I went to see what is in the "Kyoto aquarium" why somehow appeared in the Kyoto basin without sea

You can observe dolphins and penguins at close range, you can see about 250 species of fish and animals in the ocean and river in the nose "Kyoto AquariumBefore opening on March 14, 2012, a pre-open event was held today so I went to see what kind of living things can be observed at the state-of-the-art aquarium.

The place is "Umeitsuji Park" located about 15 minutes on foot from Kyoto station.

Kyoto Aquarium (35-1 Kanedera-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto-shi) - Google Maps

On a larger mapKyoto AquariumShow

If you go by bus from Kyoto Station, get on "Kyoto City Bus" and get off at "Shichijo Omiya / Kyoto Aquarium Front" or get on "Keihan Kyoto Traffic Bus" and get off at "Shichijo Omiya / Kyoto Aquarium in front" .

The appearance of the aquarium where you first see when walking from Kyoto station direction is like this.

Wall surface heavily using glass.

The entrance is like this.

It is like this as it enters.

Atmosphere that ticket counter is also fashionable a little.

Admission fee is 2000 yen for adult, 1500 yen for high school student, 1000 yen for elementary and junior high school students, 600 yen for infant (all tax included). Annual passports are sold for 4000 yen for adults and 3000 yen for high school students, so if you enter more than three times in a year, you get better than normal rates.

The building is three stories above the ground. It is about 170 meters in width, about 55 meters in depth and is quite oblong.

The entrance to the hall where fish and animals wait is like this.

"Water connected with water" written near the entrance is the theme of this aquarium.

◆ River Zone of Kyoto

The place immediately after entering is an exhibit that reproduced the local river.

There is an aquarium like a brook below the real rock wall. I am imagining that it is a landscape near the upper reaches of Kamogawa.

As shown below, a transparent aquarium spreads to the floor of the feet, and there is a mysterious immersive feeling that myself is also in the water.

The transparency of both the aquarium and the water in the inside is very high, I can see the fish clearly because the lighting is hit so well. Somehow, I can enjoy clear vision that reminds me of the feeling when I first saw full HD display.

Like this, the aquarium staff regularly conducts feeding.

The keeper wears a blue jumper.

I had food of three types of fish of different sizes.

I do not quite understand what is going on even if I aim my eyes ......

You can see the tail as you approach.

The identity of the last tail is also a special natural treasure of the country.

It seems that the small eyes and the mouth which opened widely beside are laughing, and feeling somewhat humorous.

For the kids' exhibition in the museum, a message such as "Let's turn around" is written as follows ... ....

It is also devised that you can see the skeleton when actually turning over.

The stairway railing is blue and wavy.

The inside of the hall is barrier-free designed and it can be moved by wheel chair. You can also join with the assistance dog.

◆ Kaiju Zone

Not "monster" but "marine animal" zone.

There is a tank with about 210 tons of water in the side of the aisle, there are 7 minami American fur seals and 3 sesame seals.

There is a bench like this and it is also connected to the outdoors, so you can relax at a sunny day. Bringing lunch and drinks is OK.

There is water in the aquarium about to the height of the eyes of adults.

Whether curiosity is strong, fur seals who come to see people while swimming in the wall face Furet.

Some small rooms can be observed under the aquarium.

You can taste the feeling that you are in the water by doing scuba diving like this.

The ceiling was also transparent so I could see fur seals from directly below.

You can also see humans from the viewpoint of animals in aquarium.

Please check the appearance of the fur seals swimming at the other side with the following movies.

Swimsuit swimming in front of you "Kyoto aquarium" fur seals - YouTube

There are also transparent columnar tanks connected to the main tank, so seals will come from time to time.

Another one is closing his eyes and floating with squirrel.

It is like this when you are on the land.

"KAIJU CAFE (Sea Beast Cafe)" which offers snacks and drinks.

I found a product called "Aqua bread (280 yen)". Catchy is like a pun intended to jump into the "Aquarium".

"Aqua bread"The identity of the following products that modeled on turtles, seals, dolphins, etc.

◆ Penguin zone

Twenty-eight Cape Penguins are swimming in aquarium with equipment to create artificial waves.

The transparent part of the aquarium spreads to the ceiling.

Looking at the penguin that swims in the water from below looks like this.

It is as close to a penguin that freely swim underwater as if flying in the sky.

Slightly ahead of the area where you can see penguins on land. If you do not use flash, the whole building photography is OK so you can shutter at close range as below.

There are 2 persons fresh.

Penguins are so close that you can clearly see the differences in downs and patterns of the feathers.

Some guy who seems to be dull ... ....

One bird that looks interesting to humans.

Please check the state of the penguin going marching in front of you with the following movie.

Observation of penguins walking in the Kyoto aquarium near you - YouTube

◆ Marine zone

Next it rushes into the zone where tropical fish etc can be seen.

Many colorful fish are dancing.


"Finding NemoAnemone fish that also became a model of.

An exhibition named "Sea of ​​the Sea".

There is a blackboard in the room which was supposed to be a classroom of the school, and observable creatures are written as "attendees".

This is a commentary on the fish and starfish in front of those who are like this.

◆ Dolphin Stadium

Entrance to the outdoor stadium where the performance of the dolphins are seen.

You can watch a show of about 17 minutes from the 1048 seats provided under the roof. Please be aware that water may be applied up to the front three rows, so be careful.

Four dolphins are swimming.

The cross section of the aquarium looks like this

Swiss and dolphins are swimming.

Dolphins are at a distance that they are likely to touch the nose if they reach their hands, touch is strictly prohibited.

Dolphins floating around in the nose.

I come near from underwater.

You can check the movie you took as you approach the dolphin so that you can hear the "bush" breath sound below.

I went to the "Kyoto aquarium" and felt the dolphin breathing up close - YouTube

Performance starts when a description woman appears.

The venue is like this.

Dolphins who jump in front of you.

◆ Museum Shopping

After finishing watching all the exhibits, we finally arrive at the shop corner.

Plush toys and key holders shaped like sea creatures are sold.

"Kyoto mountain curry(600 yen including tax) "entered Kameoka cattle who grew up in Kyoto. "Kyoto Sea curry(600 yen including tax) "is a black curry with squid ink sown in Miyazu city.

On the second floor AC Plaza "Kaiyodo Aquarium Figure Collection(300 yen including tax) "also sold.

"Okinawa Churaumi AquariumCompared with "Kyoto aquarium", the facility is small, so it is attractive that you can feel the distance to fish and animals so close. Because the lighting was bright and the transparency of the aquarium was high, there was no such thing as "it is hard to see what is dimly dim," which is often found in the aquarium.

The time used to see all the zones is about 1 hour. Considering that you could walk smoothly because there were few people on the public rather than on public days, the dolphin performance is perfectly viewed while carefully reading the commentary on the panel, etc. on the day when it is crowded, the required time is About 2 hours feeling.

It is an aquarium whose idea has been devised so that you can observe fish and animals from the various angles throughout, so it is quite recommended for those who want to enjoy the living figures close to the immediate vicinity.

◆ Hours and charges

business hours10: 00 ~ 17: 00 (GW, summer holidays, year-end and New Year's changed)
7 days a week(There is temporary closure due to facility inspection)
PriceAdult 2,000 yen, high school student 1,500 yen, elementary and junior high school student 1000 yen, infants (3 years old and over) 600 yen
Annual passportAdult 4000 yen, high school student 3000 yen, elementary and junior high school student 2000 yen, infants (3 years old and over) 1200 yen

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