I went to the beach "All Hands Beach" where I can swim 24 hours from morning till night and see the protection activities of sea turtle

The beach is open 24 hours a day, there are accommodation facilities, meal facilities, shops and so on, the Philippine beach where you can enjoy your holiday slowly "All Hands Beach"is. Neon giraffe night's amusement park "Subic Fiesta Carnival"And decided to go while waiting for the open time of the amusement park.

All Hands Beach in Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Philippines

All Hands Beach is located in the province of Sambaureth in northern Luzon, the Philippines.

The entrance is a signboard with a yellow sign and a gate made of palm leaves.

Since the parking lot is a little far away, there was a cart in front of the entrance to carry the baggage.

For entrance to the beach, a charge of 350 Philippine pesos (about 842 yen) is required, and environmental protection fee of 150 Philippine pesos (about 360 yen) is included. In addition to being able to order dishes on the premises, you can bring in foods and drinks, so you can also have a barbecue on the beach.

You can use a free floater at the beach, but you can also enjoy water sports such as jet skiing, fly board and banana boat if you pay additional fee.

Pay the entrance fee at the front office next to the entrance.

Paying the admission fee will guide the staff to the vacant hut.

Since the facility information of the beach is put here and there, it will not get lost. There seems to be a Family Room, a coffee shop, a Sari Sari Store, a restaurant, a multi-purpose room and so on. In the Philippines there was also a basketball court as basketball was played vigorously in town.

A hut is like this, made with bamboo and palm leaves. There is one large table in the hut and the benches are arranged so as to surround the surroundings.

The appearance around the hut, 360 degree celestial camera "RICOH THETA SThe pictures taken in the following are the following.

Post from RICOH THETA. -Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

There was a trivia on All Hands Beach on the tree near the hut. I have All Hands BeachSubic economic zoneIt is said that there are 670 square kilometers in size.

The beach is spreading just in front of the hut. The mountain that is visible in the back is Mount Shinko · Picos.

When I visited it was near the high tide, so half of the bench was sinking in the sea.

It spreads long in the north and south of the beach, and it looks like the following when looking at 360 degree photograph.

Post from RICOH THETA. -Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

The weather was somewhat chilly in the cloudy sky, but some people enjoying the beach, swimming in the sea, floating around with a floater, etc. The holiday season seems to be crowded with many people.

Life saver was absent while patrolling, but about 2 people 's life saver is constantly patrolling around the beach.

Precautions to keep an eye on small children.

Since the toilet has a shower, you can wash away sand and dirt after playing on the beach.

There is a menu table in the hut so you can order food. Snack menu or ...

Desserts and the like were prepared.

Berry smoothie in a tall glass is about 100 Philippine pesos (about 240 yen) per cup. I was pleasantly balanced between sourness and sweetness.

For custard pudding (190 Philippine pesos, about 460 yen), four people are taken in a huge container and brought to the seats.

We will pick out one person for dishes and eat them. The thick, smooth texture of the pudding was sweet and it felt like going to match with black coffee.

Unfortunately the day we visited was cloudy, but in the evening we can see the sunset sinking into the sea.

When I was walking on the premises, I found a cabin called "sea turtle nests".

The interior of the hut is covered with sand mimicking the beach.

It seemed to protect the eggs of the sea turtle who came to spawn on the beach of All Hands Beach and protected until the eggs got out so that they could not eat by birds etc.

Eggs are wrapped in the net for each protected time. If the timing is good, I can see how the sea turtle eggs fade.

As I walked along the beach, there was an open-minded kitchen and bar, and the local people enjoyed drinking.

In the evening, light up will be done around the premises. Illumination of a palm tree, like a southern country.

Two palm trees lined up.

The banana boat was shining shiny.

In addition, the usage fee for accommodation facilities is from 4760 Philippine peso (about 11 1400 yen) per person.

All Hands Beach: Resort and Accommodation in Subic Bay Freeport Zone

Accommodation is such a building.

There are 5 types of rooms in all, and in one example of a five-person room, there is one double bed and one bunk bed (single in the upper row and double in the lower row).

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