"100 yen Kyoto breakfast in Kyoto" to be healed by dolphins while eating breakfast at 100 yen

Eat breakfast, which is indispensable for the start of the day, at only 100 yen, and while enjoying breakfast, you can also enjoy Kyoto peculiar creatures such as dolphins, Oyanirami, Ayukaoke, Ajimedojo and Minami turtle100 yen rice in Kyoto"is. It appeared in the Kyoto basin without sea "Kyoto Aquarium"It is said that it is offered for a limited time at the factory, so I actually ate it.

Limited time menu "100 yen Kyoto breakfast in Kyoto" 5/12 ~ | Kyoto Aquarium

Arrived at Kyoto station to head to the Kyoto aquarium where "Kyoto 100 yen morning rice" is offered.

From Kyoto station to Kyoto aquarium can be reached in about 18 minutes on foot, so when you have plenty of time you can go walking.

Of course you can head by bus to Kyoto Aquarium nearby,Keihan busWhenKyoto City BusIt is possible to go by both.

Both Keihan bus and Kyoto city bus fare is 230 yen.

Get off at the "Shichijo Omiya · Kyoto aquarium front" bus stop and go down a little south of the intersection of Shichijo Omiya ... ...

The Kyoto aquarium will appear.

Kyoto aquarium is next to Umekoji Park, but if you proceed while watching the stand, you can go to the entrance without hesitation.

The opening hours are from 9 o'clock to 17 o'clock, but the customers are already in the street before 9 o'clock.

The entrance is here.

When entering you have entrance for the first time.

There is an annual passport in the Kyoto aquarium, which is the charge for the same day tickets.

Looking at the pamphlet, there are nine zones in the Kyoto aquarium. It seems that the "Kyoto 100 yen morning rice" is on sale at the Harvest Cafe in the eighth zone that followed these zones in order.

That's why it's next to the entranceThe river zone of KyotoI came to.

Here is a special natural treasure of the country, there is a giant salamander called "living fossil" "the world's largest amphibian". Because the giant salamander is nocturnal, it often goes into rock gaps during the day and can not be seen, but when you go to the aquarium early in the morning you will find a surprising number of giant salamanders.

The giant salamander went to a place where the boy is stunned.

After going through the river zone in KyotoKaiju ZoneI am here ... ...

As I climbed the stairs on the opposite side of the route I got near the Harvest Cafe nearbyAC PlazaA shortcut is possible up to.

This AC PlazaDolphin StadiumIt is also connected.

Since it is time to open the fairway, the popular dolphin stadium is quite empty.

In addition, it seems that dolphin's physical examination will be carried out early in the morning, and I was able to see the situation.

I will head down to the Harvest Cafe with the feelings I want to grind the dolphins with the breeders.

When I got to the back of the dolphin stadium and the interchange plaza, I finally arrived at the Harvest Cafe.

"100 yen Kyoto breakfast in Kyoto" is provided between 9 o'clock and 11 o'clock on weekdays, and the sales period is from May 12, 2014 to July 31, 2014.

Harvest cafeMountain purple water well zoneThere was also a figure of a person who already had delicious breakfast in the cafe space here.

The mountain purple water well zone is not gaudy, but a small aquarium kept in rare creatures of Kyoto is displayed cleanly.

That's why I immediately ordered the "100 yen Kyoto breakfast" at the counter.

After waiting a few minutes, the "Kyoto 100 yen morning rice" arrived on the tray. It is good to have kore and eat relaxingly in the cafe space, go to the dolphin stadium and eat while watching the dolphins, or go out to the outside terrace and eat while drinking the outside air.

"Ky 's 100 Yen Rice Dish" is a set of three rice balls, rice balls, miso soup.

Rice balls contain sesame and sesame plums, and a chopped paste is on the top.

It is said that Kyoto pickles may differ from day to day, but this dayImmediatelyWhen……

Pickled food of day vegetables came out.

Miso soup with Kuro's famous Kujo green onion and wakame is salty, discreet and easy to drink.

If you eat in the cafe zone, you can eat breakfast while looking at rare creatures in Kyoto in the mountain purple water well zone like this.

It is such a dolphin stadium. It is said that there is a possibility that a splash of splash will come up to the first three rows of the stadium.

However, it is quite troublesome where to sit and eat where you can see dolphins so close to the front row.

The outdoor terrace which comes out from the harvest cafe looks like this. You can sit on the bench here and eat rice.

furtherSatoyama zone of KyotoIt is also possible to go down.

While sucking outdoor air, you can relax and eat breakfast with a picnic mood.

After having spun around a lot, I decided to have breakfast here. This is about the size of rice balls, about the same size as convenience store rice balls.

When eating with pakuri, the rice is still warm, the savory fragrant flavor and plum shiosui's salty and sour taste just right for breakfast, the overall balance is a very good impression.

Immediately afterwards, the vegetables have a good texture and the acidity peculiar to the pickles raises the body. Also, because rice balls are a crispy taste, if you feel that it is a bit too tasty, eat it together with pickles looks nice.

Miso soup contains wakame and Kujo green leek, salt is modest and easy to drink.

I flattened them with the pelor, and thank you for the meal. Although it looks a little less, because it has miso soup, it is enough for breakfast, because the quality of 1 item is high, so it is said that you can eat this level of breakfast at 100 yen ... There was surprise.

After eating breakfast, even if you enjoy the zone you have not seen yet by running backwards on the way, OK. In the Kajyu zone, small sea lions have been honored by small children.

You can see Madara Rana and Queen etcLarge tank.

There are many popular penguins for small childrenPenguin zone.

When I went to the penguin zone, I saw a walk of a penguin by chance.

With such a feeling, I will leave the breeding zone and go for a walk to make a go for it to solve the lack of exercise.


When going from the breeding space to the walking zone, you can also see the penguins from directly below.

Penguin walks are in the Kaiju Zone ......

You can see it from outside the aquarium.

It may be thanks that I saw the penguins caught by the keepers who were caught by the food and headed for the aquarium early in the morning to eat "Kyoto 100 yen morning rice dish".

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