I have seen a summer-only program of the Kyoto Aquarium that I can learn by playing nearby creatures, such as playing with water and dancing with the tortoise, with a dolphin as soon as possible

"Snow and jellyfish"Or"Sakura and Iwashi"Kyoto aquarium which is carrying out special exhibition every season like July 9, 2016 (Saturday) will be soaked with summer dolphin and can play"Dolphins and splash !!", A special exhibit that can touch living things up close"Giant tortoise park"It will be held. Since I had the opportunity to see the new program as soon as possible before the event, I actually went to the Kyoto aquarium.

2016 Summer Event Limited Collaboration of Dolphin and Dolphin "Dolphins and Splash !!" Held from 7/9 - 9/30 | Kyoto Aquarium

Summer exclusive special area "Giant tortoise park" new appearance Everyday walking time of fur seals · penguins 7/9 ~ 9/30 | Kyoto Aquarium

In the summer-only water attraction "Dolphins and splash !!" you can see the dolphins raising the splash of water and the appearance that the audience's children are soaked and playing with the following movies.

Kyoto Aquarium "Dolphins and Splash !!" Dolphin swimming pool and splash of dolphins to jump - YouTube

So I arrived at the Kyoto aquarium.

"Dolphins and splash !!" will be held at the aquarium on the second floorDolphin Stadiumis.

During breaks during which no program is taking place, you can see the dolphins who swim slowly in the pool.

For the new program, a huge water curtain of 15 meters wide was installed on the roof of the stadium.

"Dolphins and Splash !!" is a program to enjoy water with dolphins. Children took off their shoes and came in front of the pool with readiness to be soaked.

I will line up.

When reaching for the roof, water ran down from the gigantic water curtain.

Children get soaked immediately.

The water falling from the water curtain is designed to change the timing and amount of water according to the music.

Children seem to feel comfortable wearing cakes and water. It is a perfect program for hot summers as the whole body becomes soaked.

Looking from the rear of the stadium like this, you can see that the water curtain is installed from the end of the roof to the end and the water is running down.

The state that the water runs down from the huge water curtain according to the music is easy to understand when seeing the following movie.

Kyoto aquarium "Dolphins and splash !!" from the back of the stadium look like this - YouTube

There is also a cup for catching water flowing down from the water curtain and playing it.

Once the water curtain water stopped, dolphins appeared.

As dolphins come to the front of the swimming pool, you can observe dolphins at the nearby point.

When children manage the movements of the hands of the breeders, dolphins can rotate around their bodies or move the fillets to make the dolphin performer experience.

When the children lie down on the ground with the instructions of the breeders ......

Bathed in water from both the dolphin and the water curtain to drain.

Full body scattered state.

You can see how dolphins sprinkle water and children playing with soaking wet from the following movies.

Kyoto Aquarium "Dolphins and Splash !!" Drowsiness with Dolphins Mischief - YouTube

Even after the dolphins jump, the splash splashes.

Dolphins sprinkle water with tail fin.

After the program was over, there were some children who lay down on the ground and dried their clothes.

◆ Giant Tortoise Park
Kyoto aquarium 2 floorAC Plaza, There is a special exhibition area "Zootega park" where huge turtles can be seen up close.

It is displayed on the Seychelles RepublicAldabra Giant Tortoise. There are four tortoises in all, the largest elephant turtle has a total length of 90 cm and a weight of 105 kg.

He had a fine shell and was walking around on the floor with a slow movement.

There are also scenes where three bump their heads.

Giant tortoise meat is full of bucket vegetables such as lettuce and carrots.

Giant tortoise with an eye that tells me "Please have lunch".

Carrot is fogged round as one circle.


Lettuce was grateful as well.

At Kyoto Aquarium "Zooba Park" Aldabra Sea Turtle eating lettuce mushrooms - YouTube

Children who visited Giant Tortoise Park were talking about impressions such as "slippery" and "pretty".

In addition, at the Giant Tortoise Park, "Tortoises and two shots!" Will be held to be able to take memorial photos with tortoises for free. It is five times a day and the capacity is 100 people each time.

In "Giant tortoise with two shots!" You can also enter the Giant Tortoise Park and approach the giant tortoise and touch the shell directly. In addition, an experience program "Mr. Gorozuma Gakuen of the Director", which is familiar with reptiles, will also be held, learning differences between the tortoise and other turtle fellows, raising snaps to rice and polishing the shell It is possible to do.

Along with the appearance of Giant Tortoise Park, other exhibitions of AC Plaza are also renewed. Next to the giant tortoise park, a colorful pole appeared.

It is a kind of chameleon "Eboshi chameleon" here. It features vibrant green and orange patterns.

Male adults are named "Eboshi" because their heads are stretching upwards high.

Using both limbs and tail for dexterity, move on the rope.

Kyoto Aquarium "Elephant Chameleon" of "Zoop Game Park" - YouTube

There are two eboshi chameleons in the exhibition corner of Chameleon, and chameleons are starting to fight together, and the breeders also stop entering.

Besides this, the unique appearance of "bearded lizard" looks like a beard growing in the egg.

Characteristic blue tongue "Aodita Lizard"

Unfortunately I could not see my tongue because I was burning my face under the leaves of the trees.

You can see a variety of reptiles such as the bright green 'Coach Hill Yamori'.

Besides this, a giant water curtain is illuminated fantastically "Summer evening sunset"Night limited dolphin performance using light"Dolphin nightLIVE listening sound (ne)"You can observe the appearance of entering a dedicated yard for breeding staff and eating rice to a clown anemone fish, a young haagi, and a chinganago"Fish class of the directorSummer-only events such as walking time of the fur seals and penguins, work shops making the hat of the sea's ladies will be held. The holding period is from July 9 (Sat) 2016 to September 30 (Fri).

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