I went to a zoo in the Philippines where I can approach animals such as Lion, Ostrich,

In the suburbs of the Philippine capital Manila, "Manila Zoo"Or"Manila · Ocean ParkThere are many zoos and aquariums including the zoo and the aquarium, which is about an hour and a half away from the center of Manila, in the Manila - Calabarzon region, the zoo operated by the hotel "Wildlife SanctuaryThere was a zoo where the distance between animal and human being was surprisingly close when I actually went.

Island Cove | Wildlife Sanctuary

"Island Cove Hotel and Resort Park" which runs Wildlife Sanctuary is located on the same premises as a water restaurant "Fishing VillageAfter having a meal, I decided to go to the zoo.

First you need to buy an entry ticket at the ticket office on the premises. The fee is 150 Philippine pesos (about 370 yen).

As there is a Wildlife Sanctuary in the small island which is a little away from the main facilities of the hotel, we will depend on the map to walk.

The entrance of Wildlife Sanctuary looks like this.

There is a receipt counter for cattle as a marker through the gate, so presenting an entry ticket here is OK.

The garden map which was put in front of the reception counter was feeling that quite the season was included.

When walking along the street for a while ... ...

I found a huge space surrounded by the net. Several butterflies were bred inside the net. It is said that when the rainy season approaches, you can see a lot of butterflies fluttering.

I can enter the huge breeding net and observe the butterfly at the latest, but I was worried that it was running around in the breeding net that the stray cat which went wrong from where I accidentally wandered around ......

There was also a butterfly exhibition hall next to it, and it seemed to keep breeding in a glass case until it became adults from eggs.

As I heard a shrill voice, as I walked in the direction of the voice, there was an eagle.

To the cage next to the eagle is a female lion.

The keeper and the lion were very good friends, and the lion caught my nose when the keepers approached their hands. The breeders said that they would guide me in the garden for free, so I asked to ask you soon.

First of all, I observed the situation of giving food to lions nearby. The keeper stabbed the head of the chicken at the tip of a thin rod and was eating it over the cage.

When looking at the lion, the breeding person gave out a stick with a chicken and said, "Why do not you try feeding?", So I tried feeding experience. When bringing the stick close to the cage, the action that the lion bite into the food rather slowly than I could imagine was slowly okay, I ate cockshell over the head of the chicken and was eating deliciously.

Next is an ostrich. Three ostrichs, about 2 meters in length, were living.

Again, although I was able to experience fishing, the ostrich has more momentum to eat food than the lion, and it feels a bit of a fear that a sharp beak rushes towards the food placed on the palm. Food was a small banana and was eating whole skin.

The appearance of actually feeding ostrich with food can be seen in the following movie.

Breeders give food to three ostrich 3 brothers - YouTube

It features a yellow big beakOwl whale. You can also experience banana fishing here as well.

HikidoriIs a bird that can not fly inhabiting the tropical rain forest, which is characterized by a bright light blue color and an orange and red head.

Hikidori also ate bananas.

The goat is free in the garden. About 10 trucks were walking around relaxedly.

Looking into the wide fence, black pigs lived in large quantities.

Some pigs got out of the fence and sitting on the ground. The pig in the back bamboo cage is a mother who just bore a little pig a month ago, but eat 9 of 10 piglets, and no more piglet pigs It seemed to be isolated so as not to eat.

Although the fence has been violently broken, it seemed that it did not look particularly problematic in terms of zoo.

When the keeper approaches the fence and speaks ......

The biggest big boss pig embarks on herself and comes near to the keeper. Only in this zoo in this zoo is a mane growing on his head, it seems to be the most valuable position among herds.

Stray cats who settled in the park.

As we go further to the inside of the park, we found a stand-alone cage.

Here is a white snake of Albino ......

There was a huge snake that ranged several meters in length.

There are several turtles in the pond. As the keeper approaches, she comes up from the pond for food and approaches.

A deer who was in the fence and a horse that is free outside.

Next I will enter a building with a sign called "CROCODILE FARM".

In the room there are exhibits of iguana stuffing, ostrich fur, goat horn and so on.

There was also an eagle. I thought whether it was stuffed or not and as I approached ... ...

It was scooped up and threatened by letting the wings flutter.

When you go to the back of the building, outdoor breeding space is spreading.

There is a monkey breeding space on the left side of the white fence, and a crocodile lives on the other side across the road.

Crocodile swimming slowly in the pond.

There are lots of crocodiles on the top of the hill.

Crocodile who is yawning while playing hinokobo.

It has a strong face.

Crocodile hidden in the side groove near the fence. About 20 crocodiles live in the Wildlife Sanctuary, but because it eats 20 chickens per day on a day, there is considerable money to pay for the food, and over the past few years the crocodiles are placed in other zoos It seems that we are reducing the number of breeds by selling them.

When a breeding person throws a rock in a swamp, the appearance that the crocodile that misunderstood as a bait moves vigorously swiftly can be confirmed with the following movie.

When you throw rocks in a crocodile swamp, crocodiles misunderstand and attack you - YouTube

The monkey climbed the branch of the tree ......

Walking along the water.

In addition, since the inside of the garden is wide and spacious, when asked to rearrangers when you feel tired, you can have them guide by car.

Besides the zoo, there were many animals in the city of the Philippines, so I will introduce them in batches.

Stray dogs I saw most often.

Some dogs are kept at home.

Next to stray dogs, there are many stray cats. A cat who was in the parking lot.

A cool cat like twilight.

The black cats kept in the cafe are the favorite on the terrace's red bench.

I found a pig stabbed on the skewer along the road. Head and butt are wrapped in banana leaves.

Furthermore, I wrapped the whole in silver foil, it seemed to steam it in a pot.

In addition to this, I also saw chickens, cattle, horses, but wild animals sometimes have contagious diseases, so it is better not to get inadvertent.

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