monocleaner 2 is 14,800 yen including tax for Jungarian and 25,000 yen for Golden. In addition, users who actually used the product disagreed, saying, 'I was able to suck the grizzly bear, but I couldn't suck the bride,' 'I sucked in the rain clouds,' and 'I don't care about the function.'

◆ Nissan Yakisoba USO
On the official page of Nissin Yakisoba UFO , there is a breaking news that 'a flying object developed by NISSAN and NISSIN crash landed on NISSEN'.

Details can be found in one shot by looking at the following extraordinary news.

A flying object created by NISSAN and NISSIN crash-lands on NISSEN-YouTube

◆ No need for top and bottom! Ryo-Ohki 4th Term Official Site
It has been decided that the live-action version of 'Tenchi Useless! It is scheduled to be released in 2016 of space history.

◆ CAPCOM: Cytus Ω [Cytus Omega] official website
Capcom's arcade game ' Cytus Ω ' has changed to 'Cytus Ω' if you look closely. If you look closely, the illustrations have rice cakes and 'mochi' stamps that are reminiscent of rice cakes, and they are completely transformed into citrus toys.

◆ DODA (@DODA_tenshoku) | Twitter
The job change site DODA will support not only humans but also animals to change jobs. The official Twitter account has a photo of Rokusaburo-kun, who has successfully changed jobs from a cat to a sheep.

In addition, a photo of Coco-chan, who changed her job from a cat to a sheep, has been uploaded to DODA's official Facebook account.

DODA has decided to support not only human career changes, but also animal career changes. This is Coco-chan (2 years old) who changed her job from a cat to a sheep. #Cat #Sheep #April Fool's Day

Posted by DODA March 31, 2016

◆ Yuki Yanagita Registration Name Change Notice | Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks Official Site
Yuki Yanagita, who belongs to the Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks, has revealed that the registered name will be changed to 'Gita 40-40' (reading is 'Gita' or 'Gita Forty Forty') from April 1st. In addition, Gita 40-40 player said, 'Fans, teammates, and directors still call me' Gita ', so I thought that this could be the registered name. , I don't feel awkward about changing the registered name. I asked him to include 40-40, which is the goal for this term in terms of notation, but it's long, so it's OK with just Gita. 'I'll do it! Wow!' He said with a serious expression.

◆ Portable furniture capsules! | Furniture mail order Roya
Roya, a furniture mail order company, announced the portable furniture capsule '608 Ap-01' on April 1, 2016. This is a dream item that compresses furniture and stores it in a palm-sized capsule like the Hoi Poi capsule that appears in a certain manga, and 6 pieces of furniture totaling 130 kg over, inside a capsule of only 120 g It is said that it can be compressed and stored in.

◆ Cross / Love-Ru-Love and cards are serious games! ~
In collaboration with the trading card game 'Z / X -Zillions of enemy X-' by Broccoli Co., Ltd. and 'WIXOSS -Wicross-' by TAKARATOMY Co., Ltd., we announced the love simulation 'Cross x Toraburu'.

You can check the trailer of Cross x To Love-Ru from the following movie.

Cross x To Love-Ru Opening Movie-YouTube

◆ WEB only! Bra Paide Kana-le Committing to Big Breasts
On the underwear mail order site 'Emefeel', 'Brassiere that commits to big breasts' and 'Paidekana-ru' are available only on April 1st.

It is said that the moment you wear Paidekana-ru, the bust will become plump and huge breasts. It's a dream bra for some people who just wear it and the X cup goes up.

◆ National Otonokizaka Gakuin Website
A site that looks like the official site of Otonokizaka Gakuin, which was the setting for 'Love Live!', Has appeared. A pop-up is displayed when you try to view each content, and you can tell that it is April Fool's Day.

It seems that one of the love rivers created it, but after the site was released, I suddenly muttered 'What should I do with this account ...'.

◆ MHF-G official website | [Breaking news] Mega individuals, hunting ban lifted
In Monster Hunter Frontier G, the series quest 'Mizuki and Mega Individual Survey!' Has been lifted. The quest is a limited delivery on April 1st, and seems to be in the 'Limited time quest → Event quest'.

Private Explore Academy [MHXRS] Promotion Site
It has been revealed that Monster Hunter's smartphone app 'Monster Hunter Explore' will be reborn as a girls hunting action 'Private Explore Academy'.

You can check the PV of Private Explore Academy from the following movie.

Private Explore School 'Promotional Movie'-YouTube

It is a shocking image that a high school girl in uniform is running on the map to hunt monsters.

◆ [New release] ★ April 1 April Fool's Day product ★ Effective for 41 snow crabs Echizen crab wholesaler, right?
Fukui Prefecture Echizen / Wakasa fish shop 'Echizen crab wholesaler Masune' will sell 'Reb Crab (Red Club)', a crab energy drink containing active ingredients for 41 snow crabs from April 1st. I am. The selling price is 41 yen including tax, but it is already sold out.

◆ 2016/4/1 Silver Second New Development Announcement Special Site
It has been decided that the forced side-scrolling RPG ' One Way Heroics ', which has achieved 600,000 downloads worldwide, will be made into a book and TRPG. It's a lie, but it's true.

◆ Gorilla Times
The name of the 2ch summary site Golden Times has been changed to 'Gorilla Times'.

All the latest articles uploaded on April 1st were gorilla related.

The official portal site of the trading card game 'Card Fight !! Vanguard' provided by Bushiroad has been transformed into the official fan club page of RUMMY LABYRINTH that appears in the work. On the fan club page, the release of the first idol booster 'RUMMY LABYRINTH' and the development of the card fight !! virtual reality system ' Gearce ' are revealed, and at the same time , how to make Rummy Labyrinth support goods is also introduced.

A video commemorating the opening of the Rummy Labyrinth fan club is also available on YouTube.

Rummy Labyrinth Fan Club Opening Commemorative Video-YouTube

◆ TV anime 'Joker Game' official website
Enter the name of the institution that appears in the work, one-byte alphanumeric characters and uppercase letters, and press 'CLICK' ...

A visual that looks completely different from the usual one has appeared.

◆ Happy Love Official Website
The large-player multiplayer war action game 'Happy Wars' has been renamed to 'Happy Love'. With the name change, the game content has also changed significantly to 'romance simulation'.

