The oldest science zoo in the world boasting over 150 years of history "London Zoo" was a bit of a difference

It was opened as the world's first science zoo for the purpose of scientific research of animals in 1828 and was opened to the public in 1847London Zoo,Academic organizationIsLondon Zoological SocietyIt is managed by not only observing animals, but also putting emphasis on learning animals. Since it seems that it is a little different from the showcase zoo, I actually went to see it.

The London Zoo is located in the center of LondonRegent's ParkLocated on the north side.

There are facilities of the London Zoological Society around the London Zoo.

Arrived at the entrance.

You will immediately purchase a ticket for 22.72 pounds (about 3400 yen) per adult. By the way, children's tickets are 16.36 pounds (about 2800 yen)

When I entered the zoo, I found a big map. The London Zoo has 75 acres of animals kept in 36 acres (about 147 thousand square meters) of premises, which is rather broad.

There are playground equipment such as merry-go-round which you can see also in Japan in the garden.

First of all,Penguin Beach"I came to.

Penguin beach is like this, just around the entrance of a wide and shallow pool surrounded by land.

Penguin beach is made slightly higher than the ground, surrounding the surrounding glass.

The penguin which came up from the pool. Penguins raised in the London Zoo,Cape Penguin·Humboldt penguin·Iwatobi penguinsThere are three types.

When I was watching it, I came walking this way.

Penguin has come close to nearly.

I will walk past the eyes and walk toward the deep pool behind the penguin beach.

You can check how the penguin is walking from the following movie.

The London Zoo Penguin walking - YouTube

At the back of Penguin Beach there is a bleachers seat, so you can sit and enjoy the penguins slowly.

From the top of the aisle, you can see the whole penguin beach.

Penguin seems to be very funny and comes to people right away.

In the vicinity of the exit of Penguin Beach, a base camp building with a poster written "Welcome to Antarctic!"

This building seems to reproduce the base camp actually being used by those studying about the creatures of Antarctica.

The appearance of drying the laundry is also displayed.

Clothing used in animal research in Antarctica.

Pictures taken by the actual investigation team are also displayed.

Penguin is a little far from the beach,Old penguin pool.

Penguin poolArapFounder ofOve · ArapIt is a building that was designed with the cooperation of, and it is preserved even now that it is not used.

Penguin Picture when the pool was used.

A cross section of the pool was also exhibited.

As I left the penguin pool, I found something like a big gate. It was built in 1869, but now it has been demolished "Parrot HouseThe entrance of the thing.

Recently built "Tiger Territory"Arrival in.

When it enters inside, it looks like this, it seems that you can not see the tiger soon.

An ornament of a tiger that he found walking along the street.

I finally arrived where people gathered when I walked for 2-3 minutes.

Looking into the inside from the glass, I found a tiger at a fairly distant position. The tiger bred at the London Zoo lives in IndonesiaSumatran tigerAnd that.

I will walk a bit again to the next observation point.

We also set observation points seen from the second floor so that you can see the whole from a high position and observe the tiger on the tree.

After a while we found a tiger beyond the crowd of people. Tigers are pretty close, but children are curious about tigers.

A tiger that makes a big yawn.

The state of the tiger can be checked from the following movie.

Sumatran Tiger in London zoo - YouTube

The last tiger stood up and was walking around with urouro forever.

Following the Tiger Territory, I came to "Gorilla Kingdom".

It seems like walking a little to the place to observe the gorilla as well as the tiger territory. Around the walking road there is a signboard that summarizes the items related to gorillas, and ingenuity has been made to observe gorillas after learning.

I walked for about 1 minute and arrived at the entrance.

Even though we enter, we can not confirm gorillas yet.

As I walked, the entrance again appeared.

I thought that gorilla finally appeared, but even though I passed through the second entrance I just got a playground for children.

What was set next to the playground is a big board where you can learn the size of the gorilla.

The gorilla seems to weigh 175 kg.

On the photo of the gorilla is displayed a model of the gorilla and human skull.

A gorilla's face model that explains the difference in shape of face by gender. The left is male and the right is female.

When I left the playground for children, a wide site started to appear on the right hand side.

It seems that the gorilla is usually on a large site, but today the weather is bad so we are in the building.

Finally found a gorilla, the gorilla bred at the London Zoo isNishi Roland gorilla.

A gorilla looking back and looking back.

The gorilla sitting on the floor looks like a human being.

