Sega and BBC Earth "OVIE Osaka" Nature Conscious Museum "All 14 Exhibitions Summary

BBC EarthCompleted by completing the fusion of the beautiful nature picture taken over 50 years and the technology of Sega, in addition to images and sounds, appealing to the senses with "wind" and "smell" You can experience nature throughout the body "Aubishi Osaka"is.EXPOCITY(Expo City), the facility was conducting an exhibition ahead of the Grand Open on January 29 (Friday) 2016, so I experienced nature as soon as possible.

Ohi Osaka (Orbi Osaka) official website

Arrived at Expo City.

Aubi Osaka is on LaLaport EXPOCITY Green Side, so we go to the right hand side of the building ... ...

I will go up the stairs.

On the way to the middle of the stairs, the OBY Osaka official shop and the restaurant like the jungleOriental spoon". It is open at the same time as the opening of EXPOCITY.

As I went up the stairs, the entrance to the aubi Osaka was now visible.

The entrance looks something like this.

Prior to the in-house exhibition, the opening ceremony was held at LaLaport EXPOCITY 1st floor "Light Square".

Director Tatsuya Nakagami gets on the stage. In Aubi Osaka, I can make experience using Beginning Statistics of Sega, making it possible to experience like adventure in nature. "Orbie" is derived from two words Orb (sphere) and Orbit (orbit), "lens" delivering the image of the natural world taken by BBC Earth, "Transformers from big city to nature" Porter ", and" Guide "that lets you enjoy nature in a fun way. We stick to images that are not normally seen quite often, such as animals of endangered species and natural phenomena that occur only a few times a year, and further stimulate the senses such as tactile sense and olfaction other than visual sense, It seems to be a facility.

Next, Ishii Kazuhisa, a special guest, appeared. I was talking about visiting EXPOCITY for the first time, "I want to study nature in OVIE Osaka while experiencing the whole body."

Also, at the monitor installed at various locations in LaLaport EXPOCITY, PR images of OVie Osaka were flowing, there were visitors who stopped to stop moving animals moving around relaxedly.

After the opening ceremony, I moved to the entrance of the aubi Osaka.

Tape cut by stakeholders was done ......

I will go inside.

Life-size animals welcome you at the entrance. Giraffe with a height of 4 m or more is outstandingly impressive.

There was a camel parent and child, too.

Go up the slope and head for the ticket office.

A lot of animals beside the slope.

After buying a ticket, the wristband will be rented out. A mechanism that allows you to save pictures taken with photo spots in several places in the building in this wristband and print photos and purchase data at the exit.

I will go through the automatic door.

Going through a passage written as "Now go on a trip" ......

Arrived on the second floor area.

First of all, it is a huge object imitating the logo of Obi.

Since the guide map inside the hall is located at the foot of the object, it becomes easy to understand what kind of exhibition can be experienced in any place.

Wild animals that move at the same size and speed as the real ones appear on the huge screen on the wall "The life-size illustrations Animal pedia".

Safari and sea images flow alternately every 30 minutes.

A huge blue whale spanning as much as 30 meters in length can be comfortably crossing the screen.

You can also learn knowledge about animals at Animapedia. First stand on the number written on the floor.

When you hold your hand toward the screen, a hand mark appears on the screen.

When you touch the animals and fish you are swimming around, information such as name, length, weight, habitat will be displayed.

This is a green turtle.

If you touch an animal in the air, you will come to your eyes. Touch the number displayed on the body ......

You can learn about the knowledge of animals touched.

You can actually see how you learn about sea animals with Animapedia at the following movie.

"Orbi Osaka" Touching the sea animals with Animal Pediar - YouTube

"Orbi Osaka" Calling dolphins with Animal Pediar - YouTube

"Extremely cold experiences mount Kenya" where you can experience the temperature difference in Kenya one day.

In Kenya located in East Africa there is a hot weather image, but in Kenya mountain with altitude of 5199 m, the temperature seems to drop to minus 20 degrees during the night though the temperature is around 25 degrees Celsius.

