If you examine the movement of the line of sight of F1 racer with an eye tracking camera, you can understand that superhumer for the first time

F1 drivers who run through the circuit at high speeds exceeding 300 kilometers per hour are required to have physical abilities that are far from those of ordinary people. While the F1 driver is running on the circuit, we are going to examine wherever you are watching with an eye tracking camera If you look at the following movies, you can check the various information passing at high speed in a short time and judge the F1 driver I understand well the superhuman.

Eye Tracking on an F1 car - YouTube

"Let's verify with the eye tracking camera where the F1 driver is looking and running on the course"

So I cooperated with the test of the active F1 driverNico HülkenbergWhen……

Team Force Indian mechanics.

TobiiAttach the eyeglasses made eye-tracking camera attached.

Check the camera before traveling.

Ready with wearing a helmet.

Before the test, "Interviewer to ask what" are you looking for, what are you looking for? "

While saying that Hülkenberg is hard to explain, "Apex (Apex)I think that it is something like Apex ... ... ".

"But I'm looking forward to seeing what's going on."

The eye line of Hürkenberg is displayed as a purple eye point.

That is why I pitted out and went on a course.

It is quicker gaze movement than imagined that you notice as soon as you start running on the circuit.

Apex which I was talking about before the test also seems to be next after seeing for a moment.

The interval to focus is called "Saccade", but the saccade of the F1 driver is quite different from that of our ordinary people.

The brain of the F1 driver has been trained to speed up the saccades and it is possible to obtain new information quickly in the quick eye movement.

Easy to understand is movement of the line of sight at the course in.

Hülkenberg to shift his eyes to the side mirror for a moment just before entering the course.

In the next moment the line of sight is changing to the front.

When checked with the camera attached to the cockpit ......

The time to check the backward with a mirror is several hundredths of a second.

This shortness is one tenth of that of an ordinary person, and it confirms the information of the machine which runs from the back in a short time.

It is said that it takes 0.5 seconds at the minimum for the general viewer to check backwards, and the speed of the mirror check of the F1 driver is abnormal level.

"Next let's try how fast the response speed of the F1 driver is."

If the signal lighting red lights up in blue, it is a signal of start.

Hülkenberg who looks at the signal with a serious look like the start of the race.

The moderator presses the button ......

Signal green

Hülkenberg to start simultaneously with the lit blue.

"This seems to be fast, ... ...."

Eye tracking at the start is like this. At first, the line of sight that was in the steering ......

To the signal.

If you look closely, you do not see eyes on the red signal, it seems that you concentrate on the blue signal.

The moment the signal turns blue ......

The line of sight goes forward.

The reaction time from signal green to accelerator ON is "0.09 seconds"

In general, it is said that the limit of human reaction speed is 0.1 second, and in the athletics competition, the start at reaction speed less than 0.1 second is considered to be flying.

While the athletes are responsive to the sound ......

Although the F1 driver has a difference in response to the image, it seems that the reaction speed can be said to be at a level that transcends the regulars.

The speed of change of gaze to Apex is noteworthy.

It is a moment to stay at the apex you confirmed, and your line of sight will immediately move to the next apex.

It seems that the beautiful line drawing of the F1 driver is established in this way.

Interestingly, it rarely looks at the steering wheel with a number of buttons and monitors. At best, I check the engine speed with the LED indicator.

However, I do not miss small information on the course side.

I am checking the board showing the pit by shifting the line of sight for a moment.

Even after pitting in, I will not look at the steering button to keep the speed limit.

However, the colorful glove of the crew who issues the pit sign ... ...

Jack is firmly confirmed.

Test end.

Confirm the test result with the pit. For F1 drivers and mechanics, it seems interesting what the F1 driver was watching while driving.

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