The game system is an orthodox one in which the correct choice is selected in conversation.

In addition, special wallpapers and SNS icons are distributed free of charge.

◆ Hanayamata TV Anime Official Website
The official website of the TV anime 'Hanayamata' has been transformed into 'Machiwabita'.

In April Fool's Day 2015, Ofuna Masaru was in the place where the gusset should be in the main visual of the official website, so in 2016 the gusset has jacked the page alone.

For some reason, an image of a magazine cover-like design is also available. The name of the magazine is 'Ane Sari', and it is full of various things.

◆ April Fool's 2016 'Liar is the beginning of a lover' JSN rental server
JSN Rental Server is a remake of the Flash game 'Liar is the Beginning of a Lover' released on April Fool's Day in 2008.

The opening song has been cut and is now available on YouTube instead.

Liar is the beginning of a lover Theme song 'Please give me Yuuki' --YouTube

◆ Future Card Buddy Fight
The official page of Bushiroad's trading card game 'Future Card Buddy Fight' has been transformed into 'Future Card Buddy Fight Asmodeus'. Three new information is released on the same page ...

The first information is that the new program 'Future Card Buddy Fight Asmodei' will start broadcasting on the Zenmakai Net. All cast members are Asmodei, and they will start broadcasting on TV Super Aichi / TV Super East Surprise Nationwide & Zenmakai Net from April 1st (Friday).

The second is the appearance of the first Asmodei Diabolic Booster, '

Ore-sama Festival'. Both familiar characters and long-awaited new characters are all available in a rainy day pack that has become Asmodei.

The third is the release of the new game 'Buddy Fight Change the Buddy,' in which the appearances of humans and buddies are interchanged. It is said that this will be GAENDO 4DM dedicated software.

◆ We have started to provide the Ω version of the 'voice notification function' that Ai Sakuraba notifies you of server creation and startup completion | Sakura Cloud News
It is said that the Ω (omega) version of the voice notification function that Sakura Internet's two-dimensional employee Ai Sakuraba will notify you when the server is created and started is released only on April 1st.

◆ 5pb.Games
It seems that someone has hacked the official website of '5pb.Games', which handles the 'STEINS; GATE' series.

You can even see things like Crow's ASCII art.

This is because Crow, who appears in the latest work 'ANONYMOUS; CODE' of the 'STEINS; GATE' series production team, has jacked the official website of 5pb.Games.

Because the entire site was hacked, the banner of an impossible game called 'STEINS; GATE BALL' scheduled to be released in the spring of 2051 ...

A message from Crow was displayed in the middle of the page.

In addition, when

I checked the official website of ANONYMOUS; CODE, the super hacker appearing in STEINS; GATE was reverse jacking.

◆ Chekaranger Blog ≫ To introduce speed limit
The speed limit of 80km / h will be set on the racing course of Fuji Sports Way. Until now, it was a course that could reach a maximum speed of 300 km / h, but by setting a limit, battles will be fought on the same ground from light cars to supercars, beginners to professional drivers.

◆ Groove Coaster 3 LINK FEVER (Arcade version) GROOVE COASTER 3 LINK FEVER --Official website
Groove Coaster 3 On the official website of Link Fever, the decision to operate 'Groove Coaster 4/1' has been announced.

The navigating character 'Linker' has also undergone a major renewal. In addition, a limited Edy card gift campaign is underway to commemorate the 4/1 operation decision.

Of course, we also announce it on our official Twitter account.

Furthermore, an April Fool's limited event is being held in the smartphone app 'Groove Coaster 2'.

◆ Tayutama 2 animation decision!
Seven years have passed since the animation of 'Tayutama', and finally the long-awaited animation of 'Tayutama 2' has been announced. It seems that the broadcast will start in April 20017, so it will be difficult to see it unless it becomes the body of a machine or something. The original PC game 'Tayutama 2' is scheduled to be released on May 27, 2016.

◆ Beni Koi Engi Yume Toreba Meiji Illusion Kitan
The online crane game 'Toreba' will be reborn as a female romance simulation game 'Kurenai Engei Yume Toreba Meiji Genso Kitan'.

In the rapidly changing turbulent Meiji era, a mysterious case occurred in which young people were caught as 'prize'. The protagonists who attend the military academy 'Ayaba Ayumu Gakuen' under the government, where only those with special abilities gather, solve a mysterious case ...

In addition, the trailer of 'Red Love Engi Yume Trevor Meiji Genso Kitan' can be confirmed from the following movie.

Toreba romance game 'Red love romance dream Toreba -Meiji fantasy Kitan-' --YouTube

◆ Silver Empire | Silver Sara
In the home-delivery sushi 'Gin no Sara', a Star Wars-style page entitled 'Silver Empire TEH EMPIRE OF SILVER' has appeared.

Synopsis full of Tsukkomi place. It seems that the secretary of 'dark sushi' was unearthed from the unopened warehouse in the company, and the most erratic person in silver was obsessed with the dark side of sushi and was obsessed with infinite power.

Skilled sushi masters look like they've fallen to the dark side.

◆ Aikatsu! Photo on stage! !! (Photo cut!) | BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment official website
Aikatsu! Photo on stage! !! On the official website of, 'Photo cutlet! Men's unit appeared!', It has transformed into a lot of men's characters.

Live simulation videos by men's units are also available on the official Twitter account.

◆ Nippon Guitar | Rittor Music x Shinko Music
Rittor Music, familiar from 'Guitar Magazine,' and Shinko Music Entertainment, known for 'Young Guitar' and 'Giggs,' have collaborated beyond their rivals, and the two companies have jointly launched 'Nippon Guitar.' Was announced. The cover illustration is by animator Hiroyuki Terao.

◆ Howes Japan announces furniture equipped with artificial intelligence
American-born housing design and remodeling platform '

Houzz Japan ' announced the provision of furniture 'Houzz Smartz' equipped with artificial intelligence (AI). The first is the AI-equipped cushion. What? You can see if it is a thing by watching the following movie.

Howes Smart-YouTube

It feels like the number of people living together who are a little noisy has increased.

◆ rti Giken Update
Rti Giken, which develops home control devices based on voice recognition, has developed a technology that integrates games and home appliances, and has released a demo site.