Inside is like this, it is divided into two rooms with a door. The temperature of the first room is 10 degrees and the temperature of the next room is 0 degrees. When the door is closed, winds with wind speed of 15 m to 20 m blow up, and as experienced temperature drops to minus 15 degrees, you can experience like being in extremely cold areas .

Wind blows out from the left and right of the room.

When the wind blows out, it is cold enough to tremble with the temperature difference from the outside, you can experience the fear of nature.

"Underwater Walk Blue Layer" is an exhibition that gradually deeply divides in the ocean and learns the difference of living creatures living for each layer while relaxing.

Inside is like this with a wide screen set up ... ...

The image is also projected on the seat.

Various fish and animals are swimming together in one large aquarium in the aquarium, but in the actual sea the living things living in each layer are different, and you can know deeply about each creature while watching the image.

The appearance of the underwater image flowing in the blue layer can be seen in the following movie.

"Orbi Osaka" Blue layer's relaxing sea image - YouTube

At the exit of the blue layer there was also a figure of the creature of the sea.

"4D Theater Mountain Gorilla" can see the impressive image of the wild mountain gorilla.

Parent and child of a life-sized mountain gorilla at the entrance.

The mountain gorilla male seems to appeal to the female with the smell of lavender, and he seems to reproduce the actual odor of Waki ​​in a doll.

Inside the theater is like this.

You can wear 3D glasses and enjoy stereoscopic images.

Furthermore, it is said that there is also a mechanism that the seat vibrates according to the image.

"Earth Flying Earth Cruising" is an exhibition where you can experience the sensation as if you are flying in the sky, taking the wind while watching the image.

In the room there is a curved screen from the wall to the feet.

The appearance of the image flowing toward her feet is quite immersive. In Yokohama's Orbie, the video is played in a loop, but in Ohii Osaka it is planning a microphone performance to convey the charm of each place.

"Large Nature Mapping Base Camp" is a projection mapping that projects images of large nature onto three-dimensional walls.

Since the image is projected up to the feet, you can experience as if you were in nature.

Snowy Mountain ......

Because it switches to various landscapes such as volcano, I do not get tired of just sitting and looking.

There was also a chameleon of projection mapping on the opposite side of the wall on which the image was projected.

Projection mapping where walls are divided into blocks and move with Uneune can be seen in the following movie.

"Orbi Osaka" base camp projection mapping - YouTube

This terminal is "Animal Selfy". One is installed on the second floor and three are installed on the first floor.

In the terminal on the second floor, it is possible to create fish by hitting a hand.

In addition, it is possible to save pictures taken with fish in the wristband.

The way the fish are born on the screen by hitting the hand with animal Selphy can be seen in the following movie.

"Orbi Osaka" Creating fish with Animal Selphie Commemorative Photography - YouTube

Move to the first floor by the stairs.

"World Journey Elephants" on the left hand side after getting off the stairs.

The head of the real African elephant is embedded in the wall.

At the foot, African elephant's leg bone and hun's full size model.

Hun's model has a hole in the upper part, it can smell it. As African elephant is a herbivorous animal, Hun was not so smelly, it was a smelly like a tatami rush.

Before the World Journey Elephants experience, paper with notes is dealt, so it is necessary to read the contents carefully.

When entering the room, curved screens surround the left and right walls.

You can experience how a group of African elephants traveling in search of water, as if they were in a group.

The appearance of the powerful point where the elephant walks in the immediate vicinity of the body can be seen in the following movie.

"Orbi Osaka" Rushed into a group of elephants with Wild Journey Elephants - YouTube

The exhibition which can be said as the eyeball of OVIE Osaka is "Theater 23.4". The name of the facility is derived from the inclination of the earth's axis, and reproduces the nature with fog, smell, vibration, etc. together with the image.

It is Japan's largest theater with a 40 m wide and 8 m high screen.

There are also 5.3 m × 3 m screen on the left and right, so that you can enjoy the picture while looking at various directions.

Seat is like this. The capacity is 344 people.