Hanging eyes are very cute.

Gorilla Kingdom not only gorillasKurosiro ColobusThere was also a monkey called, I just encountered feeding.

The state of Kuroshiro Colobus during feeding can be confirmed from the following movie.

The appearance of Kurosiro Colobus during feeding - YouTube

What I came next was the movie "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone"Harimoto Potter talks with the snake with the main character was filmed in the scene" The Reptile Hall "

It is quite congested with such feeling inside the Reptilia pavilion.

SaiguanaA type of lizard called.

There seems to be some areas to eat as edible, the face is the dinosaur itself seen in the book.

I am hanging from a branch of a tree and sleeping.Emerald tree boa.

Burmese PythonIt is a kind of Python snake called.

It is a kind of tortoiseBear tortoise.

When I walked all the way I found a facility like a laboratory.

It is said that he is breeding tadpoles before becoming a frog here.

A skeletal specimen of a big anaconda beside the exit.

The entrance here is a squirrel monkey "Meat the MonkeyIt leads to.

It looks like this in the meat the monkey.

In this area, squirrel monkeys are released, and you can see squirrel monkeys inside.

The squirrel monkey was very popular, so it came soon, so it was extremely popular. According to keepers, squirrel monkeys may take cameras and the like to show interest in anything.

Squirrel monkey eating fruit.

The state of the squirrel monkey at the London Zoo can be checked from the following video.

Squirrel eating fruit - YouTube

Squirrel surrounding a rope on a tree - YouTube

This is the entrance of "Kirin Square".

As I entered the giraffe was just eating food.

I eat food using a long tongue well in the huge PET bottle.

The appearance that giraffe is eating bait is like the following movie.

How giraffes are eating bait - YouTube

There is also an aquarium in the London Zoo.

Early entry.

In the aquarium like this, it is slightly dark and I can not see the big difference with Japanese aquarium so far.

Freshwater fish and ...

Seawater fish are also raised.

What was unusual was a breeding facility like a laboratory.

The London ZooProject · SeahorseIt is also a founder of an organization that considers seahorse as the main activity called seahorse (seahorse), and this facility has opened a protected individual and breeding sea lion births that have just been born.

In the aquarium seahorse is swimming with fluffy.

Seahorse in this aquarium seems to be an individual born in the summer of 2012.

In the hall there was a thing which drawn the picture of the situation at the time of opening was displayed. The aquarium said that it has been over 150 years since opening.

Later on at the aquarium, "B.U.G.S!(Insect pavilion) "I came to.

Objects of Hunkogashi are displayed in front of the insect pavilion.

A place like a strange device was set up just in front of the entrance.

A peep of a large amount of ants in the equipment.

The rope extending from the equipment leads to the case where flowers are displayed.

Staring at the top of the rope, I confirmed that the ant is walking.

What is raised on this deviceHakiariHe said that he lives in warm places such as Central and South America.

I found a big glass behind a wide space, so when you approach in ... ...

Something of lots is scattered inside.

The identity of things scattered in large quantities is grasshopper.

I found a door next to the grasshopper showcase.

When you open the door swiftly with A, kitchen equipment is lining up.

If you look closely, cockroaches were running around.

Since there are not many opportunities to see mass cockroaches in the near future, I will slowly look it.

Something is also displayed next to the cockroach showcase. People get scared of peering at the inside.

It is a large amount of canaven that is bred here.

I also thought about giving up the insect pavilion and letting go out, but I decided to go courageously and go to the back.

A corner exhibiting insects living in tropical rainforests.

Here we will look through the round windows and observe the insects.

It is in the back of the window where the child is strangely watching ... ...

ConchovesIt was a kind of.

Black objects are moving in the depths of trees split vertically.

A black objecttarantulaA kind of.

Tarantula of another kind other than the previous one is raised.

After going around the insect pavilion and returning to the entrance, we collect children and the breeding person is explaining something.

It was again Tarantula that the keepers held with their hands.

Farmers spent about ten minutes explaining the ecology of tarantulas, and when they finished they had been asking questions from children.

Leave the insect pavilion and head for the exit. The premises of the London Zoo is quite large, and if you are looking at it slowly from the morning it may be difficult to see all the animals by the closing time. The living space of breeding animals was very wide, and there were no animals that seemed to be cramped in a narrow space. Also, since the way to show animals is slightly different from Japanese zoos, it is content that can be enjoyed not only by children but also by adults.

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