Using the new technology developed by the company, it is possible to turn off the electricity in the real world when the electric switch is turned off in the game. The tools used are 'WOLF_RPG_Editor2' and 'Future Home Controller', and although it is a technology for April Fool's Day, it works properly.

◆ Bahamut Crisis Zero
Yuna, the main heroine of Kizuna X Brave, will be transferred to the browser game 'Bahamut Crisis Zero ', which was collaborating with 'Explosion ★ Collaboration !! Kizuna X Brave' until March 31st. Information is flowing.

◆ Interesting article world tremor !? Daily Portal Z has become a viral media topic! --Buzzley Portal Z: @nifty
Daily Portal Z became viral media on April 1, 2016, and the name has been changed to 'Buzzley Portal Z'.

Yuji Hayashi, the webmaster of Buzzley Portal Z, explains on Twitter the reason for his transition to viral media:

The official website 'SYSKEN ONLINE' of the Tsuyama National College of Technology System Research Department has been reborn as the 'Idol Research Department' by changing the research target from systems to idols.

When you open the official website, you will see a logo called 'School Mascot Festivals' that you have seen somewhere, so click on it.

Click to start the sound game.

You can check why you were reborn as an idol research department from the following entry.

Tsuyama National College of Technology Idol Research Department Bomb! !! ? SYSKEN ONLINE

◆ Tsukiusa. Animated decision! Broadcast started in 20017!
It has been revealed that 'Tsukiuta. ', The mascot of 'Tsukiuta.', Will be broadcast from 20017 due to the decision to animate.

◆ Muscle channel 'Muscle Plus'
The CS movie channel 'Movie Plus (M +)' has been reborn as a muscle channel 'Muscle Plus (M +)'.

The program schedule is lined with world-famous muscle movies, TV muscle drama series, and timeless muscle masterpieces.

◆ Zenrin Dog NAVI [dog] | Zenrin Datacom Co., Ltd.
'Inumo NAVI [dog]' of 'Walking Navi for Dogs' created from road surface data collected by about 300,000 survey dogs nationwide while fighting the pain of paws has been released.

It is a very convenient app for people living with dogs, which calculates the road surface temperature from the building data held by Zenrin and the weather and sunshine hours of the day, and detects the optimal route and time for a walk. In addition, there is also a function to create a natural encounter by searching for a place where the walking route overlaps with the opposite sex dog you care about.

◆ CoD series first music game 'Call of Duty: Specialists (♪)' launched today | EAA !! --FPS News
The first music game in the CoD series, 'Call of Duty: Specialists (♪),' will be available on April 1st. It is a rhythm game where you tap a button to the music while watching the dances of specialists such as Ruin and Outrider appearing in 'Call of Duty: Black Ops 3'.

Furthermore, the emblem contest of 'Call of Duty: Black Ops 3' was held, and the winning works were decided .... An unofficial story by the blog 'EAA !!' dealing with FPS information.

◆ \ Tempura with Tepra! ?? / We have developed 'Tempura' PRO, which allows you to quickly make freshly fried tempura just by entering the ingredients you want to eat.
King Jim has developed a new product, 'Tempura' PRO, which allows you to quickly make freshly fried tempura just by entering the name of the ingredients you want to eat. If you enter 'shrimp heaven', freshly fried shrimp heaven will appear from the side of the main body, and you can also fried anything else such as pumpkin and eggplant.

◆ Please sign a petition for a bill to approve the marriage to a 2D character.
'Two-dimensional is the next dimension. We are worried about the current situation where we cannot get married even though we are in the world right next to us.' We are petitioning the Cabinet Office for a bill to approve the marriage to the character.

There is a form like this at the bottom of the web page, you can enter your name and the name of 'my wife' and send it, but in reality the name of 'my wife' is aggregated It is said that it will not be sent as a signature.

◆ [April 1] Good news for Japanese magnesium deficiency, launch of the world's first 'magnesium alloy straw' that allows you to ingest magnesium just by using it | Makuru MACRW Co., Ltd.
From Makuru, which is developing products that utilize magnesium alloys, a 'magnesium alloy straw' that allows you to ingest magnesium just by using it has appeared. Magnesium dissolves in the drink from the inside of the straw, and a strong bitterness (taste of bitter fertilizer) spreads throughout the mouth. After using it, you can insert it in a potted plant and use it as fertilizer for hard soil, and the price is 10,000 yen including tax.

◆ Equipped with the latest fate sensing technology! 'UNMEI-0401' (April Fools 2016) --YouTube

A girl rushing to school on the verge of being late. The bread in the mouth is equipped with the fate sensing technology 'UNMEI-0401'.

While I was in a hurry, the bread suddenly began to tremble.

Pulled by bread ...


UNMEI-0401 will forcibly bring you to the destined person.

◆ Cat, urgent recruitment! RECRUIT | ibma Co., Ltd.
Design company ibma, which is so busy that it is busy and wants to get help from cats, has started recruiting cat employees. In addition to 'cats aiming to be first-class designers' and 'cats who like to communicate', application conditions such as 'cats that do not sleep at work' and 'cats that are not misled by cats' seem to be important. ..

◆ [Released today! ] Engineer's Q & A Beyond 'terasoul'
The programming language Q & A community 'terasoul' has evolved.

That is 'R & B tera soul'.

'I don't want to leave the house ...' 'What is she ...' 'There is no light every day ...' 'I haven't spoken for another week ...' 'I have no emotions ...' to save the engineer. 'R & B CLUB set' was prepared for

VR glasses, a mirror ball, and a speaker are included in the set, which will help you solve the above problems at once.

◆ (PDF file) [Urgent release of Taste and Fragrance Strategy Research Institute] Succeeded in developing 'Ajigo no Mi / Likes and Dislikes Database'! World peace with taste likes and dislikes data!
Succeeded in visualizing individual food likes and dislike patterns based on the 'taste data' of foods collected over 10 years. To identify likes and dislikes, first answer the favorite foods for each of the six food groups such as 'rice balls' and 'fruits'.

By analyzing the taste data of sweetness, sourness, umami, saltiness, bitterness, and astringency of your favorite foods and synthesizing the taste data of 6 types of foods, you can identify your likes and dislikes of taste.