I saw it from behind.

At the time of the grand opening, the original movie of BBC Earth which is closely attached to the sea turtle spawning will be broadcasted.

You can enjoy plenty of realistic images as if you are in the ocean.

The huge screen of theater 23.4 can be seen from the following.

Sea turtle egg laying movie screened at "Theater Osaka" Theater 23.4 - YouTube

In addition, it is also possible to take a commemorative photo with the parents of African elephants in the theater waiting room.

At the exit is a photo exhibit that includes BBC photography staff.

When you hold the object on the sensor, the "Earth Color Swatches Earth Palette" which BBC Earth spreads through the room, corresponding to the color.

When placing a color drawing paper on a desk located in the center of the room ......

In response to the yellow color of the drawing paper, the room is filled with yellow photos.

When it is blue, there are many images of the sea.

Red can see landscape pictures such as volcanoes and sunsets.

Although I was using color drawing paper at the time of visit, in the future it was that the sensor is being adjusted so as to respond to whatever thing.

Exterior of the room, animals and minerals with bright colors in the natural world were displayed.

"Kids Playground Mega Bags" is an exhibition that can be played with insect size feeling for children aged 3 to 10 years old.

It is supposed to be able to play with the play equipment which imaged tree leaves and branches.

Spaces are also available for children between 0 and 2 years old.

While playing with playthings, it was supposed to be able to learn about insects by exhibiting walls.

There are two solid screens on the wall, dung beetle and ...


A huge image such as a bee that moves around quickly is projected.

When the head of a huge bee is projected on the screen protruding from the wall, it is quite impressive.

You can see the appearance of Bee and Mantis on the stereoscreen in the following movie.

Huge bees and mantis move around in "Orbi Osaka" mega bags - YouTube

This is "magical mirror Animal Selfy". Three terminals are lining up.

In the terminal on the right side, you can recognize the face with the camera and take a commemorative photo by becoming a zebra, panda and leopard.

The terminal in the middle is to pound the hands and feed them to Clione. It is unique that photographs of visitors are embedded in the face part of Clione.

The corner grew from the head on the far left. It is a terminal that can take a commemorative picture by covering the corner of Big Horn.

You can also take a unique memorial photo at "Funny Picture Museum Extreme Photo Spot".

When posing in the shooting space of the green bag and taking a picture, it can be combined with the BBC Earth picture to create a funny picture.

"World time slice of several tenths of a second" is a program which competes for the speed of movement with animals such as woodpecker and hummingbird. You can compare how human and animal movements are different by shooting humans with a high speed camera and learn the threat of animals movement.

There is also a cafe on the first floor.

Although it is said that the menu is under development now, food and drinks related to animals and nature, such as "comparison set of wild animals eating" using meat such as genuine camels and crocodiles will be offered.

"Odey 100 mm Blue Ocean" combining blue curacao, grapefruit and soda as Ohbi original drink, "Turtleda Tapioca Drink with Turquoise" added to drinks mixed with coconut milk and milk, Orange juice and pomegranate syrup "Namib Desert Orange Sunset" which reproduces the desert sunset is planned to be provided for each 500 yen.

Before the first floor exit, there is a terminal that can purchase synthetic photos taken inside the building.

Touch the wristband, the photographed picture will be displayed, so pick the one you like ... ....

It is also possible to print along with the original photo frame and purchase only the data.

As a program that requires a fee separately, a snow dome production experience corner ... ....

There was also a corner where we gathered animals.

Outside of the exit leads to the official shop.

"Deco choco" sold at the official shop.

Inside was Tyrol choco wrapped in OVIE limited package.

In addition, Ovii Osaka is scheduled to open on Friday, January 29, 2016, and business hours are from 10 o'clock to 21 o'clock. It is assumed that the one-time experience time is about two hours to two and a half hours. The admission fee is 2000 yen for adults, 1600 yen for high school students and university students, 1200 yen for elementary and junior high school students, and 800 yen for infants aged 4 and older. It is possible to enter the day again during the day.

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