By visualizing the taste likes and dislikes of humankind, men and women who are engaged in marriage can use it as a criterion for selecting a partner, and food manufacturers can develop products for overseas by utilizing taste likes and dislike data by country. It is possible.

◆ TOPVALU TOPVALU - Hello! In this season, if you ride a bicycle, the warm spring breeze feels good ~ ♪ ... | Facebook
On the TOPVALU Facebook page, it was emphasized that TOPVALU bicycles can run on water.

◆ MBC Development Co., Ltd.
MBC Development Co., Ltd., a multi-industry conglomerate rooted in the Kagoshima region, has entered the 'mega parasol' business as a countermeasure against ash fall caused by the eruption of Sakurajima. It catches the vibration of Sakurajima, and in just 30 seconds from the eruption, a huge parasol with a height of 315 (Saigo) m opens, catching ash with a fine groove on the surface and protecting the lives of citizens from volcanic ash.

The MBC-developed mega parasol business has a front-page advertisement in the South Japan Newspaper, a local newspaper in Kagoshima Prefecture. It is the first time that April Fool's Day has appeared in the South Japan Newspaper since it was first published in 1942.

◆ Tomytec Co., Ltd.
Tomix's early masterpiece 'Kaga Domain Daimyo Procession Full Train Set', which will celebrate its 400th anniversary in 2016, has been renewed and commercialized. For the first time only, 40 spectators (common people) will be included.

The organization line is as follows, and the price is 10,400 yen for the Kaga Domain Daimyo Procession Basic Set, 7,200 yen for the Kaga Domain Daimyo Procession Add-on Set A, and 17,600 yen for the Kaga Domain Daimyo Procession Add-on Set B.

◆ Seasonal campaign: Macadamia nuts with shell-splitting craftsmen released | Australian Macadamia Association
The Australian Macadamia Association has released 'Macadamia Nuts with Shell-Splitting Craftsmen' to provide macadamia nuts with less oxidation and even more deliciousness. The macadamia nut shell, which is said to be the hardest in the world, can be broken by a mofumofu squirrel.

To eat macadamia nuts, the four steps of 'ask the craftsman to split the shell,' 'wait for about 5 minutes,' 'receive carefully,' and 'praise the craftsman' are important. In addition, it seems that there are individual differences in the skill of craftsmen's shell splitting.

◆ 787 --A site that delivers crush
The website of the Hakotetsu Group, which has released many paper crafts for airplane models, announced on May 1 that it will release a paper craft that can make a B787 type full-scale airplane with 320,000 sheets of A4 copy paper.

Currently, it seems that the design of all the door parts has been completed. In addition, 200 sheets of copy paper are required for each door.

◆ Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry Rakugo Study Group (@ikkyo_ochiken) | Twitter
It seems that Hogwarts also had a rakugo study group.

This is originally a Twitter account of Hitotsubashi University Rakugo Study Group. It seems that there are direct trains from Kunitachi Station 9 and 3/4 line.

◆ Sun TV
Sun TV's Twitter official account tweeted that it will give up the extension of baseball broadcasting from 2016 ... I think it will be broadcast until the end of the game tonight.

◆ Save the earth with clean energy generated entirely by human power. Bicycle maker DOPPELGANGER announces entry into electric power business
Bicycle maker DOPPELGANGER has entered the electric power business in line with the liberalization of electric power retailing for households. It is a clean and healthy energy that is generated by riding a bicycle with human leg strength.

◆ Urgent recruitment! Aitior Co., Ltd. Newly established in 2016 'Personification Division'
ITOL Co., Ltd. is looking for employees of the 'Personification Division' newly established in 2016. Those who can train or summon characters, those who can work in two dimensions, those who have a second-class anthropomorphic license, etc. are eligible for recruitment.

◆ Free call app SkyPhone Public Relations Office Assistant

You can now talk to a cat by pressing the SkyPhone number '00001222'.

◆ Recruit SUUMO for real estate and housing
SUUMO, a real estate / housing information site, has been hijacked by the mischievous group 'Don Sumo Family' of SUMO.

Also, on SUUMO's official Twitter, there is a photo posted that SUMO has become much larger than a skyscraper.

◆ [Special] Jacuzzi Challenge | World of Warships
In the online naval battle strategy game 'World of Warships', there is one Japanese / American / Soviet / German ship with the motif of the character 'Captain and Goldfish' that appears in the animated 'bad example' serialized on the official website. A total of four ships are deployed at each port. If you select an event ship and participate in the special event 'Jacuzzi Challenge', you can get in-game currency and items. The event is held until 23:00 on April 11th, Japan time, so you can play even after April Fool's Day.

◆ Artificial turf season 4.1 | Record follower remove
'Human Resources', which shows the comings and goings of followers on Twitter, has been renewed as 'Artificial turf'.

◆ Researcher Tohato finally discovers 'MSPi cells' that promote rejuvenation! !!
Researcher Tohato discovered 'MSPi cells' that promote rejuvenation in the process of developing a new pea snack. When MSPi cells were injected into the pea snack 'Mamesupi Umashi Omi', the researcher's body that ate the snack rejuvenated to the size of a 3-year-old child and turned into beans.

Although it does not contain MSPi cells, the pea snack 'Mamesupi Umashi Omi' will really be on sale.

◆ Prevention and care of worm teeth 8020 | Chuchu Baby
Chuchu Baby opens a new format 'Baby Bottle Cafe' in Marunouchi for the first time.

The shop is exclusively for office workers and has the name 'Chuchu Cafe'.

It is a new type of cafe that provides healing to modern office workers who are stressful.

All the drinks provided will be provided in baby bottles of our brand 'Chuchu Baby'. In addition to taking home the used nipples, you can also bring your own nipples.

◆ Ameba | Blog & Game Let's play with more than 10,000 entertainer blogs and classic Ameba Pigg ♪
Amoeba Pigg made a large-scale renewal as 'Ameba Toy' on April 1, and the 'Pig' (avatar) that looks exactly like you changed to a packaged 'Toy'.

The game screen is filled with toys in a transparent package as shown below. Also, if you say 'toys' in the area, the appearance will change to 'toys' immediately.

When you browse the Ameba Blog from your smartphone, cute cats glance at the blog from the top of the screen. In addition, the Ameba community page is now compatible with cat language and paws due to globalization.

◆ Illustration SNS that you can draw [Chixi]
Despite opening two months earlier than a certain illustration posting site, the logo of the illustration SNS [Chixi], which is not well known and disliked, left a letter and left home.

When I checked the website, the characters disappeared from the part where the logo should be on the upper left of the screen.

◆ The One | MSI Global | Motherboard --The world leader in motherboard design
To solve the problem of PC users that 'old components must be discarded every time the platform is updated', MSI announces the next-generation modular motherboard 'The One' that is environmentally friendly.

◆ [Fastest summary] Interesting! 2016 April Fool's 'lie' summary
A fake summary site that summarizes April Fool's 'lie' has appeared.

Cemedine has succeeded in developing an adhesive that attaches feet to the ground ...

I'm trying to find one who disappeared with the song 'When I'm in the first grade'.

◆ “# Photographs and lies” created by everyone's tweets | Interesting corporation kayak
An interesting corporation, Kayac, has released a posting-type site '# Photographs and One Lie' that tweets images with a false headline. Anyone can participate by adding a lie to one of the photos they have and posting it with the hashtag '#Photo is a lie', and the theme photo prepared on the site. You can also use.

◆ Episode 1 of the new spring animation 'Mobile Suit Crossbone Gundam'

'My name is Kinkedu Kinkedu Now!'

'Is it hit? Why? The beam is hit? Why?'

'If you have two eyes and you have an antenna, the media will turn to Gundam!'

◆ Chojin Neiger Namahage & Panzer
'Namahage & Panzer' is a big hit, as Namahage gets a tank, goes beyond the level of a gold rod to a demon, visits houses with 'Warigo Heineger !!' Now showing.

'Namapan is good. Hebana.'

◆ Town BBS
The Shinkansen opening rush is happening in Machi BBS. The Yamate Shinkansen opens ...

The Hokkaido / Hokuriku Shinkansen has opened, and it takes two and a half hours between Esashi and Niigata.

◆ TV anime 'Flying Witch' official website
The anime 'Flying Witch' scheduled to start broadcasting in April 2016 is set in Aomori, so the text on the official website has been changed to Tsugaru dialect.

The story 'Makoto Kibata, 15 years old-. Aiming for a full-fledged witch.'

All introductions are Tsugaru dialect.

In addition, the character explanation is also Tsugaru dialect.

◆ [Important Notice] CGWORLD has been completely renewed from 'Computer Graphics' to 'Creator's GOHAN'! !! | News |
CGWORLD, which has provided information on digital content as a movie information magazine for 17 years from 1998, has undergone a major renewal of the magazine with the theme of 'Gohan', which is now the most important in the content industry.

To commemorate the renewal, Mr. Shuzo Shioda, President and CEO of Polygon Pictures, which leads the 3DCG scene in Japan, talks about his thoughts on the lunch box.

◆ Pokemon Geepy
In commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the serialization of Kosaku Anakubo's manga 'Pocket Monster' serialized in CoroCoro Comic, the unofficial story that the VC software for 3DS 'Pocket Monster Geepy' has appeared.

The game start screen looks like the following.

According to the Pokédex, Pippi, who has a unique expression, says, 'It's a good idea, but it's foolish.

There seems to be a scene where he fights against Pippi who has turned into a museley.

◆ Renamed to Hokkaido Anxiety Magazine? Too poor to be kicked out of the office! | Hokkaido Fan Magazine

On April 1, 2016, Hokkaido Fan Magazine seems to have been expelled from the office it had been occupying and will open an office outdoors. This is the old office ...

The new office looks like this. It's open.

◆ 2016 Summer TV Anime List Image Quail Info
Uzura Info has released a list of TV animations that will start broadcasting in the summer of 2016. Full of parody animations such as 'Love Live! XENOGLASSIA' which is a combination of Idol Master and Love Live, 'Kitarou-san' where the six children Kitaro appears, and 'Idol Master Cinderella Girls Stress Free Stage' with loose illustrations. The staff column is also filled with material.

◆ Taiyou Shuppan, Aka Boo Boo News Agency, Studio YOU Joint, Dai Aka YOU Residence to build 'World's First Doujin Tower Facility'!

The website details the Doujin Tower facility construction plan.

[Official] Taiyou Shuppan Residence │ Taiyou Shuppan, Aka Boo Boo News Agency, Studio YOU's Doujin Tower Facility │ Enjoy Doujin Activities

The tower looks like this, with a cosplay studio, residence / accommodation, and a printing factory. Furthermore, it seems that the place that is normally used as AkaYOU's office will quickly change to a 500sp-only venue on Saturdays and Sundays.

The cosplay studio is 801 meters above the ground. Located on the top floor with a sense of openness.

By saying 'a higher-grade shrine,' it will provide high-grade time and space for manuscript production before the deadline.

◆ Sheik Co., Ltd.
Mr. Seek Fakir, the Crown Prince of Barquq, who is a model of Ohzora Publishing's manga 'Tokyo Super Seek !!', has decided to form a complete business alliance with Ohzora Publishing. Ohzora Publishing Co., Ltd. has become 'Sheik Co., Ltd.'

Sheikh Co., Ltd. has announced that the fashion magazine 'Sheik' for celebrities will be newly launched on April 9, and the first issue will include a gold nugget of 12 kg.

◆ Kuso Miso Technique is animated
Kuso Miso Technique will be animated and will start broadcasting on August 10, 2016.

◆ Qoon | Curation media that enriches your life with your dog
The site 'Qoon', which publishes contents of dogs and cats, will develop contents that can touch the charm of various kinds of jellyfish from April 1 in order to spread the splendor of jellyfish to the world.

◆ Kawasaki Frontale Staff Official Account
Kawasaki Frontale apologized that this year was not the 20th anniversary of its founding, but the 200th anniversary of its founding.

When you open the LINE talk screen, pink cherry blossom snowstorms are scattered in the background. In addition, the LINE official account 'LINE Team' is distributing wallpapers that match the cherry blossoms.

◆ Yokohama F. Marinos [Official]
The official account of Yokohama F. Marinos announces that the Hyodo signal will be set up in Yokohama / Yokosuka city.

◆ Rugby whose official ball has become a lemon! ?? --With your hometown Nagoya. | Pokka Sapporo
Pokka Sapporo announced that it will launch a professional league for 'Lemon Rugby,' a sport that competes with giant lemons comparable to rugby balls. It is said that it is standard to use a durable variety 'Dera Big Lemon' that can withstand intense scrum, and toast with lemon squash after the game.

When kicking, it is said that it is a rule of iron to pay homage to 'Buddha's hand citrus', which is said to be the original species of lemon, and to play after putting hands together.

◆ I picked up a dragon.
It seems that he has an appetite and is living well.

◆ Transfer Information for Android Smartphone App | Jordan
The Android app for transfer guidance holds a limited project 'Brain Train' to train your head on the train.

It is a game that answers the stop station name between the departure station and the arrival station by tapping the kanji panel in order.

You can specify Kanto, Kansai, Tokai, and Shinkansen stations to play the game.

◆ 'VOCALOID4 Library Kaede-san' will be released on April 1, 2016! | VOCALOID
The VOCALOID4 library created based on the voice of the cat 'Kaede-san' who has a selected and healing voice has been released.

You can see Kaede's interview video below.

world's first! Cat VOCALOID 'VOCALOID4 Library Kaede-san' Commemorative Kaede-san Interview --YouTube

In addition, VOCALOID4 Library Kaede has a standard voice 'Normal' that maximizes the cat-likeness, a sweet voice 'Matatabi' that succeeded in recording when giving Matatabi, and staff from Kaede's food box. Four types of voices are included: 'Ikaku', a fierce voice that threatens the opponent that Kaede made when trying to borrow a crunchy grain, and 'English', a surprisingly beautiful voice that makes you feel the possibility of a cat library. I will.

◆ My wife was preparing breakfast this morning
John Alan Turney, a Yomiuri Giants training coach, posted a photo of April Fool's breakfast on Twitter. When I put the breakfast plate prepared by my wife in the microwave, it smelled a little different from usual, and when I looked closely, it was full of humor that the fried egg was made of peach and yogurt, and the french fries were made of apples. It seems that it was breakfast.

◆ TV animation 'AUGUST GAME THE ANIMATION -The Girls Creating Game Software-' Teaser Site
Game maker August announces the TV anime 'AUGUST GAME THE ANIMATION' where a girl finds a job at a beautiful girl game company.

You can see the PV being released from the following.

AUGUST GAME THE ANIMATION -The Girls Creating Game Software --- YouTube

◆ Muco
The dog Muco, which is the model of the anime 'Lovely Muco', seems to have grown mushrooms because it was too tight.

◆ Saku Saku: Love Sakura Doki Erotic Strengthening Patch
On the website of the adult game 'Koi ga Sakukoro Sakuradoki' released by Palette, an erotic enhancement patch was released.

It seems that a 'naked patch' that makes the standing picture of all the heroines + α naked is enclosed.

◆ Takasaki City University of Economics +
Takasaki City University of Economics' unofficial account 'Takasaki City University of Economics +' reported that Takasaki City University of Economics will revise its curriculum and open a tank road.

◆ Neko Neko Soft Official Home Page
'If you think about 20061 seriously, the glacial period is over and you are already in the ice age,' Neko Neko Soft announced the 18-ban visual novel 'Ramune 20016' based on the glacial period. The release date is scheduled for April 1, 2006.

◆ For those who are depressed in the new semester / new year. Here are 3 recommended movies that will make you feel better when you watch them!

Three are recommended: ' Seven, ' ' Mist, ' and ' Dancer in the Dark.' You can see which area is April Fool's Day by actually watching the movie.

◆ Rainy day 'Haikyu !!' spin-off movie! ?? 'Hina Glass-Great Challenge-'
From the manga 'Haikyu !!' serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump, the movie production of the spin-off work 'Haikyu !! Hina Glass ~ Great Challenge ~' in which the mascot character Hina Glass challenges the killing of 'Assassination Classroom' has been decided. I will.

If you take a closer look at the website of the animation production company MADHOUSE ...

I found the words 'Notice of new work announcement' on the right edge of the screen.

The new work is MADHOUSE's completely original movie 'The Story of Meow New Nyo', which has been released to theaters since April 6, 3016.

◆ Haruoto Granola 'Harugra' Goods | Haruoto Alice * Gram Official Website
NanaWind of the game ' spring sound Alice * grams from', Haruon Alice * grams of character is drawn to the package of fruit granola 'Haruno ot granola', abbreviated 'Harugura' appeared. It is made to order and the price is a special price of 100 yen, so if you click 'Add to cart' ...?

◆ Drone Taxi / DRONE TAXI | Sanwa Kotsu --A taxi company that operates mainly in Yokohama, Tokyo, and Saitama
Sanwa Kotsu has released a 'drone taxi' that allows you to request a drone transfer from the app at any time.

◆ A big hit is being released! 'Movie Doraemon New Dorami Birth in Japan' Official Website
When I opened the official website of the movie 'Doraemon New Nobita's Birth in Japan', a rival appeared in Doraemon.

Dorami transformed into the spirit queen Dorami and was jacking the site. Even the title of the movie has been changed to 'Doraemon: No New Dorami in Japan'.

◆ Magical Girl Raising Project
The Twitter account of Magical Girl Raising Project has been changed to 'Magical Girl Raising Project'.

Images are also posted like this.

◆ 'Magical Girl Raising Project' portal page
Toranoana announces the 2D fighting game 'Mahoiku-1 Grand Prix' in which characters from the 'Magical Girl Raising Project' fight using magic and martial arts. Unlike the official anime Twitter, this is an unofficial project.

WIXOSS has lie projects everywhere on the website, such as 'Collaboration of' Wasa Beef 'and' Wicross '', 'Collaboration of Wicross & Z / X Shock', and 'Wicross Beginner's Course'. In addition, it seems that there was a situation where the access to Wicross was too concentrated and the server of the entire TAKARATOMY went down.

◆ Schoolgirl Strikers [Square] | SQUARE ENIX
The smartphone app game 'Schoolgirl Strikers' has become 'Schoolcats Strikers' on April 1st, and all the characters appearing in the app have been transformed into cats. If you touch the cat on the home screen, it will return a cute gesture, or you can see the story of the cats from 'Story'.

◆ Poicat Official ᕕ (* ΦωΦ) ノ ᕗ✨
The community 'Poiboy' Twitter account designed for girls has been hijacked by cats and turned into 'Poicat'.

◆ Asahi Breweries
'Asahi The Dreamcast Server', which Asahi Breweries collaborated with SEGA's Dreamcast, has appeared, and it seems that you can easily pour beer with a dedicated controller.

◆ 'Car Nago Collection' -Car Nago Collection-Official Site
The official website of the smartphone game 'Car Nago Collection' is 'SHANAGON QUEST' ...

Released 'Car Go Collection'.

◆ Chirem Clicker
In the smartphone game app 'Chirem Clicker', the main character himself has become a female body and added as a new heroine, hemp generator.

In addition, the boys love puzzle game 'Chirem Cricker', which will be a spin-off work of the rival youth and the main character, will be distributed.

[Chirem Clicker] Spin-off 'Chirem Clicker' will be delivered! --YouTube

◆ Old points | Earn points and exchange points for miles or electronic money
'G point' on the point site goes to 'Grandfather point' where grandchildren recommend credit cards to grandpa.

◆ Miitomo
It is said that amiibo of Tomochi Mide, who is in charge of Miitomo's official Twitter account, may be released, and the actual image appeared on Twitter.

However, unfortunately it has been discontinued because the quality of amiibo does not meet Nintendo's standards.

◆ 'Half-ripe succubus hand magic remodeling hand' will be released

'Hand' was created as a result of the emerging goods maker 'Kitel Kitel' seriously thinking about 'what is the ultimate Onahoru'. You can hold hands together and feel calm.

◆ BLobby finally publishes Weekly Shonen Manga! !! A lot of popular writers! !!
'Weekly Shonen B Lobby', a boys' manga magazine for fujoshi, was launched and is scheduled to be released on April 1, 3016. The list price is 801 yen including tax.

The serialization lineup covers all kinds of moe, such as Yankees, school stuff, butlers, talented battles, and romantic comedies. Furthermore, even serialized writers are good-looking.

◆ [2016.4.1 sales start] NURO material transfer device (provisional) | NURO Hikari
Optical line Internet service NURO Hikari has developed a material transfer device.

The mechanism is like this ...

It has a safety design that 'does not distort time,' 'does not disassemble or reconstruct,' and 'does not digitize consciousness.'

◆ Eradicate manna! A fully automatic mahjong table equipped with a manner training function is born! | Mahjong Watch
A fully automatic mahjong table 'AMOS OZUMA' equipped with a manner training function is now available for the owners of mahjong villas nationwide who are troubled by customers with bad manners.

The world's first fully automatic mahjong table with a manner training function 'AMOS OZUMA' --YouTube

In order to suppress the hitting sound, a function that forcibly collapses the hand tile when making a hitting sound of 80 decibels or more ...

It is equipped with a shocking function that an electric shock will flow to your fingertips if you tweak it before hitting the upper house.

In addition, there is a 'two-handed tile support function' that you can never knock down a tile unless you touch it with both hands to correct a one-handed tile, and a 'reach vocal support' that the reach stick is thrown out of the table unless you speak the reach firmly. It comes with 'function' and 'automatic tobacco digestion function' that is safe even in long-distance tiles.

◆ Sakura Color Products Corporation
Sakura Color Products has released the state of ink filling of the standard name writing 'My Name' on Facebook. I actually use octopus and squid ink.

Ink is injected like this.

◆ [Space Brothers Collaboration] Notice of sales start of full-scale 'UFO SC APO Series 1' | Escuvism Technology Co., Ltd.
The full-scale 'UFO SC APO Series 1' that reproduces the UFO type ceiling light that appears in the manga 'Space Brothers' will be released.

Below are some promotional videos that will make you feel uncomfortable.

In addition, the manufacturing process of UFO SC APO series 1 is also open to the public.
UFO SC APO Series 1 Promotion-YouTube

◆ Visual Communication Tool --AUSO
'AUN', a service that allows you to add comments to web pages and images and share them, has been equipped with a thought-taking image upload function. First, click 'Start Now'.

Click 'Thoughts' on the right side of the function page.

When you press 'Start Processor' and indulge in the delusion that you want to close your eyes and take a picture for 5 seconds ...

The content was too regulated by Guess.

◆ I made new friends with Meiko Rabbit
The site of the historical romance fantasy game 'Meiji Tokyo Renka Full Moon' scheduled to be released in the summer of 2016 has been jacked by the new mascot character 'Noir', and you can read the story of Noir's birth in a picture book.

◆ Jobs and career changes for mixi, Inc. | Find Job!
In order to solve business problems, mixi Recruitment has started recruiting three types of jobs, 'Nuko (executive candidate)', 'next-generation office butler / maid', and 'Oton' on the job change site 'Find Job!'.

By saying 'Let's make Web 2.99 (Nikukyu) together', the work content of Nuko (executive candidate) is 'I feel sick when the members try to set up', 'Suddenly spoil', 'Around on the members' lap 'Such.

'Next-generation office butler / maid' seems to have a part where appearance is basically important due to the characteristics of business.

Although it is called 'Oton', age and gender do not matter. I'm the one who says 'Oton', please apply.

◆ Girl's bar special feature [Welcome to a new era] Gajirobo |
'The era of robots has arrived at girls'bars!', Girls'bar Walker, a shop information and job information site for girls' bars nationwide, has started selling the general-purpose peach bear type artificial customer service final weapon 'Gajirobo'.

It is equipped with seven basic functions: 'friendly laughter,' 'wink,' 'throw on your back,' 'appeal to the cast for Christmas shifts,' 'make shifts,' 'paint muhi,' and 'praise nails.'

◆ TV Anime Kanpani Girls Official Website
The authentic fantasy RPG 'Kanpani Girls' will be made into a TV animation.

The movie is also released.

Kanpani Girls April 1, 2016 Anime will be aired! ?? --YouTube

◆ Anime 'Isobe Isobee' official website
On the official website of the anime 'Isobe Isobee', 'Isobe Isobee Denki' provided by ISOBEE with the liberalization of electricity ...

Hiraga Gennai has released a story that he invented an electric product called 'Suzushikunattel'.
'Isobe Isobee Monogatari' 'Hiraga Gennai Weather' --YouTube

◆ Pocky's secret How to put on Pocky chocolate Secret public --YouTube

How Pocky is made ...

Little uncles put chocolate on stick-shaped biscuits in a fountain-like place.

The person in charge of spraying chocolate ...

There was also a person in charge of scraping the chocolate that was too much.

◆ The live-action version of 'Kaiketsu Zorori' has finally started! | Poplar Publishing
The children's book 'Kaiketsu Zorori' has been made into a live-action film, and the Zorori Ishishi Noshishi depicted on the cover of 'Kaiketsu Zorori no Okaiju' has become real foxes and wild boars. When making a live-action film, he said that he held an audition by collecting 1000 foxes and wild boars from all over Japan.

◆ Yamaha Motor Sales Co., Ltd. --Yamaha requires 'stress measurement' before starting the engine ... | Facebook
The MT-10, which will be sold in Europe from next month, will be equipped with the 'stress measurement system = YISS'. If the stress is high, the engine cannot be started, and the limiter limits the maximum speed to about 30km / h.

◆ Bravely Default Playing Breeze | Some April Fool's Day projects
The fantasy RPG 'Bravely Default' will be made into a feature-length animation for the movie with a total production cost of 3 billion yen. The secret of the moon will be revealed.

In addition, a serialization of the four-frame manga 'Pureing For Priestess' that reveals the private lives of four shrine maidens has started.

◆ Round and round beach
It turns out that a new mode 'Guru Guru Beach' of 'Golf with a smartphone! Guru Guru Eagle' is under development. It seems that skills and gimmicks will be activated by making full use of the familiar 'round and round' operation.

◆ 'Weekly next spring' launched on April 1st! Uncover the unknown secrets of the 'good-looking guys', the back faces!
The weekly magazine 'Weekly Next Spring' that reveals the unknown secrets and back faces of the handsome men who appear in the female maiden and romance game 'Ikemen Series' is launched. The official Twitter account is tweeting scoops one after another with the hashtag '#Camspring'.

◆ Sanrio
As a result of being too gudetama, Gudetama made a shocking remark, 'Sanrio quits.'

It seems that My Melody was actually a twin with Kuromi.

Cinnamon transforms into a samurai and performs the historical drama 'Shinagawa Monjiro-Den, Kurofune and the Legendary Dumpling Sword-' on April 1, 2047, a national road show.

Rabbit Mel seems to be looking forward to the movie release of Cinnamon.

Pompompurin transforms into a 'pompom mandarin orange'.

Kiki & Lara who opened the star ball box given by Mother Star became Grandpa Kiki & Grandma Lara.

◆ Toei enters the casino business! Construction of 'TOEI CASINO GOLD (provisional)' in the middle of Ginza! | Toei [Public Relations]
Toei announced that it will enter the casino business.

This is in response to the release of the movie 'ONE PIECE FILM GOLD', and Mr. Guild Tesoro, General Manager of Gran Tesoro, also left a comment on the website.

◆ F6 Official Website
The band 'Aprils' was disbanded and re-debuted as a six-child idol unit 'F6'.

You can see the video of the F6 concert from the following.

F6 Concert Video @ Yoyo Ani Daiichi Gymnasium 2016.04.01 --YouTube

◆ Ciba Tele expands broadcasting area nationwide
The terrestrial broadcasting station 'Ciba Tele', which broadcasts Chiba Prefecture in its main area, has expanded its broadcasting area nationwide. The number of households in the area is also increasing at a stretch.

◆ AstroArts --AstroArts
AstroArts, an astronomical information site, has announced the latest astronomical news, 'ALEMA telescope succeeds in receiving radio waves from extraterrestrial intelligent life forms, and the analysis is amazing!'

Realistic lie news such as 'Release of' Stellar Shot Set 'with all astronomical photography equipment for the star map application' iStellar '' is posted.

◆ Grisaia series spin-off movie 'KING OF GRISAIA'
' KING OF GRISAIA', which respects 'KING OF PRISM by PrettyRhythm ', is also on sale. I feel a strong commitment from key visuals to title logos and website design.

◆ April 1st, local gourmet vending machine machines nationwide installed [Rakuten Travel]
Rakuten Travel has set up a 'Travel Rice Vending Machine Machine' at the Rakuten Futakotamagawa Headquarters, which offers free local gourmet food from 47 prefectures nationwide. Cooking is provided free of charge just by pressing 'Like!', But the site reveals the surprising mechanism of the machine.

◆ [Electric liberalization] Starts on April 1st. | Melon Books
The general bookstore 'Melon Books' has started in-house power generation, and as 'Melon de Denki', it will provide a large amount of electricity to nerds.

Electricity charges (excluding tax) will be reduced by 5%.

◆ comico-Read for free! Vertical reading! All-you-can-read popular original manga and novels for free
The free manga novel app 'comico' is being attacked by someone on the server that manages the banner, and the banner is not reflected normally.

Looking at the home screen of the app, all the banners have changed to illustrations drawn with colored pencils.

The comico + app also has a banner on the home screen ...

The banner image on the 'Today's Update' page was changed to an analog illustration.

◆ Buffalo Real Digital Life [BUFFALO]
Buffalo has announced the Scouter Station 360, which uses a head-mounted display to visualize Wi-Fi connections and allows users to connect with their eyes and hands. It is very convenient because you can visually check whether it is properly connected to Wi-Fi.

◆ Tokyo Nurui releases a gas gun with 10x recoil and 10x scale !! Hyper Dora
Tokyo Nurui releases the gas blowback rifle 'M4A1 LWS (Large Weapon System)' that allows you to experience a reaction that is 10 times stronger than before.

The total length is 7.77 to 8.54 m and the weight is 2.9 tons, so it must be handled by 3 or more people. Equipped with a ZEK system with a completely new mold, accurate trajectory with 6 cm bio BB bullets, realistic operation method similar to a real gun, etc., you can experience shooting of a different dimension class.

The state of actually shooting is as follows. The reaction is so strong that the target, the person who triggered the trigger, and the people around him are all blown away at the moment of hitting.

◆ Rainbow mayonnaise is now on sale! !!
KENKO Mayonnaise has released a dreamlike 'Rainbow Mayonnaise' with different tastes for each color. You will be able to enjoy various flavors with just one.

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